One Peace: True Stories of Young Activists

One Peace: True Stories of Young Activists

by Janet Wilson
One Peace celebrates the "Power of One," and specifically the accomplishments of children from around the globe who have worked to promote world peace. Janet Wilson challenges today's children to strive to make a difference in this beautifully illustrated, fact-filled and fascinating volume of portraits of many "heroes for today."

Canadian Craig Kielburger


One Peace celebrates the "Power of One," and specifically the accomplishments of children from around the globe who have worked to promote world peace. Janet Wilson challenges today's children to strive to make a difference in this beautifully illustrated, fact-filled and fascinating volume of portraits of many "heroes for today."

Canadian Craig Kielburger, who started Free the Children to help victims of child labor at the age of twelve, has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Farlis Calle, forced to identify the body of a young friend—a victim of her country's civil war—started the Columbia Children's Movement for Peace. At age ten, Kimmie Weeks, a refugee from the Liberian civil war, came within a whisper of being buried in a mass grave. Almost miraculously he survived and vowed to make a difference in the lives of other children. At thirteen he established Voices of the Future, Liberia's first child rights advocacy group. Other portraits feature the accomplishments of children from Sarajevo, Japan, the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Afghanistan and the United States. These moving testaments to the courage and initiative of youth will inspire readers young and old.

Editorial Reviews
"A wonderful blend of art, poetry, factual information and engaging profiles of kids who made a difference; this book is an excellent resource for teachers who wish to inspire students to make a social contribution."
CM Magazine
"Without being condescending, Wilson has managed to convey to her readers the importance of peace, compassion and determination... One Peace is an outstanding addition to any teacher's or librarian's bookshelf and will no doubt be popular for its beautiful design and inspirational message. Highly Recommended."
Puget Sound Council
"The overall message is one of resilience, strength and optimism and concrete examples of what students can do to make a difference may spark and encourage student action and empowerment. This is a powerful book and one that can provide a counterbalance to some of the military books so sought after by elementary school patrons."
United Church Observer
"Colourful pages are packed with photos, children's drawings and Wilson's own paintings. Her moving portraits evoke the youth and innocence of the young activists, depicting them with symbols of peace: candles, flowers, animals, even soccer balls…The time is always right for a book that engages children, especially one that inspires and empowers them to take action for peace."
Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
"The short 'chapters,' beautiful artwork, and multiple genre presentation help to make One Peace appeal to a wider audience. Adults will enjoy reading about young people who have strived to change the world and children will enjoy the artwork and short vignettes."
The Horn Book Guide
"The anecdotes about real children who made a difference, in addition to some of their writing and quotations, are compelling, as are the photographs."
"Each double-page spread in this picture book for older readers is a passionate call for peace, the end of suffering, and the need for change."
Quill & Quire
"The book's freewheeling nature provides a diverse and telling emotional impact through words and pictures that express the visions of change of children worldwide...Wilson has provided a much-needed call to action for adults and children alike."
Canadian Bookseller
"Each [activist] profile provides an ideal introduction to both world issues and serves as an excellent resource to help readers connect these issues with their own lives."
Resource Links
"The stories of these remarkable young people are interspersed with international stories and folklore concerning peace, as well as anti-war poetry."
"The youngsters introduced here create profiles in courage."
Canadian Teacher Magazine
"A powerful springboard to classroom discussions…An excellent choice to put into the hands of a child who is showing interest in peacemaking at any level, and a valuable resource for a unit on peace."
The Bookmark (BCTLA)
"This book appeals to the sense. Text is balanced with colour, visual texture, inspiring words, artwork, and photos on every page...It is written for children to be the change the world needs, but adults will appreciate the quality of this work."
author of Hiding Edith Kathy Kacer
"The illustrations that Janet has created are stunning - stirring accompaniments to her text...With everything going on in the world, this book is a must have for educators, parents, and of course, children."
Children's Literature - Della A. Yannuzzi
This is a book about the power of young activists around the world. The author has included profiles of children from Japan, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Bosnia, the United States, and more. All the stories are inspirational. One thirteen-year-old girl from Cambodia says, "Every day, I will do one thing to make peace grow like a flower." A peace activist from Afghanistan says, "I will never accept that ignorance and intolerance should hide my face ever again." Some of the children have expressed their feelings in poems with titles like "Peace Is For All," "Our Wish," and "Peace Can Build a World." One eight-year-old child from Great Britain wrote a letter to President Bush and Prime Minister Blair asking questions such as "What happens to the children when their homes and schools are bombed?" A young person from Canada raised $1100 "in honor of all the ‘invisible' children around the world." Facts are also included, such as that 73 million working children are younger than ten years old. This slim volume is filled with emotion and commitment from young voices dedicated to making the world a better place to live. The message here is clear: Youths and adults can work together toward worldwide peace. Color photographs and drawings are included. Reviewer: Della A. Yannuzzi
School Library Journal

Gr 4-8

The stories of young people who have been refugees from war, injured by land mines, or learned about the consequences of violence through other means are interspersed with children's poems, quotes, artwork, and photographs. The brief, powerful accounts document how these children ages 8 to 15 worked for or became symbols of peace. Most of them work with or have founded peace organizations to help spread their message. Wilson includes several of her own symbolic portraits of young peacemakers. This book won't give children an understanding of why wars are fought, but it's an impressive effort to cover a subject that doesn't get much attention, and it makes a good starting point for inspiring students to try projects of their own.-Rebecca Donnelly, Loma Colorado Public Library, Rio Rancho, NM

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Meet the Author

Janet Wilson is an award-winning artist and a published author, holding over 50 publishing copyrights in the children's literature field. Her awards include Best Illustrated Book in the United States in 2004 for Jasper's Day, Canadian Information Book of the Year for her artwork in In Flanders Fields, and she is the first non-native artist to be awarded the Native Reading Week Award for her illustrations in Solomon's Tree. Janet is a career artist known for her fine art commissioned portraits and still life paintings. For more information, visit

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