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The One-Hour Orgasm: How to Learn the Amazing

The One-Hour Orgasm: How to Learn the Amazing "Venus Butterfly" Technique

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by Leah Schwartz, Bob Schwartz

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The One-Hour Orgasm is one of the best, most tasteful, explicit and effective sex education books ever published. It demonstrates, with pictures and words, how you can master the famous "Venus Butterfly" technique, immediately improve your intimate experiences, and enjoy ever-expanding levels of pleasure in your sex life. The book is filled with fresh


The One-Hour Orgasm is one of the best, most tasteful, explicit and effective sex education books ever published. It demonstrates, with pictures and words, how you can master the famous "Venus Butterfly" technique, immediately improve your intimate experiences, and enjoy ever-expanding levels of pleasure in your sex life. The book is filled with fresh, easy-to-learn new approaches and photos to aid the reader in learning sensual "safer sex" skills and what the authors trust you will find to be the most gratifying lovemaking techniques ever discovered.

Women will learn how to:
* Increase the strength and duration of his erections
* Initiate sex without effort on his part
* Avoid common mistakes in the bedroom
* Put the fun back into any relationship

Men will learn how to:
* Thoroughly satisfy her every time
* Increase the frequency of sex by making it more pleasurable for her
* Avoid common mistakes in the bedroom
* Be more self-confident as a lover.

PLEASE NOTE: This ebook contains quizzes and writing exercises that will require writing materials to complete.

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The One-Hour Orgasm

How to Learn the Amazing "Venus Butterfly" Technique

By Leah M. Schwartz, Bob Schwartz

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 1999 Walter P. Maksym
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-0870-2


A What?

"A one hour orgasm! Is this a joke?," asked a friend when we told him what we were working on.


A "one hour orgasm" is an orgasm with hundreds, even thousands, of orgasmic contractions one after the other after the other.

You don't believe this is possible? Join the club. Neither did we. No one we had ever met, including Dr. Ruth, had any idea of what we were talking about. The only way you will become a believer is the way we did. After your first one.

Do You Really Know What an Orgasm Is?

Most men and women, including many sex and relationship experts, seem to be very confused about what an orgasm actually is.

Most of them talk and act as if the ejaculation phase is the orgasm. This is not accurate, even for men. Of course, if that were true, women would never have them.

The most obvious signs of orgasm for both men and women are the orgasmic contractions which produce the intense pleasurable feelings which shoot those "wonderful-out-of-control" feelings throughout your whole mind and body.

The beginning phase of an orgasm starts when your genital area is feeling better than any other part of your body! If the pleasure you are experiencing continues and builds up, the sensations becomes stronger. These wonderful feelings usually begin to create mild orgasmic contractions. The orgasmic contractions can continue to build in intensity. They soon seem to take over your whole body and finally you feel as if you have come into contact with a cosmic light socket.

Have You Ever Counted Them?

During what most people consider a normal orgasm, men generally have 6 to 9 orgasmic contractions, each contraction lasting for approximately 8/10ths of a second. These contractions in a man are followed by the ejaculation of semen.

According to our research, only one out of three women had often, if ever, experienced orgasm through intercourse, but when they do, they have, on the average, 9 to 12 orgasmic contractions. Each contraction lasts for the same 8/10ths of a second that the man experiences.

One woman in a study we read had 33 orgasmic contractions, but they wrote her off because they thought her sexual nervous system had malfunctioned.

Bliss Is Closer Than You Think

As did thousands of other students, we learned the "Venus Butterfly" technique at More University and The Institute For Human Abilities in California, where "Basic Sensuality 101" has been taught for over 30 years.

At the Institute, they call the 6 to 12 orgasmic contractions of a typical orgasm a "genital sneeze." It is not that sneezes are bad, it is just that they have discovered that a whole lot more is available with some education and a little homework.

Being able to produce a one hour orgasm means that you have mastered the "Venus Butterfly" technique in this book. Once you have practiced enough, you will be able to produce hundreds and hundreds of orgasmic contractions in your partner, man or woman.

Sound impossible? You won't see this in the Guiness Book of World Records, but the longest a woman's orgasm was kept going at More University was 11 hours! (Please don't try this at home. These were trained professionals and it was done only as a scientific experiment. ... not for fun.)

The good news is that after over 30 years of research, the researchers at More University and The Institute of Human Abilities still can't say what the upper limits of pleasure are that you can give your partner or that you can experience. With this new information you will:

• Have more confidence in bed

• Be able to increase the intensity and duration of your partner's orgasm

• Have more fun together as a couple

• Put the spark back into your relationship or keep it from going away

• Eliminate boredom and increase the fun you both have in the bedroom

• Learn something new that makes a big difference in your sex life and relationship

• Solve the common problem of not being in the mood at the same time

• Learn how to talk to each other about one of the most emotionally charged subjects in the world ... sex!

• Bring back his (or her) sex drive

• Learn how to solve the two biggest problems men face today without drugs — his occasional or often inability to have or maintain an erection and premature ejaculation

• Make every love-making session a pleasurable learning experience

Even lose weight!

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you or your partner learned something new that improved your sex life and was so incredible that you continued to use it?

That time has come!


What Is The "Venus Butterfly"?

The "Venus Butterfly" is not a sex toy or mechanical device. The "Venus Butterfly" is a sexual technique and philosophy for pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. It teaches you exactly when, where, and how to give your partner the most pleasure possible for the longest period of time.

As we will soon prove to you, the "Venus Butterfly" technique can be learned with a little instruction and practice by any man or woman. It is the key to having orgasmic contractions that last for up to an hour.

The most important benefit of the "Venus Butterfly" technique is that, unlike any other sexual technique, if done properly, it will totally gratify any man or woman every time.

This is what makes it the most effective and wonderful sexual technique ever taught.

The "Venus Butterfly" has all the advantages of every other sexual technique with few of the disadvantages. The importance of these advantages and disadvantages will become clear by the time you finish the book.

If you follow the simple, step-by-step, instructions we give you, without stopping too long between steps, you will see for yourself that the promises of the book are true.

Of course, if you want, you can skip around, ignore the instructions, or leave out parts. The problem is that if you do not follow the recipe exactly, you will most likely not wind up with the results we have promised.

Our goal is for you to have as much fun as possible as you try out the "Venus Butterfly" technique for yourself. Remember, nothing in this book is intended to do anything other than make your sex life and your relationship better than it is now.

A Man's Biggest Challenge

During our years of study, research, and teaching, we have discovered that some people have deep seated resistance when it comes to following instructions. For instance, it is hard for many men to admit that there is anything that they could learn that would increase their ability to sexually gratify a woman. On the other hand, one of a man's constant challenges is to be able to satisfy and please the woman he loves every time.

What makes the man's situation worse is that when women hear about The One Hour Orgasm and the "Venus Butterfly" technique, most are usually elated. She likes the idea that she also will be gratified each time they make love and that longer, more intense, and consistent orgasms are possible for her if he follows our instructions.

On the other hand a man's anxiety level sometimes goes up. It has been hard enough to get her to have a normal orgasm. Now he fears that she is going to expect to be gratified for an hour every time!

Relax. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to perform better and produce amazing results.


What You Didn't Know That You Didn't Know

The first step in learning to master the "Venus Butterfly" technique is to introduce you to some information which is neither understood or known by very many people. It will answer a lot of questions that have puzzled the human race for thousands of years.

For instance, if you are a man, have you ever performed in a certain way in bed with your partner so that she was totally gratified? Then, maybe just a week later, you performed exactly the same way and the love making session was a dud for her.

What happened? You are pretty sure you did the same things, but you wound up with an entirely different result. The following information will clear up this and many other mysteries for you.

The Secret Word For Giving a Woman the Most Pleasure Possible: "Tumescence"

The first new thing I learned at More University and The Institute of Human Abilities is that only women have what can be accurately described as heat cycles. "So what?," I thought to myself, not realizing at that time that female sexual cycles are a source of enormous power. It is a power that needs to be understood and mastered in order to have relationships and sexual experiences beyond your present reality.

O.K., O.K.. My wife and all other women have monthly cycles (I knew that!) and even yearly cycles (I didn't know that).

One of the main reasons I married my wife, Leah, was that she was so nice. Leah was the first person who read the initial manuscript for my first book which we would eventually title, Diets Don't Work. By applying the principles in the book and learning to eat like a "naturally thin person" again, her weight declined and she got to her ideal weight ... without dieting or depriving herself of anything that she wanted to eat.

This was when I fell in love with her. Anyone who listens to you, approves of everything you do, and is so very nice, is not a person you want to let get away. So, I asked her to marry me.

After that, especially around the time of her periods, I began to notice that Leah got slightly meaner and meaner as each month passed. The longer we were married, the meaner she seemed to get.

No matter what I came up with to soothe her, I always felt something was missing. I tried to reason with her. Sometimes I would hide from her. Other times I would try to do something to make her laugh or I would buy her presents. I tried to find a medicine that would "cure" her. When all else failed, we had big fights. Nothing seemed to work.

I began to keep track of when the "Alien" would arrive each month. This technique seemed to help a little, but not quite enough. Everything negative was exaggerated during this time and if I was ready for the attack. ... if I could convince her that it was her hormones this time and not me ..., if ..., if only she were more like a man.

Now I am glad that I did not get my stupid wish. What I was viewing as negative energy was actually the power source that keeps the human race on the planet. I did not know it at the time, but it was also the chief energy source of our exceptional love life.

At More University and The Institute for Human Behavior, this type of energy is called "Tumescence" (Tu-mess-ence). One of the definitions in the dictionary explains tumescence as "being swollen (as with sexual energy). (Sexual) Tension that is not being released or used."

For our purpose, this definition has been expanded to create some new distinctions that will help you to produce more pleasure and intensity in your love life. We will use this new word to describe a condition and a certain behavior that mammals, including humans, especially females, occasionally exhibit.

Our expanded definition of tumescence includes, among other things, the experience of being sexually aroused, or turned on. This can mean either an agitated state of mind or a very pleasant feeling of being sexually aroused. Tumesced (pronounced tu-messed) can also mean a particular type of tension, similar to a rubber band that is being twisted tighter and tighter.

The Signs of Tumescence

Tumescent energy can feel like a warm glow, one time and a raging fire the next.

The exciting news is that when tumescent energy is under control and channeled pleasurably, it can produce wonderful feelings and inspire everyone, especially men, to high levels of fun and even production.


Tumescence has many forms. Tumescent (tu-mess-ent) energy is most commonly identified in the form of bitchiness or tension, as if the person were agitated by something or someone and all negative feelings are being magnified.

At other times, however, when the tumescent energy is at a lower level and under control, the person feels pleasantly aroused and positive feelings are intensified.

When To Look Out For Tumescence

First, it is important to understand that women have heat cycles twice a month and also seasonal heat cycles that show up twice a year.

The monthly cycles come around the time of ovulation and menstruation, and the seasonal heat cycles come in the spring and the fall.

Somewhere around three days before a woman's ovulation time, her tumescent energy or heat level starts to build up. After ovulation the level goes back down. Then about five days before her period, this tumescent energy or heat level begins its highest climb. Usually she grows more and more tumescent as she gets closer to the time of her period.

During her period, the tumescence begins to subside until around the time of her next ovulation cycle when it starts to increase again. Another tidal wave of energy begins to again build up power.

Historically, women have been misunderstood and mistreated when it comes to their tumescence or heat cycles. There are times they probably would like to deny they even have them.

Nearly all of us know that women are usually the most tumesced close to the time of their periods. Less than tasteful stories have been made up about this time, such as the one which says that if the shadow of a woman on her period falls on a snake, the snake will die.

No wonder women feel discriminated against and don't want to acknowledge their tumescent cycles. For years some medical doctors refused to believe that there was any such thing as PMS. Other physicians called it an illness, gave drugs to try to "cure" it, and even operated to get rid of the symptoms. Most of the treatments were designed to try to flatten the woman's highs and lows, to make her more "stable." In other words, to try to make her more like a man.

It is lucky that these physicians failed in their attempts because to try to make women more like men would be a great waste of potential fun and sexual energy. Instead of trying to eliminate the dynamic energy that women have, wouldn't it be a good idea to learn how to use it to increase the pleasure, productivity, and joy in our lives and relationships? That is one of the purposes of this book.

How Do You Spot Tumescence?

What are the signs of tumescence? Of course, crankiness or meanness are the major signs, but there are many other signals that are useful if you become familiar with them.

Tumescence is easiest to recognize in the form of anger, agitation, irritability, or being lustful, passionate, or highly sensitive. A tumesced person can also exhibit signs of clumsiness, lack of concentration, and disorientation.

The higher the level of tumescence and the longer it is sustained, the more radical the behavior usually becomes.

The Five Levels Of Tumescence

Tumescence can exhibit a multitude of different characteristics and intensify either positive or negative feelings depending upon the circumstances and the amount of tumescent energy that is present.

With The One Hour Orgasm, we have created a scale from "1" to "5" to relate to tumescence. You can use these new distinctions to begin to recognize and deal with tumescent energy.

Level "1" is "flat." There is no sexual interest. All tumescent energy has been discharged. She feels mellow and totally relaxed.

Level "2" is when she is "a little turned on" ... things are starting to get interesting. She is looking forward with slight anticipation.

Level "3" is when tumescent energy feels under control or if there are good and immediate prospects for releasing it. She is feeling a glow, turned-on, pleasantly excited. Tumescence at this level can feel extremely enjoyable. She feels pleasantly vulnerable, and, maybe even, emotionally mushy.

Level "4" is when she could start to get anxious, highly emotional, hot and bothered, on edge, irritable, or cranky. At this level tumescent energy begins to magnify feelings, no matter if they are positive or negative. For example, the hottest sex is available at this level and, on the other hand, a couple may have their biggest fights at level four or above.

Level "5" is when tumescence has built up too high. She feels out of control, desperate, frantic, hostile, hypercritical, or bad tempered. She may scream or snarl a lot at this level. She does not look or feel attractive, and will predictably behave somewhat irrationally and aggressively. High levels of tumescence, with no hope of relief in sight, can make a woman feel very uncomfortable with feelings of overwhelming pressure and even painful cramps.

The person feeling high tumescence can many times seem to be illogical, righteous, and unreasonable. She might thrash around feeling very uncomfortable and try desperately not to feel the feelings she is having.

She will usually try to figure out what is causing these unpleasant feelings. If her man is anywhere in the vicinity, he often seems like the cause of her suffering.

Most men have no idea how to even bring up the subject of tumescence, much less know how to handle it. Not knowing what to do when tumescent energy showed up was only one of the ways I came to find that, like other men, I was dumb when it came to women.

If your partner is at a level "1" and is feeling no sexual desire at all, it might be a good idea for you to start by learning how to raise her level of tumescence.

If your partner is at a level "5" and very agitated, it would serve you both well if you learned how to effectively bring her tumescence down as much as possible so that she will feel less pressure, stress, and tension.

People Who Live And Play Together, Tumesce Together

Women who work or live together for a while usually begin to have their cycles at the same time. If this tumescent energy builds up too high and is not acknowledged and discharged in a pleasurable or consciously directed way, it begins to cause problems for the person who is feeling it and almost everyone else around her.

Can Men Become Tumesced?

Yes, of course. Tumescence has the amazing characteristic of being the kind of energy which you can pick up from someone else.

Can a woman intentionally or unintentionally tumesce a man? Of course.

Have you ever noticed that men can become awkward or clumsy around a woman, especially if they find her attractive? And, if a man is around a highly agitated woman, does he become agitated? Yes. Yes. Yes.


Excerpted from The One-Hour Orgasm by Leah M. Schwartz, Bob Schwartz. Copyright © 1999 Walter P. Maksym. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

New York Times bestselling author BOB SCHWARTZ, Ph.D., and his wife, LEAH SCHWARTZ, Ph.D., have been featured on HBO, CNBC, Oprah, Joan Rivers, The View, and over 2,000 other television and radio shows throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain. They have dedicated over two decades to helping couples improve their marriages and sex lives.

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One-Hour Orgasm 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
BrendaWBW More than 1 year ago
Great book, good information on female orgasm. However, if you want a visual, I recommend the female orgasm videos from The Welcomed Consensus, especially The Technique of Peaking and Extended Orgasm, which shows a woman being brought and maintained in orgasm for over 30 minutes. It has all the visual needed to add to this book.
fic0928 More than 1 year ago
This book gave a lot of information on what the venus butterfly technique is and how to perform it, i was very satisfied with its contents. I recommend this book to any COUPLES (male/female especially if you are married) who are looking to have more fun with their love-making experience. I can honestly say that in this case, the book makes the reader want to perform the technique instead of receiving just to see all of the pleasurable sensations that their partner are experiencing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I need to know.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An 30 minute orgasm is possible. Skills is what it takes. ;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(To below) an hour is 60 min!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I tried the technique with my girlfriend. It did'nt last a full hour as promised...just around 35 minutes or so. She gasped for breath and shook like a leaf all through. Ended up in tears of joy, that she could experience this so strongly at last, and for so long.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is mainly for people who want to satisfy their lover. It tastefully explains how to acheive an orgasm by trust and kinship not kinky things that would just be considered sex. You have to trust your lover. This book has helped me understand my lover in a whole new way!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very disappointing. They call it the Venus Butterfly technique as if it's some exotic secret. Then you shake your head in disbelief when you find out what it really is. I leaned better sex techniques from watching Venus Flytrap on the show 'WKRP in Cinncinati' than I did from the Venus Butterfly technique.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That sounds like it's made ip. :/