One Dom to Love (Doms of Her Life Series #1)

One Dom to Love (Doms of Her Life Series #1)

4.1 58
by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl

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Raine Kendall has been in love with her boss, Macen Hammerman, for years. Determined to make the man notice that she's a grown woman with desires and needs, she pours out her heart and offers her body to him-only to be crushingly rejected. But when his friend, very single, very sexy Liam O'Neill watches the other Dom refuse to act on his obvious feelings for Raine, he…  See more details below


Raine Kendall has been in love with her boss, Macen Hammerman, for years. Determined to make the man notice that she's a grown woman with desires and needs, she pours out her heart and offers her body to him-only to be crushingly rejected. But when his friend, very single, very sexy Liam O'Neill watches the other Dom refuse to act on his obvious feelings for Raine, he resolves to step in and do whatever it takes to help Hammer find happiness again, even rousing his friend's possessive instincts by making the girl a proposition too tempting to refuse. But he never imagines that he'll end up falling for her himself.
Hammer has buried his lust for Raine for years. After rescuing the budding runaway from an alley behind his exclusive BDSM Dungeon, he has come to covet the pretty submissive. But tragedy has taught him that he can never be what she needs. So he watches over her while struggling to keep his distance. Liam's crafty plan blindsides Hammer, especially when he sees how determined his friend is to possess Raine for his own. Hammer isn't ready to give the lovely submissive over to any other Dom, but can he heal from his past and fight for her? Or will he lose Raine if she truly gives herself-heart, body, and soul-to Liam?

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Shelley Bradley LLC
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Doms of Her Life Series, #1
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5.94(w) x 8.96(h) x 0.62(d)

Meet the Author

Shayla Black (aka Shelley Bradley) is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 30 sizzling contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances for multiple print, electronic, and audio publishers. She lives in Texas with her husband, munchkin, and one very spoiled cat. In her "free" time, she enjoys reality TV, reading and listening to an eclectic blend of music.
Shayla's work has been translated in about a dozen languages. She has also received or been nominated for The Passionate Plume, The Holt Medallion, Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and the National Reader's Choice Awards. RT Bookclub has twice nominated her for Best Erotic Romance of the year, as well as awarded her several Top Picks, and a KISS Hero Award.
A writing risk-taker, Shayla enjoys tackling writing challenges with every book.

Jenna Jacob is married and lives in Kansas. A lover of music, cooking, camping, and riding Harleys on the open country roads. When she was thirteen she began writing-and not on a stone tablet, as her youngest son often teases. There is always a plot bubbling inside her head that has to be written.
With four grown children, she finally has time to the paint pictures of her twisted mind with words. Outgoing with a sassy sense of humor, she's never once been accused of being shy. With nearly twenty ears of experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, she strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice.

Isabella LaPearl was born and raised in New Zealand and living in America, Isabella LaPearl is a pseudonym for a disgustingly happy housewife and mother of three. A word painter and artist, she wrestles daily with the people who live inside her head, demanding to be spread on the pages of the tales she weaves. Then-and only then-can she find peace.

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One Dom To Love 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 58 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome story!  Kept you on pins and needles and I couldn't wait to see how it ended.  I am still waiting.  Was very irritated when I discovered that at pg. 273 there wasn't a conclusion to the story.  You have to wait to find out how it turns out in another book coming out some time in 2013.  Would definitely recommend this book but you may want to wait until book 2 comes out so you aren't left frustrated.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I believe a good book has a beginning and an end. There was no closure to the main storyline and it left me feeling as though I'd wasted my time and money. I prefer following a series to see what an author comes up with next, not because I feel as though I have to buy the subsequent releases to find closure - not the best way to show readers you appreciate their support in my opinion. The sad part is I enjoyed the story but disliked being left hanging so much I doubt I'll bother with the second book as a result.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book! But frustrated that there wasn't an "ending" and now I have to wait for the next book!!! I have no patience! lol So if you're like me.....wait until the next book comes out to start the series. But it really was a good one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book! I would highly recommend it....except the ending! What is this stupid new trend to write half the book and leave us hanging?? It makes me not want to buy any of their other books, rather than force me to buy more so that I can actually finish the first book I purchased!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thank you to the reviews that told me this another of those series books with no ending that i think a rip off of electronic readers i refuse to buy these kind of books and encourage my fellow readers to do the same I WILL NOT BUY THIS BOOK !!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I get why a few reviews were anti-Liam. I myself am still undecided but I do not have much sympathy for Hammer. Six years.....really? You loved her so deeply that you could not show it despite having her at your beck and call. I was especially disgusted that despite knowing how she felt about him, he made no attempts to shield her from his lovers. Letting her clean the trash can with your disgraded condoms from other lovers......THAT is a record low. Her value onlybecame evident when someone wanted her....says a lot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book....but the ending???? Really???? Come on now...most people are die hard fans of at least one of the aurtors, so we would buy the next book. Dont try and "trick" or "force" us to do it. This really is a 4 1/2 star book but the ending knocked it down to 3. :(
Johnson0916 More than 1 year ago
234 pages, did not like the ending, even through there will b more, I've read better of her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had to to skip through so much of this book. Liam disgusted me. What he did to his friend after hammer loved his wife and shared her with him then took rain away it just was a horrible thing. I hope to god he gets whats coming to him. Liam deserves to get screwd!!!!!! I dont know if i can handle to read the next one or not:( love the author grat writer just hate the story so far. I will give 3 stars for hammer and thats it
booksrapassion More than 1 year ago
This review was first posted at Reading Between the Wines! Hello, can I have two delicious men fighting over me?!? Well, since I can't, at least I can read this book and pretend it's me. Raine Kendall has been in love with Macen Hammerman since he saved her from a life on the streets after she ran away from home. The problem is, Hammer doesn't love her back. She's waited patiently for years for him to see that she's no longer a scared young girl, but instead a grown woman who would love nothing more than to kneel at his feet and call her Master. Hammer refuses to consider it though, and keeps Raine at arm's length, while also keeping all other men away from her too. See the thing is, Raine has it all wrong. Hammer has loved Raine almost from the moment he took her in off the streets, but at first berated himself because she was nothing but a scared 17 year old girl. Then, as the years went on, Hammer told himself he couldn't allow Raine close, because he didn't want to ruin her life like he ruined his first wife's. She deserved better than Hammer. Someone who was whole and could give her the white picket fence life she deserved. The problem is, he can't stand the thought of anther man near Raine. Hammer's best friend Liam comes for a visit and is baffled at Hammer's behavior. Why the man would push away a sweet sub like Raine, he can't understand. Not to mention that he can't stand to see how much Hammer is hurting himself and Raine by his refusal to give into the feelings he obviously has for her. So he hatches a plan. He's going to offer to train Raine as a sub, something Hammer has refused to do, to incite his best friend into a jealous rage that will cause him to finally break through those barriers and finally claim Raine as his own. However, what will Liam do when he comes to see that Raine is just what he's been looking for as well? Awesome start to a great new series but three talented authors! I loved the story and am sitting on pins and needles until I can read the next installment in this fantastic BDSM themed soap opera. A solid four wine glass toast, and a request for a night with Hammer and Liam. No? I can't have that? Darn it. Raine is a lucky girl.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story is interesting & very well written. However, I did not find Liam to be very enduring. Instead I found him to be a backstabber & I felt sorry for Hammer, because out of everyone, Liam should have understood why Hammer was holding himself back from Raine. Liam should have been a bigger & better person. I really felt bad for Hammer because he has been loving & takinf care of a Raine while thinking that he is not worthy of real love anymore. I also felt sorry for Raine because she is in love with Hammer and can't see that Hammer loves her. Raine behaves childishly when it comes to Hammer, but yet she wants Hammer to see her as more rhan the girl he rescued. Instead of communicating her feelings towards him, she believes likes a brat
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whew eeeee! So much drama and pull and push among these three.... Moving on to next story w hopes some sort of truce can be made
blazinbear1 More than 1 year ago
I feel in absolute love with this book and series. After reading One Dom to Love I wanted more and could not get enough of this story. Raine is an all-around "BRAT" but you have to love and respect the girl. She has been though a lot and it never seems to end for her. Hammer is just that all-consuming alpha male Dom that you want to slap but yet you just love. Liam as the sweet caring Dom who is going to bring happiness to everyone involved.   This book had me crying my eyes out one minute and ready to beat the crap out of Hammer and Liam both the next. You are taken on an amazingly emotional ride with this book. You’re going to be pulled in an asking why Hammer can't see Raine for who she is yet when you get a little info from his past you understand more why he refuse to give in. I am still asking myself who I want to see Raine end up with, I have plus for both of them and downs to both Liam and Hammer. This is one very wild ride and looking forward to reading more on their journey!  Amazing Job ladies! 
Rebecca1RS More than 1 year ago
Everyone has their likes and dislikes, things that when reading a book blurb either entice you to one click or send you on continuing the search for your next addict fix. BDSM, dominant, submissive, these words usually have me passing on to the next as it’s very much an area that, while hugely popular in erotica reading, doesn’t do much for me, however I have a couple of authors who I make an exception for. One is Shayla Black. Some years ago I discovered her ‘Wicked Lovers’ series and enjoyed it – especially Decadent – so even though I knew nothing of the other two authors work I was more than willing to break my normal pattern with ‘One Dom To Love’ for Ms Black, Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl. So Was It Worth It? Yes……. The pace is fast and with drama at every turn, it’s an intense ride that still at times is sweet and funny. Raine is just fabulous – vulnerable and eager to please quiet little mouse but also sassy, smart mouthed, feisty minx with a strong will, you never quite knew which Raine was coming out to play with each turning page and I liked her. She has a loyal streak a mile wide that makes it hard no matter how provoked or poorly treated, to walk away and protect her own emotional wellbeing even when she should and when I’m screaming in my head at her to stab the p***k and leave !! Of course she also loves him………………….. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!! The P***k is Hammer. When I read the blurb I thought I would adore Hammer but oh I detest (yes, the feels for him were that strong!) the man. I wanted to smother him in his sleep, c*strate him and just plain old fashioned slap the sh*t out of him, the bl**dy idiot. He’s as blind as they come to his own emotions, his shortcomings and his needs, and to Raine’s; by the time he realises this another Player is in the game and he’s managed to alienate her completely. And so we come to Liam, whose protective instincts for both Hammer and Raine put him in a position where who knows how it will end for friendships, love and HEA. Even when I thought he was being manipulative, sometimes with selfish reasons, sometimes just trying to do right by two people he cared about he stepped up to the mark for her, HUGE and I loved him for that. As his relationship with Raine changed and grew then his actions were for him not for Hammer but hey I wanted the P***k dead by then so I was ok with anything by this point that ended up with Raine happy and in sex satiated bliss with Liam! The sex was hot as I would expect but maybe not hardcore enough for some in this genre. Hammer was a weak Dom, cruel and indecisive at points. His lack of control in his life and business were not what you would expect from a Dom who runs a BDSM Dungeon for a living and has practised the lifestyle for years. However for me who only likes to dip a toe in this area not jump all in it was an enjoyable read with a triangle that I just know these 3 ladies are going to turn inside out over the concluding two books. Biggest Questions for me; Can they change my feelings for Hammer? Does Beck have any limits? At all?!? Does Liam have a hidden agenda? Which Raine will out? Feisty Minx or quiet church mouse??????????????????? Where will this triangle end up and how many casualties will there be? Personally for me this trio of ladies gave me an enjoyable read that I shall continue to see where this concludes.
badkat17us More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book a lot. Raine is a complicated girl. She just wants to be loved and shown some attention. Macen says he is in love with Raine but that he won't ever do anything about it because of his past and his own demons. Raine has her own demons to deal with and who ever becomes her Dom with have to be patient and find a way to get through to her. She has a lot of trust issues. Liam is Macen's best friend. He sees that Macen likes Raine alot and she likes Macen. He comes up with a plan to train Raine and hopefully make Macen come to his senses about his feelings for Raine and do something about them. He didn't expect to fall for Raine himself. What happens through the rest of the book is a somewhat complicated mess. Raine needs to be shown she is cared about to open up and submit not force to show who is in charge. Macen and Liam have different ways of being a Dom. This book had lots of twists and turns I didn't see. I like Liam better than Macen. Liam has a subtle way of showing that he is in charge. He finds other ways to show Raine that he is in charge besides spanking her. She responds better to it as well. Macen needs to show by force that he is in charge and that causes Raine to just act out and rebel. She runs, if she thinks she is a problem or is making things difficult she runs. Liam won't let her do that. He is determined to prove to her that she could never do anything that would make him leave or to send her away. What started out trying to help his best friend ends in a way Liam never expected? I can't wait to read the next book in this series. What will Macen do next? I really hope Raine and Liam get their happily ever after. I was given this book in return for an honest review.
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. OMG!!!  This book had my heart literally hurting from the very beginning.  Raine’s attempts to gain Hammer’s love, and his repeated rebuffs just broke my heart completely.  I hated the way she kept throwing herself at him.  It got disgusting after the second time.  I so wanted her to stand up for herself and just walk away from Hammer.  I wasn’t sure about Liam’s motives in the beginning.  I had a sinking suspicion that his plan was going to backfire.  I loved how he seemed to understand Raine and what she needed.  I hated Hammer.  I hated the way he treated Raine.  He loved her but kept hurting her with his actions.  I’m really trying not to give too much away.  Let’s just say my emotions were on a roller coaster ride from the start to end of this book.  I’m still not sure which hero I’d like Raine to end up with.  I’m really torn on which one I like best.  No, that’s a lie.  I want Raine to end up living her happily ever after with Liam.  I’m just not ready to forgive Hammer for his treatment at this time.  He’s got a lot of sucking up to do to get back in my good graces. Overall, this was a great story that was well-written and fast-paced.  While it did have a cliffhanger ending, I didn’t find it to be too much of a cliffhanger for me.  It just left me wanting more. 5-Bombs Reviewed by Tracy
Jennifers_Book_Obsession More than 1 year ago
So let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of third person POVs. But Holy hell, this book was so good. It had just the perfect amount of drama, heartache and sexiness with two strong dominant men and a sassy submissive. Even in third person this book held my attention from start to finish. I was glued to this book and could not put it down until the very last page.  I love Shayla Black. I’ve read her books before so I knew going in that I was in for a good time. Add two additional authors that I haven’t read from yet and WOW! The way this book was written, the flow of the story and the characters were just fantastic. Shayla Black, Jenna Jacobs and Isabella LaPearl did an amazing job bringing this story to life and capturing these characters journey with such raw passion. The characters will lure you in and have you emotionally invested throughout. The sex scenes are extremely hot and oh so steamy. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to read the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LauraV More than 1 year ago
This was an unusual book for me. I don't usually read BDSM books. I won this book in a contest, so I read it. I wanted to see if I liked the characters and the story lines. I was intrigued by the way the Liam, Raine, and Hammer dealt with their feelings for each other. I'm not sure I would want to read other BDSM books, but Shayla Black is a very good writer. She and her team did a good job with this story. Try it you may be surprised and like it too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very cool book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kimamhill More than 1 year ago
Raine Kendall is in love with her boss and has been since he rescued her years ago.  She wants more than anything for him to notice her as a woman so she confesses her feelings and offers him her body only to be rejected.  Macen Hammerman’s best friend and fellow Dom, Liam O’Neill has witnessed the way his friend has feelings for Raine but he will not act on it and he plans to set in motion a plan to make Macen realize his feelings.  He never figured he would begin to care for her as well.  Now with two best friends at war with each other and Raine having feelings for both men what are they going to do? I really enjoyed this book and can not wait to see what happens with all three.  The tension with the three is so intense and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  The scenes where HOT also!  I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more!!!