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One-&-Only Super-Duper, Golly-Whopper, Jim-Dandy, Really-Handy Clock-Tock Stopper

One-&-Only Super-Duper, Golly-Whopper, Jim-Dandy, Really-Handy Clock-Tock Stopper

by Patricia Thomas, John O'Brien (Illustrator)

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 3-- In an original rhymed variant of the story also known as Too Much Noise or It Could Always Be Worse , Thomas introduces a chronically discontented porcupine who is annoyed by the ticking of his clock. A fast-talking rabbit offers to let him try the ``One and Only, Super-Duper, Golly-Whopper, Jim-Dandy, Really Handy Clock-Tock-Stopper'' (for a $20 fee). When the porcupine complains that it has only made things worse, the rabbit adds more and more noisy and cumbersome gadgets until he finally takes them all away (for another $20 fee), and the porcupine finds that his clock has a delightful, quiet tick and tock. Both the silly story with its Rube Goldberg machines and the sometimes frenetic, cartoonlike illustrations should tease young funnybones. However, the use of irregular line lengths makes this a book that must be read aloud for it to be properly appreciated. Sentences that seem awkward when read silently flow perfectly well aloud. Children might enjoy comparing this to the folktale original or to Dr. Seuss's The Sneetches (Random, 1961), which also features a fast-talking salesman. --Louise L. Sherman, Anna C. Scott School, Leonia, NJ

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