Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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The spirit of Sergio Leone lives on in Robert Rodriguez's ambitious second sequel to his 1991 film, El Mariachi.See more details below


The spirit of Sergio Leone lives on in Robert Rodriguez's ambitious second sequel to his 1991 film, El Mariachi.

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All Music Guide - Thom Jurek
Since The Big Chill, too often directors and film producers have taken the easy way out in creating soundtracks for their big-budget Hollywood movies by licensing a couple handfuls of hits either from the catalog of yesteryear's pop giants or from hungry up-and-comers. It's a formula almost. Thankfully there are still film scores, though they all seem to be written by the same five men. Both of these poles sees to lie in stark contrast to Robert Rodriguez's approach to creating an audio environment both to accompany and stand apart from his films. On Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Rodriquez took matters into his own hands and procured a series of rather obscure existing tracks that viscerally underscore defined themes in his movie -- such as Juno Reactor's "Pistolero," Brian Setzer's ass-kicking "Malagueña," and Manu Chao's "Me Gustas Tu." He also commissioned several tracks to actors and wrote others for his players. Thus Tito Larriva's haunting "Flor de Mal," or Johnny Depp and friends under the moniker Tonto's Giant Nuts offer "Sands Theme," while Rubén Blades and Antonio Banderas helped to flesh out their own character's themes musically as well as dramatically. Other tracks such as "Siente Mi Amor" were written specifically for Selma Hayek. Rodriguez wrote much of the rest of the score himself, conducted the musicians who play it, and produced the recording. One listen to "Guitar Town," with its Morricone-esque drama and pathos, is concrete proof that Rodriguez knows what's best in his films. Ultimately what it adds up to is that this is a film score, a soundtrack above virtually anything else that had come out thus far in 2003 with the possible exception of the original material for Solaris. Once Upon a Time in Mexico certainly stands on its own as an album of engaging, provocative, and delightful listening.

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Milan Records


  1. Malagueña for voice & piano  - Brian Setzer
  2. Traeme Paz  - Patricia Vonne
  3. Eye Patch  - Alex Ruiz
  4. Yo Te Quiero  - Marcos Loya
  5. Guitar Town
  6. Church Shootout
  7. Pistolero  -  Juno Reactor
  8. Me Gustas Tu  - Manu Chao
  9. Sands Theme (as used in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico) @@Tonto's Giant Nuts
  10. Dias de Los Angeles  - Del Castillo
  11. The Man with No Eyes
  12. Mariachi vs. Marquez
  13. Flor de Mal (for the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico)  - Tito Larriva
  14. Chicle Boy
  15. Coup De Etat
  16. El Mariachi
  17. Siente Mi Amor (as used in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico)  - Selma Hayek
  18. Cuka Rocka @@Chingón

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marcos Loya   Guitar
Brian Setzer   Guitar
Joseph Edelberg   Violin
Nancy Ellis   Viola
Glenn Fischthal   Trumpet
Karen Gottlieb   Harp
Juno Reactor   Group
David Kadarauch   Cello
Janet Ketchum   Flute
Michelle Kim   Violin
Tito Larriva   Vocals,Dialogue
Galen Lemmon   Percussion
Andrew C. Lewis   Percussion
Rene Mandel   Violin
Chris Maresh   Bass
Cheech Marin   Dialogue
John Pearson   Trumpet
Kevin Porter   Trombone
Craig Reiss   Violin
Irene Sazer   Violin
Susan Bates   Viola
Michael Blake   Rhythm Guitar
Robin Mayforth   Violin
Barbara Riccardi   Violin
Wieslaw Pogorzelski   Viola
Kay Stern   Violin
Johnny Depp   Dialogue
Dawn Dover   Violin
Brian Lee   Violin
Manu Chao   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Brancato   Violin
Jeff Budin   Trombone
Linda Ghidossi de Luca   Viola
Mark Drury   Bass
Doris Fukawa   Violin
Steve Hufsteter   Guitar
Charles Metzger   Trumpet
David Schoenbrun   Bass
James Shallenberger   Violin
Timothy Spears   Bass
Pamela Freund Striplen   Viola
Peter Wahrhaftig   Tuba
Thalia Moore   Cello
Artie Storch   Percussion
Sara Usher   Violin
Paul Ehrlich   Viola
Teressa Adams   Cello
Antonio Banderas   Dialogue
Anna Kruger   Viola
Ogura Yasushi   Violin
Roy Malan   Violin
Diego Simmons   Percussion
Connie Gantsweg   Violin
Kum Mo Kim   Violin
Stephen Paulson   Bassoon
Anthony Striplen   Clarinet
Robert Galbraith   Violin
Ellyn Pesavento   Violin
Nora Pirquet   Cello
Nancy Stenzen   Cello
Dwight A. Baker   Drums
Selma Hayek   Vocals,Dialogue,Vocal Harmony
Gianna Abondolo   Cello
Richard Worn   Bass
Dawn Harms   Violin
Robert Ward   Horn
Katherine Johnk   Viola
Robert Rodriguez   Guitar
Laura Albers   Violin
Rich del Castillo   Guitar,Vocals,spanish guitar
Janet P. Archibald   Oboe
Scott Bleaken   Percussion
Fraser A. Bonnell   Cello
Heidi A. Wilcox   Violin
Jeffery Watson   Cello
Steven J. DAmico   Bass
Shinji T. Ehima   Bass
Nina G. Flyer   Cello
Candace A. Guirao   Violin
Robin E. Hansen   Violin
Natalia Vershilova   Violin
Michel O. Taddei   Bass
Patricia R. Heller   Viola
Steven M. Hufsteter   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Leonid Igudesman   Violin
Maki Ishii   Violin
Barry Koron   Piano
Johnathan K. Lancelle   Bass
William L. Rusconi   Violin
Elizabeth A. Runnicles   Viola
Alex Ruiz   Vocals
David P. Ridge   Trombone
Francis A. Renk   Clarinet
Lev Rankov   Violin
Lawrence S. Ragent   Horn
Elias Olvera   Guitarron
Rufus Jr. Olivier   Bassoon
Peter K. Nowlen   Horn
Emil T. Miland   Cello
Kayo J. Miki   Violin
Wendy Meeker   Violin
James H. Matheson   Oboe
Susanna M. Manzo   Horn
Chingón   Group
Alex Ramirez   Trumpet
Julie McKenzie   Flute
Michael Blake   Guitar
William Bennett   Oboe
Salma Hayek   Vocals
Patricia Yvonne   Vocals
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Musicians   Ensemble
Tonto's Giant Nuts   Ensemble
Alex Ramirez   Trumpet
Dwight Barker   Drums
Carl Thiel   Percussion,Loops

Technical Credits

Steve Stevens   Composer
Marcos Loya   Composer
Bill Carter   Producer
Emmanuel Chamboredon   Executive Producer
Ruth Ellsworth   Composer,Producer
Janet Ketchum   Orchestration
Tito Larriva   Composer
Alan Meyerson   Score Mixer
Ben Watkins   Composer
Mike Watts   Orchestration
Bruce Witkin   Composer,Producer
Johnny Depp   Composer,Producer
Manu Chao   Composer
Chris Klatman   Orchestration
Pete Anthony   Orchestration
Ian P. Hierons   Executive Producer
Kevin Globerman   Score Reader,Scoring Recordist
Israel Rodriguez   Composer
Patricia Vonne   Composer
Nancy Matter   Mastering
Jodi Tack   Art Direction
Erik Lundborg   Orchestration
Traditional   Composer
Penka Kouneva   Orchestration
George Oloziey   Producer,Orchestration,Score Coordinator
Robert Rodriguez   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Gary Sletcha   Orchestration
Don Grantham   Orchestration
Alex Ruiz   Composer
Rodrigo Rodriguez   Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
George Oldziey   Score Producer,Score Coordinator
Ian Hierons   Executive Producer
Carl Thiel   Producer

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