One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Steve Klinge
A treasure trove in a hatbox, One Kiss Can Lead to Another proves that the girl-group sound of the early '60s was full of wondrous and varied splendor, and broad enough to encompass the miniature morality plays of the Shangri-las, the Motown dancefloor stomp of the Supremes, the country twang of Skeeter Davis, the Britpop of Dusty Springfield, and Phil Spector's wall-of-sound showcase, the Ronettes. The girl-group sound also dabbled in psychedelics (the Chiffons' "Nobody Knows What's Going On (In My Mind but Me)"), garage rock (the Luv'd Ones' "Up Down Sue"), and spooky, experimental ballads (Ellie Greenwich's "You Don't Know Him"). With 120 tracks from 107 artists ...
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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Steve Klinge
A treasure trove in a hatbox, One Kiss Can Lead to Another proves that the girl-group sound of the early '60s was full of wondrous and varied splendor, and broad enough to encompass the miniature morality plays of the Shangri-las, the Motown dancefloor stomp of the Supremes, the country twang of Skeeter Davis, the Britpop of Dusty Springfield, and Phil Spector's wall-of-sound showcase, the Ronettes. The girl-group sound also dabbled in psychedelics (the Chiffons' "Nobody Knows What's Going On (In My Mind but Me)"), garage rock (the Luv'd Ones' "Up Down Sue"), and spooky, experimental ballads (Ellie Greenwich's "You Don't Know Him"). With 120 tracks from 107 artists divided among four lengthy discs and a comprehensive 202-page book -- all housed in a hatbox-shaped carrying case -- One Kiss is full of bad boys with good hearts, bad girls with guilt complexes, and lots of pining, lovelorn desperation. It's also full of youthful stars: singers (Dolly Parton, Cher, Wanda Jackson, and Carole King), writers (Keith Richards, Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, and, again, Carole King), and musicians (Jimmy Page, on three tracks). While all the expected artists are here, from the Shirelles to Little Eva to Mary Wells, One Kiss often avoids the predictable hits, highlighting several lesser-known but crucial artists (Evie Sands, Jackie DeShannon, and Margaret Ross Williams, who sings lead with four different groups) and plenty of one-hit (or no-hit) wonders. Perhaps the most surprising conclusion is that with all the sassy joy and innocent emotions, marvelous harmony vocals and elaborate productions, One Kiss is not too much of a good thing: it's a total immersion in extravagant pop pleasure.
All Music Guide - Tim Sendra
The importance of the girl group sound of the early '60s is often overlooked in the traditional telling of the history of rock & roll. In most accounts, after the first wave of rockers either died Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, quit Little Richard, went into the army Elvis, or married a cousin Jerry Lee Lewis, hordes of one-named teen idols Fabian, Frankie, Dion and smoothies Bobby Rydell, Paul Anka took over and rock music withered away until the Beatles rescued it. This narrow-minded opinion leaves out so much amazing music Del Shannon, Jackie Wilson, the Everly Brothers, Lou Christie, the start of Motown, the Beach Boys, and the surf sound as well as so much classic R&B that it makes your head hurt. Add to that list of amazing music the girl group sound. Add the Ronettes, the Shirelles, the Chiffons, Little Eva, and the Cookies. Add a style of music that when it's happy is just about the most exuberant sound on earth and when it's sad can completely rip your heart out. The sheer amount of girl group collections that have been released are a testament to the power of the sound, and with the release of Rhino's One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found, maybe even the rock snobs will get over themselves and get on board. Those who already are hip to the power of the girl group sound will be floating on a cloud after just one look at the track listing. Most of the major movers and shakers from behind the mics everyone from the Shangri-Las, Barbara Lewis, Maxine Brown, to Dusty Springfield, Jackie DeShannon, and the Toys and the mixing board Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, the Tokens, Tony Hatch, Shadow Morton, Bob Crewe, and Bert Berns are here along with loads of acts that range from the obscure Dorothy Berry, Sadina, Sylvan, the Pussycats to the literally unknown Marsha Gee. Best of all there are almost no hits to be found. There's no "Leader of the Pack," no "Stop! in the Name of Love," no "Going to the Chapel." Instead the compilers focus on under-rated or rare songs by the top names and the best songs by the second-tier and below artists. This decision means that there are no tracks that are overused or obvious and that the disc is brimming with surprises and new discoveries to all but the most in-the-know girl group fanatics. Even they might find something here that will knock their bobby socks off, and if not, at least they are in for almost five hours of pure fun. Rhino's designers must have had fun too when coming up with the look of the set; it is packaged in a miniature hat box, the liner notes are made to look like a diary, and each separate disc is housed in a mock compact. Very cute, but a retailer's nightmare, no doubt. The liner notes themselves are mostly wonderful, especially co-compiler Sheila Burgel's nifty track-by-track annotations, and there are tons of great photos, including a shot of the Shangri-Las in the studio that is almost worth the price of the set alone. The music is the real draw, however; the four discs and 120 songs are lovingly chosen and sequenced with great care, making sure to keep things interesting by blending styles, tempos, and moods in a glittering display of pop genius. The compilers Sheryl Farber and Gary Stewart make remarkably few missteps and quite a few brilliant decisions. The first and most important one was to cast a very wide net when gathering tracks, namely by looking to the U.K. for artists. There was very fertile scene there in the early to mid-'60s that produced some major talent like Dusty Springfield, Sandie Shaw, and Lulu. Indeed some of the collection's most exciting tracks are drawn from the U.K. vaults like Petula Clark's pounding rocker "Heart," Lulu's even more pounding rocker "I'll Come Running" featuring some wild guitar from session whiz Jimmy Page, P.P. Arnold's definitive version of "The First Cut Is the Deepest," and Dusty's majestic cover of the Baby Washington song "I Can't Wait to See My Baby's Face." Another fine strategy was picking artists who weren't usually associated with the girl group sound like Dolly Parton, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Skeeter Davis, Toni Basil, and Wanda Jackson as it adds some historical interest and all the tracks are really quite good too, especially Francis' "Don't Ever Leave Me" and Jackson's "Funnel of Love." They also chose to stretch the definition of the girl group sound to include late-'60s soul the Lovelites' "How Can I Tell My Mom & Dad," the Flirtations' "Nothing But a Heartache", garage rock the Luv'd Ones' "Up Down Sue," the What Four's "I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy", and tame psychedelia Goldie & the Gingerbreads' "Walking in Different Circles," the Chiffons' "Nobody Knows What's Going On In My Mind But Me". Lastly the inclusion of many songs like Reperata & the Delrons' "I'm Nobody's Baby Now," the Honeys' Brian Wilson-produced "The One You Can't Have," and Alder Ray's "Cause I Love Him" that are influenced by the productions of Phil Spector helps to offset the lack of any Spector-produced tracks. It seems that ABKCO Records keeps a very firm and pricey leash on the songs they own, so that means no prime Ronettes, no Crystals, and no Darlene Love except when she is fronting the Blossoms. It also means that there are no tracks from the Cameo-Parkway vaults, so no Dee Dee Sharp, Orlons, or Candy & the Kisses either. Amazingly, the high quality of the tracks that are here mean you don't miss the exclusions too much. In fact there are so many great songs that listing the highlights would read like a reprint of the back cover of the box. Still, a few stand out as some of the best the girl group sound had to offer, like Cathy Saint's "Big Bad World," Twinkle's over-the-top death ballad a girl group specialty that is well represented here "Terry," the Exciters' "He's Got the Power," Earl-Jean's "I'm Into Something Good," the Girlfriends' "My One and Only Jimmy Boy," the Cake's "Baby, That's Me," the Girls' "Chico's Girl," Patty & the Emblems' raucous live version of "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl," Evie Sands' "I Can't Let Go," and Dorothy Berry's perfect "You're So Fine." That is a staggering chunk of solid gold, but the amazing thing is that you could grab any ten songs at random and come up with an extract just as strong. Of course, with any collection like this there are going to be questions about songs and artists that don't appear. A short memory search might reveal big names like Baby Washington, Helen Shapiro, and the Dixie Cups !, smaller names like the Pixies Three and Marcie Blaine, or songs like the Orchids' "Oo-Chang-a-Lang" and the Delicates' "Stop Shovin' Me Around." Any girl group fan will have additions to the list, but the great thing about One Kiss Can Lead to Another is that there are no obvious choices to remove to make room for anyone else. Each track fits just right and to take one out would be just plain painful. A follow-up set with more artists from around the world France especially, more obscure artists, and even more rare tracks from the big names is definitely in order. If it's anything like One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found, it'll be thrilling from beginning to end and bring fans of the girl group sound and great pop music nothing but joy and happiness.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 10/4/2005
  • Label: Rhino
  • UPC: 081227464523
  • Catalog Number: 74645


Disc 1
  1. 1 Needle in a Haystack - The Velvelettes (2:32)
  2. 2 He's Got the Power - The Exciters (2:21)
  3. 3 Nobody Know What's Goin' On (In My Head But Me) - The Chiffons (2:25)
  4. 4 I'd Much Rather Be with the Girls - Donna Lynn (2:23)
  5. 5 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby - Little Eva (2:38)
  6. 6 Nothing But a Heartache - The Flirtations (2:44)
  7. 7 You Don't Know - Ellie Greenwich (3:15)
  8. 8 Boys - The Shirelles (2:08)
  9. 9 Big Bad World - Cathy Saint (2:38)
  10. 10 Out in the Streets - The Shangri-Las (2:45)
  11. 11 Is It True - Brenda Lee (2:24)
  12. 12 Please Don't Wake Me - The Cinderellas (2:42)
  13. 13 I'll Keep Holding On - The Marvelettes (2:28)
  14. 14 Oh No Not My Baby - Maxine Brown (2:37)
  15. 15 May My Heart Be Cast into Stone - The Toys (2:43)
  16. 16 Magic Garden - Dusty Springfield (3:26)
  17. 17 I Never Dreamed - The Cookies (2:36)
  18. 18 He's a Bad Boy - Carole King (2:24)
  19. 19 Happy, That's Me - Little Frankie (2:03)
  20. 20 Dream Boy - Jackie DeShannon (2:16)
  21. 21 Try the Worryin' Way - The Fabulettes (2:19)
  22. 22 I Can't Let Go - Evie Sands (2:15)
  23. 23 Go Now - Bessie Banks (2:41)
  24. 24 You're No Good - Dee Dee Warwick (2:28)
  25. 25 Opportunity - The Jewels (2:27)
  26. 26 Life and Soul of the Party - Mally Page (2:52)
  27. 27 Break-A-Way - Irma Thomas (2:33)
  28. 28 What Am I Gonna Do with You - Lesley Gore (3:14)
  29. 29 He Did It - The Ronettes (2:30)
  30. 30 Baby That's Me - The Cake (2:47)
Disc 2
  1. 1 I Adore Him - The Angels (2:46)
  2. 2 The Train from Kansas City - The Shangri-Las (3:20)
  3. 3 Please Go Away - The Shirelles (1:48)
  4. 4 Let Me Get Close to You - Skeeter Davis (2:35)
  5. 5 I Have a Boyfriend - The Chiffons (2:07)
  6. 6 I'm into Something Good - Earl-Jean (2:55)
  7. 7 I'll Come Running - Lulu (3:02)
  8. 8 If There's Anything Else You Want (Let Me Know) - Roddie Joy (2:17)
  9. 9 When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes - The Supremes (2:40)
  10. 10 It Comes and Goes - Sadina (2:35)
  11. 11 Baby, Baby (I Still Love You) - The Cinderellas (2:37)
  12. 12 Girl Don't Come - Sandie Shaw (2:14)
  13. 13 That's When the Tears Start - The Blossoms (2:25)
  14. 14 What a Lonely Way to Start the Summertime - The Bitter Sweets (2:05)
  15. 15 Don't Drop Out - Dolly Parton (2:31)
  16. 16 The One You Can't Have - The Honeys (1:57)
  17. 17 I'm Nobody's Baby Now - Reparata & the Delrons (2:47)
  18. 18 You're So Fine - Dorothy Berry (2:24)
  19. 19 When You're Young and in Love - Ruby & the Romantics (2:30)
  20. 20 My One and Only, Jimmy Boy - The Girlfriends (2:18)
  21. 21 A Friend of Mine - The Geminis (2:45)
  22. 22 Chico's Girl - Girls (2:36)
  23. 23 Cause I Love Him - Alder Ray (2:10)
  24. 24 Bye Bye Baby - Mary Wells (2:54)
  25. 25 The First Cut Is the Deepest - P.P. Arnold (3:16)
  26. 26 I Won't Tell - Tracey Dey (2:39)
  27. 27 Egyptian Shumba - The Tammys (2:27)
  28. 28 I Sold My Heart to the Junkman - Starlets (2:26)
  29. 29 Walking in Different Circles - Goldie & The Gingerbreads (2:33)
  30. 30 The Hideaway - The Young Generation (2:40)
Disc 3
  1. 1 The Trouble with Boys - Little Eva (2:34)
  2. 2 Lookin' for Boys - The Pin-Ups (2:06)
  3. 3 Dream Baby - Cher (3:00)
  4. 4 Condition Red - The Goodees (2:54)
  5. 5 Should I Cry - Jackie DeShannon (2:21)
  6. 6 I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song) - The Ikettes (2:32)
  7. 7 I've Been Wrong Before - Cilla Black (2:14)
  8. 8 Love's Gone Bad - Chris Clark (2:23)
  9. 9 Nightmare - Whyte Boots (2:47)
  10. 10 She Don't Deserve You - The Honeybees (2:32)
  11. 11 Will You Be My Love - The Four J's (2:10)
  12. 12 Take Me for a Little While - Evie Sands (2:29)
  13. 13 Funnel of Love - Wanda Jackson (2:10)
  14. 14 I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy - What Four (2:07)
  15. 15 Terry - Twinkle (3:12)
  16. 16 Untrue Unfaithful (That Was You) - Nita Rossi (2:35)
  17. 17 Sophisticated Boom Boom - Goodies (2:03)
  18. 18 Saturday Night Didn't Happen - Reparata & the Delrons (2:30)
  19. 19 Don't Ever Leave Me - Connie Francis (2:47)
  20. 20 Don't Forget About Me - Barbara Lewis (2:34)
  21. 21 Wanna Make Him Mine - The Emeralds (2:25)
  22. 22 Only to Other People - The Cookies (2:35)
  23. 23 Big-Town Boy - Big Town Girls (2:33)
  24. 24 Daddy You Gotta Let Him In - The Satisfactions (2:53)
  25. 25 After Last Night - The Rev-Lons (2:09)
  26. 26 How Can I Tell My Mom & Dad - The Lovelites (3:22)
  27. 27 Too Hurt to Cry, Too Much in Love to Say Goodbye - Darnells (2:18)
  28. 28 Up Down Sue - Luv'd Ones (2:07)
  29. 29 When I Think of You - Twiggy (2:10)
  30. 30 Good, Good Lovin' - The Blossoms (2:45)
Disc 4
  1. 1 When the Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too) - The Four Pennies (2:16)
  2. 2 Don't Drag No More - Susan Lynne (2:34)
  3. 3 I'm Afraid They're All Talking About Me - Dawn (2:50)
  4. 4 That's How It Goes - The Breakaways (2:27)
  5. 5 Some of Your Lovin' - The Honeybees (3:13)
  6. 6 Peanut Duck - Marsha Gee (2:50)
  7. 7 Thank Goodness for the Rain - Peanut (2:21)
  8. 8 Steady Boyfriend - April Young (2:22)
  9. 9 He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' - The Velvelettes (2:33)
  10. 10 I Know You Love Me Not - Julie Driscoll (3:24)
  11. 11 Whatever Happened to Our Love - Maxine Brown (2:00)
  12. 12 Heart - Petula Clark (2:36)
  13. 13 I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel for You - Syreeta Wright (2:40)
  14. 14 He Makes Me So Mad - The Hollywood Jills (2:26)
  15. 15 I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face - Dusty Springfield (2:42)
  16. 16 Crying in the Rain - Carole King (1:53)
  17. 17 We Don't Belong - Sylvan (2:12)
  18. 18 You Don't Love Me No More - Madeline Bell (2:03)
  19. 19 Hey, Tell Me Boy - Marie Knight (2:38)
  20. 20 Brink of Disaster - Lesley Gore (2:25)
  21. 21 Who Do You Love - The Sapphires (2:43)
  22. 22 I'm 28 - Toni Basil (2:27)
  23. 23 They Never Taught That in School - Gayle Harris (2:22)
  24. 24 Dressed in Black - The Pussycats (2:43)
  25. 25 Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya - The Ribbons (2:27)
  26. 26 Every Little Bit Hurts - Brenda Holloway (3:09)
  27. 27 Mister Loveman - Yvonne Carroll (2:16)
  28. 28 Make the Night a Little Longer - The Palisades (2:30)
  29. 29 Mixed Up, Shook Up, Girl - Patty & the Emblems (2:11)
  30. 30 Good Night Baby - The Butterflys (2:37)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
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  • Posted October 1, 2010

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    "One Kiss Can Lead To Another": Makes You Wish For Another

    With all the pop princesses and girl bands that are proliferating these days, it might do them (and perhaps us) a lot of good to check out "One Kiss Can Lead To Another", a four-disc set from Rhino Records which covers the girl group sound of the 1960's. Here is a set that literally covers all the bases: Motownish soul sisters, rockabilly chicks, Gotham-based singer-songwriters and British songbirds.

    What's so impressive about "One Kiss" is that it features the not-so-famous as well as the famous and they don't feature all the so-called big hits here. One of the finest, most striking girl groups was The Shangri-La's but instead of hearing "Leader Of The Pack", you get a dose of weepiness with "Out In The Streets" and the rarely heard yet brilliant "The Train From Kansas City". The Supremes are here as well before Diana Ross became the headliner with "When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through Your Eyes". We even get to hear The Ronettes before they ran into Phil Spector. Yet, on the electrifying "He Did It", you can clearly hear that the group had the goods before Phil entered the picture.

    Many of these performers went on to much better things, such as Brenda Lee, Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark and Carole King. Others weren't quite so lucky. However, nearly every song on this album clicks from the moment you hear it. There are even a few that will surprise you. For instance, how about Dolly Parton, of all people, trying her hand at a Spectorish tune, "Don't Drop Out"? Other performers were much better at that, like The Cake, whose outstanding "Baby That's Me" was produced by Jack Nietzche, who worked as an engineer with Spector. Or how about The Girlfriends whose "He's My One And Only Jimmy Boy" has Wall Of Sound all over it but was produced by David Gates, who later went on to form the laid-back Seventies group, Bread?

    Many of these songs deal with teenage love and loss and you can see how the influence of other girl groups fed off each other. "Condition Red" by The Goodees is almost an exact retread of "Leader Of The Pack". There are other influences here, too; such as The Beach Boys sound of "Looking For Boys" by The Pin-Ups and the Ray Charles soulfulness of "Boys" by The Shirelles. Sometimes, the heartbreak goes into overdrive like on the terrifying "Nightmare" by The Whyte Boots or "I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy" (I love that title!) by The What Four. And I can't even imagine what "Peanut Duck" by Marsha Gee is about!

    As you can tell, this is a boxed-set to not only enjoy but to get completely lost into. Even the packaging is great: the box is shaped like a gift hat box and featured a wonderfully packaged booklet shaped like a diary. And the box itself makes a more than persuasive argument that 1960's girl groups were among the most exciting and creatively fertile periods in the history of popular music. It is a glorious set that brings you back to a period in time when music still came from the streets but was simpler and perhaps more innocent, a period that, sadly, may never be repeated.

    A few years ago, there was a group called The Spice Girls who were quick to extol the virtues of "girl power". Here are 120 reasons why 1960's girl groups had ALL the power.

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Sort by: Showing 1 Customer Reviews