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Once Upon A Valentine

Once Upon A Valentine

4.5 11
by Emma Roman

100% of earned royalties go directly to the American Society of Autism to help fund programs that support families with children on the spectrum. Help us educate and make a difference one dollar at a time.

BRAND NEW BOOKS from some of your favorite paranormal and contemporary romance authors!

Accidentally In Love - Emma


100% of earned royalties go directly to the American Society of Autism to help fund programs that support families with children on the spectrum. Help us educate and make a difference one dollar at a time.

BRAND NEW BOOKS from some of your favorite paranormal and contemporary romance authors!

Accidentally In Love - Emma Roman

--A client who won't listen and a matchmaker who won't give up.

Love, Honor, and Ink (A Montgomery Ink Novella)- Carrie Ann Ryan

--A wedding planner and her neighbor. Falling in love with your best friend is never easy.

Secrets of a Silver Moon - Jodi Vaughn

--Some Valentine secrets are too hot to handle.

Loving Hallie - Krystal Shannan

--One kiss will change her life.

Highland Valentine - C.A. Szarek

Wrong Valentine Date - Geri Foster

--Cupid comes knocking on the wrong door.

Kiss of Her Dragon - Julia Mills

--Dragon kisses, bear hugs and evil wizards…Valentine’s Day should come with hazard pay.

Cupid Stupid - Sylvia McDaniel

--When three women dance naked around Cupid’s fountain, their will be consequences.

His Moonstruck Wolf - Heather Long

--When a matchmaker gets toasted at the after party, she finds the perfect wolf for her in the most unlikely of places. Of course, the last thing he wants is a mate, much less a matchmaking one.

Death by Chocolate - Gwen Knight

--Love is death...but so is being single on Valentine's Day.

Valentine Kisses - Rebecca Rivard

--Jenny knows that sexy shifter Chico is a player. So when she falls for him anyway, she has only herself to blame. But there’s magic in a Valentine’s kiss…

Heart of A Hero - Camryn Rhys

--A Valentine's Accident, an ancient spell, and Paul Banfield will never be the same.

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Once Upon A Valentine 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
booknooknuts 12 days ago
I am leaving a review for 3 of the books in this set. I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I did. Well worth the price and it helps a great cause. Accidentally In Love - Emma Roman This is a short but oh so sweet and sexy read. What does one do when they are burned by an ex with a cheating habit? Well they up and move to Somewhere. Laurel lived the high class live for so long she forgot where she came from her roots. But all it takes is one very burley sexy man Mitch who needs a date to remind her of her worth. Loving Hallie - Krystal Shannan Hallie is the last of the royals in her pack and it's her duty to continue things that a Royal should do. Her sisters all found mates outside of what was expected but Hallie will not. Her Aunt has been helping her and she is off to visit the very last Royal on the list. Well at least he isn't ugly she thinks upon meeting him. Dante has it all but what he doesn't have is? Well right before taking her leave to her room in walks who? Umm yea if I told you I’d give things away. Let's just say. The fates do not lie and they won't be denied. Short, Action packed and very sexy book. I enjoyed it. Kiss of Her Dragon - Julia Mills This is Brann's story and what a story we get. In the previous book we know Brann had scented his mate and of course she is torn because of all the abuse she withstood at the hands of those evil twins. Well she has to go back to her family. There is no other option for her. Well Brann of course will not take this lying down so what does one do? Follow her of course. And what he finds sends his Dragon into a tailspin. Annie is someone very important to her clan. But how does she get out of what is required of her? Well leave it up to her family and of course her Dragon man and wala she is doing what no other can do. What’s that? Why live her life with the man of her dreams of course.
HumorMyWay 12 days ago
This is really a wonderful box set there is something here for everyone. The authors give you entertaining reads with fun, love and laughter. I hope you will pick this up and help the cause these authors are supporting. Each story reaches out and pulls you, they are well written, breaking your heart, making you smile and even making you laugh. I really enjoyed this set as I hope you will too.
Anonymous 8 days ago
I purchased this anthology specifically for the Carrie Ann Ryan book (4 stars), but have only been able to get thru 3 others. I'm afraid that books 1, 3, and 4 have ruined it for me (1 star for books 1 and 4, and 2 stars for book 3). I won't be reading any further at this time.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA 8 days ago
This is wonderful compilation of stories guaranteed to make your heart go pitty pat for a fabulous cause. I love anthologies because they introduce me to authors I might not have read otherwise. I will admit that my favorites in this set are buy authors I’ve read before but I’ve found some new reads to look into as well. Accidentally In Love, Love, Honor, and Ink, Secrets of a Silver Moon and His Moonstruck Wolf are fun reads but authors I love and these stories can be read standalone without having read the series they are drawn from. But I can heartily recommend said series. There isn’t a bad story in the bunch. I will admit to being surprised by Highland Valentine because I am not a huge fan of time travel romances but the characters sucked me in and made me feel for them to the point I was rooting out loud. I laughed my way through Cupid Stupid and will definitely be checking out the worlds of Krystal Shannan, Julia Mills and Rebecca Rivard. I really enjoyed this entire book and heartily recommend you grab it while you can.
HsuLeeNY 9 days ago
There is a little of everything for everybody. But most important, a lot of romance. It is the perfect to read on Valentine's Day! Hurry + buy your copy! It is also for a good cause.
Tam 12 days ago
Review for Love, Honor & Ink: Lovely Montgomery Ink Novella Harper (yes, the one who hit on Hailey to get Sloan off his bum) finally gets his Happily Ever After (HEA) with his best friend. This was a hard read with Arianna's father being a such a manipulatively P.I.T.A, luckily Arianna & Harper over come this & other obstacles to their HEA. Can't wait for more Montgomery Ink / Gallagher Brothers, etc!!
JennieF 12 days ago
Wow...what a great box set. Have read most of the authors books and you should too! ! Received an ARC for Cupid Stupid by Sylvia McDaniel and what a way to find love. Naked and dancing for Cupid! ! ;)
sugmadsdream 12 days ago
Shapeshifters, witches, and Cupid- this anthology has it all! I read every one and enjoyed them all. Even one that was not a favorite was still good. This collection has something for everyone, even someone (like me) who doesn't usually read paranormal. My favorites? 1) Kiss of Her Dragon for its mating vows. I wish I were getting married so I could use them. 2) Cupid Stupid because I love anything about Cupid, Texas. 3) Death by Chocolate where Juniper changes to be worthy of the one she loves, and he understands her, even though he disagreed with her decision. 4) Valentine Kisses for the sexy fada, Chico and Jenny, his sweet, brave love.5) Daunted Hearts, in which Sylvia, a werewolf, is desperately in love with Paul, a human with a history of which he is not aware. Those are a few of the twelve stories in this book, so worth the price for over 1,000 pages of magic love. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not otherwise compensated.
DeeXOXO 12 days ago
This review is for Love, Honor, and Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan. This was an AWESOME novella! It was short, sweet, and radiated love off its pages. I finished it within a matter of hours when I should have been finishing up my homework. Ari and Harper have a bright future together and as a couple in the Montgomery Inc family. I can't wait to hear about them in the other Montgomery novels. I enjoyed every page!
Pebbles92 12 days ago
This review is for Love, Honor and Ink. Love, Honor and Ink is a superb addition to the Montgomery Ink series. Not a lot of Montgomery action in this story as this is a side story about friends of the Montgomery's but that's okay because I enjoy reading more about the ones we only catch a small glimpse of in the main stories. Definitely enjoyed reading more about Harper Rosso and Arianna King. They've been best friends for a long time but Harper has more than friendly feelings for Ari. When Ari's dad issues an ultimatum resulting in her leaving the company she has worked so hard far, Harper swoops in to help. I loved watching the sparks fly between these two and cannot wait for the next installment in this series.
spanishladyAM 12 days ago
The perfect Bundle to read on Valentine's. So many awesome love stories by great authors in one bundle. Accidently In Love by Emma Roman Lauren moves to Somewhere from Dallas after a very nasty divorce to start from scratch..She plans on continuing her love, matchmaking. She may not have been able to get a perfect match for herself, but she is very good at getting it for others. Mitch just can't seem to get his head straight when he catches a glimpse of his new neighbor, now he just has to convince her to take another chance at love, with him. Valentine Kisses by Rebecca Rivard No way is there a sexier shifter than Chico a River Fada dolpin and I mean panty melting with the things that man says and does to Jenny and with a Latin accent to boot. Jenny had a pretty bad experience with her ex and she is very weary of Chico's Tall, Dark & yummy looks, but when he talks to her, she just gravitates towards him and forgets all the weariness she feels. Love, Honor & Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan What can be better than having a best friend that's always there for you in the good and the bad? A best friend of the opposite sex that starts to make butterflies flutter in your stomach that's what. What could go wrong with that? That he knows all your dark secrets, that he's always there to bail you out, or that your afraid to lose that friendship? So many other great stories, but They are too many to post here and I can't just say I loved it without giving them my full reviews. Just know that they are all awesome!