One Rogue Too Many

One Rogue Too Many

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by Samantha Grace

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"Another winning marriage of romance and wit in this delightful Regency."-Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Lady Vivian Defies a Duke

From the Betting Book at Brook's Gentleman's Club:
Wager: £2,000 that Lord Ellis will throw the first punch when he discovers Lord Throne is wooing a certain duke's sister.


"Another winning marriage of romance and wit in this delightful Regency."-Publishers Weekly Starred Review of Lady Vivian Defies a Duke

From the Betting Book at Brook's Gentleman's Club:
Wager: £2,000 that Lord Ellis will throw the first punch when he discovers Lord Throne is wooing a certain duke's sister.

All Bets Are Off When the Game is Love

Lady Gabrielle is thrilled when Anthony Keaton, earl of Ellis, asks for her hand in marriage. She's not so pleased when he then leaves the country and four months pass without a word. Clearly, the scoundrel has changed his mind and is too cowardly to tell her. There's nothing to do but go back on the marriage mart...

When Anthony returns to town and finds his ultimate rival has set sights on Gabby, his continual battle of one-upmanship with Sebastian Thorne ceases to be a game. Anthony is determined to win back the woman who holds his heart-but he's not expecting Gabby herself to up the stakes...

Rival Rogues series:
One Rogue Too Many
In Bed with a Rogue
The Best of Both Rogues

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Publishers Weekly
Grace (Lady Vivian Defies a Duke) woos readers in true Regency style as two suitors vie for one woman’s commitment. When Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, returns to London after a four-month absence, he looks forward to announcing his betrothal to Lady Gabrielle Forest. Gabby and Anthony have known each other for years, and he’s finally realized that she’s “the wife he should have married long ago.” But Gabby doesn’t trust Anthony, especially after his unexplained absence and gossip about the illegitimacy of his daughter, so she begins keeping company with the seductive Lord Sebastian Thorne. Anthony doggedly courts Gabby, who cleverly engages him in competition with Sebastian to make him prove himself, knowing that only Anthony could ever hold her heart. Then Sebastian (who feels “a conscience a bloody nuisance”) compromises her and forces her to make a choice. The contest is filled with humor and witty repartee, balanced with occasional melodrama. (Jan.)
From the Publisher
"Filled with humor and witty repartee... Grace woos readers in true Regency style as two suitors vie for one woman's commitment." - Publishers Weekly

"A merry romp... Grace captures the essence and atmosphere of the era." - RT Book Reviews

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a page turner and fun. This looks to be a promising series and I look forward to the following books." - Romance Reader Girl

"ONE ROGUE TOO MANY is the first book I've read by this author but I really enjoyed it and plan on trying more." - Fresh Fiction

"This is the first book that I have read by Samantha Grace and it definitely won't be my last. I have put all of the Beau Monde Bachelor stories on my TBR pile. I'm so glad to have found a new author to read!" - Historical Romance Lover

"A fun read... Very sweet!" - From the TBR Pile

"Grace's flair for crafting engaging characters and light touch when it comes to humor and charm result in another sexy, Regency-set historical. " - Booklist

"Rivalry, marriage proposals, betrayal, secrets, well-drawn characters, plot twists, romance and true love all add up to a story that readers will not soon forge." - Blue Ribbon Reviews

"The characters are always interesting, the dialogue is lively and the romance and story is always well-plotted." - Books Like Breathing

"I liked these flawed and unsure characters right away... a charming book." - Once Upon a Book

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Late October 1811

"What are you drawing now, bug?"

Gabby's hand stilled and she turned toward Anthony with a wide smile, setting her sketchbook and charcoal beside her on the garden bench. "That's Lady Bug to you, my lord."

She wasn't sure when she had begun to consider his nickname for her a term of endearment rather than the insult she was sure he had intended years ago. Perhaps her attitude toward him was a recent change, a transformation that had come over her during this break between school terms, but affection for him swelled within her chest.

He swept up her drawing and plopped beside her on the bench. "Your nose is red, little bug. Why are you sitting in the cold?"

She made a show of pulling her pelisse tighter around her, but she no longer sensed the chill with him near. "My muse cares little for my comfort. Inspiration strikes when it is least convenient."

"Would you like me to speak with her on your behalf?" He playfully bumped her shoulder then held her sketchbook up to scrutinize it. He glanced up and turned his head one way then the other, his lovely blond brows forming a V over his glorious blue eyes.

Gabby sighed softly, melting inside. Anthony had returned from his second year at Oxford, no longer a boy, but a handsome prince. She'd had plenty of time to revel in his perfection since he resumed posing for her not long after his return to the country. Her favorite sketch rested between the pages of her journal, hidden beneath her mattress.

No matter that she was thirteen and likely was viewed by the adults around her as too young to know her heart. She loved Anthony Keaton, the Earl of Ellis. Besides, she would be fourteen in a month. She was on the verge of becoming a woman.

Anthony's gaze landed on her and flared.

She blinked and quickly looked away as a burst of heat consumed her. He had caught her in the act of pining for him.

He cleared his throat, shifting away from her.

Her stomach took a dive, but she refused to believe his movement held any significance. Only weeks earlier he had grasped her hand when they'd stood side by side at his mother's grave site, his stoic expression ripping Gabby apart when she sensed the tremors coursing through him. He'd held on tighter while the men shoveled every last spade of dirt on his mother's resting spot and refused to relinquish Gabby's hand until their small group of mourners had reached Ellis Hall. He was reluctant to leave her now, too, which was the reason he'd sought her out before her father's coach carried him and her brother back to school. She sensed it deep within her bones.

He tapped her drawing. "Where, pray tell, do you see a lady in dance?"

"Right there." She nodded toward the aged oak standing sentry at the edge of the garden. "Can't you see it?"

"The tree?" He squinted. "The tree is dancing."

She rolled her eyes, hopped up from the bench, and marched toward the oak. "The tree isn't dancing, you dolt. Look at the lines of the bark." With a pointed finger, she indicated the outline of the figure that jumped out at her. It was as plain as the pleasing nose on his face. "Here is the curve of her arm and her side. And see how her hip is rounded here and then the length of her leg."

Anthony set the sketchbook aside and came over to examine the bark. He dragged his finger over the grooves in the tree. "How did you see it?"

She warmed at the awe present in his tone. "I see it. I don't know how."

He glanced down at her, his blue eyes alight with something that made her stomach quiver.

This wasn't how he typically looked at her. His admiration was becoming an uncomfortable fit. She scoffed to hide her true reaction. "How do you not see it?"

He grinned. "I do now." He patted her shoulder, his touch branding her as his. "Thank you, bug. There is no telling the number of extraordinary things I miss when you aren't around to point them out."

She barely contained her happy sigh. Clasping her hands behind her back, she swayed, debating on whether to give him the gift she'd found earlier in the summer. Perhaps it would seem childish to him. Or it might be seen as one of those extraordinary things he had mentioned.

She held a finger up. "Wait here." Then she dashed for the house. At the French doors, she stopped and turned toward him. "Promise you won't go anywhere?"

"I promise, but hurry. The coach will be leaving soon."

Gabby ran inside and up the staircase, grateful she didn't cross paths with anyone who would scold her for unladylike behavior.

In her chambers, she hurried to her vanity to retrieve her simple treasure from the jewel box before rushing back to the garden. Anthony was still there, his cheeks pink from the cold air.

Her fingers tightened around her gift, the edges digging into her palm.

His smile seemed sad and unsettled her. She came forward slowly, doubting her decision to lay her feelings out to him.

"I am sorry about your mother," she said. "You mustn't ever think you are alone now."

"But I am. I'm an orphan with no family."

She shook her head. "We are your family. You have us."

Anthony had spent more time at their home than his neighboring estate for as long as she could remember. He had to know she spoke the truth.

"I'm fond of your family, Gabby, but that doesn't make them mine."

She came forward on a rush of emotion and grasped his hand. "We are yours. I am." She shoved the heart-shaped stone into his hand.

He uncurled his fingers and stared down at her offering. A shadow fell over his features. His lips turned down. "Gabby, I-"

Her brother flung the outside door open. "Ellis, what are you doing out here? It's time to go." Drew sauntered into the gardens, either oblivious to the fact he was interrupting or uncaring. Like Anthony, he was dressed in travel attire.

Anthony trapped the stone in his fist and tossed a jaunty grin toward her brother. "I wanted a breath of fresh air, and I stumbled upon the bug doing her sketches."

There was no endearment attached to the name this time, and Gabby shrank back. She had been the target of their taunts too often to lower her guard.

Drew gestured toward Anthony. "What's in your hand?"

Anthony snorted. "Nothing. Let's get out of here."

His derision drove a spike into her chest.

Drew was not easily distracted, however, and grabbed for Anthony's hand. "Come on. Give it over. You're holding on like it's a piece of gold."

"I am not!" Anthony stopped resisting and opened his fist.

Drew laughed. "A rock? What use do you have for a rock?"

Anthony's gaze lingered on her, his expression grim. "I told you it was nothing." He walked to the edge of the garden, drew his arm back, and flung it so far Gabby couldn't see where it landed.

Her heart seized and her throat burned. She drew a deep breath to keep from crying.

Her brother came forward and gathered her in an awkward hug. "Now, don't start crying again, princess. I will be back again before you know it."

A soft sob escaped her despite her determination to keep her tears inside.

Anthony shoved his hands into his pockets and studied the ground. "I'll wait by the coach."

And then he walked away without even saying good-bye, leaving her trust and love for him trampled and broken on the ground.

Meet the Author

Historical romance author Samantha Grace discovered the appeal of a great love story when she was just a young girl, thanks to Disney's Robin Hood. She didn't care that Robin Hood and Maid Marian were cartoon animals. It was her first happily-ever-after experience and she didn't want the warm fuzzies to end. Now Samantha enjoys creating her own happy-endings for characters that spring from her imagination. Publisher's Weekly describes her stories as "fresh and romantic" with subtle humor and charm. Samantha describes romance writing as the best job ever.

Part-time hospice social worker, moonlighting author, and pilates nut, she enjoys a happy and hectic life with her real life hero and two kids in the Midwest. Visit her at:

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One Rogue Too Many 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Samantha Grace brings readers the first novel in a new historical romance series. The Rival Rogue's series will feature two leading men who have known each other for years and have made it a game to best each other in any kind of competition. In One Rogue Too Many that competition ends up being Lady Gabrielle Forest. Readers will enjoy Grace's ability to write compelling and interesting characters who are three dimensional and easy to relate to. Grace's attention to detail is seen in everything from the cut of the men's suits to the pet name that Anthony has for Gabby. This book is a feast for the senses and a great happy-ever-after tale. What I liked:  One of the first things that appealed to me about this book was the somewhat friendly rivalry between Anthony and Sebastian that started many years before the story begins. Grace did a great job of adding a lot of back story for these two characters and creating a sense of a love-hate relationship that was needed for the conflict element of this story. They were constantly trying to one-up each other and that's essentially where the idea for the entire series comes from. Can Sebastian get one over on Anthony by marrying the woman Anthony is in love with? All three of the main characters are so well written that readers will be reminded of this person or that person they knew that did that very same thing. It might be historical romance, but it's definitely a scene out of any romantic movie of today. Boy and Girl meet, become friends, fall in love, fall out of love and eventually fall back in. However, what sets this one a part from the masses is the character development over the course of the entire book. At the end each character has evolved and changed so much that readers will find the ending very satisfying and just right.  Sebastian definitely deserves his own book. Grace showed readers what he wanted and what he had to offer in this title, but there was just no way he could have won out against true love. I was glad that Grace allowed readers to see him as a true rival, but not for the heroine of this one. I can't wait to see where Grace takes his character. I think I liked him best out of all three leads. The love triangle angle in the story was well done and felt both compelling and believable. What I didn't like: There were some moments in this one where I really wanted to give the heroine a good shake. Now I know that she had to remain staunch in belief that she could not trust Anthony for the entire story to work, but it was a bit frustrating watching Gabby ignore Anthony's efforts to explain himself and why he didn't come back when he said he would.  Bottom Line:  That bit of criticism was certainly not enough to hinder me or any other reader from loving this book. It was great love story and the hero and heroine were certainly made for each other. The addition of a second hero made for a lot of drama and was a brilliant plot device. 
AustenStudent More than 1 year ago
The first book in Samantha Grace's new series, Rival Rogues, I read Grace’s enjoyable debut last year, Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel, the first in her Beau Monde Bachelor series. I enjoyed it very much, but have not yet read the last three books of that series. This book has ties to that series, so I will definitely have to go back and read the rest before I continue forward. Beau Monde Bachelors told the stories of two of the Forest brothers, Drew and Luke.  This story reads like a novel of manners, about a few families who have known each other for many years. There are balls, musicales, and teas and everything expected in London society in the Regency era. The heroine, Lady Gabrielle Forest, is the younger sister of two of the heroes from the last series, Drew and Luke. Her love interest is Anthony Keaton, the Earl of Ellis, a good friend of Drew’s since childhood. Gabrielle has always loved Anthony but he only thought of her as his friend’s little sister. His love for her grew slowly over time, but not before he broke her heart by marrying another when she was fifteen. Gabrielle is a strong young woman but very quick in her judgments; indeed, it is this impulsiveness which moves the story along at a good pace. She’s also an accomplished artist who sees the beauty in ordinary things; one of the nicest moments in the story is when Anthony tells her, “I still can’t see animals in cloud formations, and I don’t notice a blade of grass has more than one color to it, at least not on my own. But you do, and the world becomes more interesting and beautiful through your eyes.” (p137) Anthony, a gentleman whose childhood was quite lonely, has returned to London after his ill-fated first marriage with a scandalous secret he holds close to his heart. He knows he must tell Gabrielle eventually and I thought this grand miscommunication was a bit dragged out—they had so many chances to clear the air—and I found myself as frustrated as Gabrielle and Anthony were with each other. But in the meantime, Gabrielle has allowed the attentions of another handsome and worthy gentleman, Sebastian Thorne, an old school friend of Anthony’s from Eton days. He is the son of a knight who is trying to raise his family’s standing in society and also make things better ever since his beloved sister, Eve, was abandoned at the altar. He’s a good man but he simply does not hold Gabrielle’s heart. I admired him for valiantly trying, and I hope to see his happy ending in a future book in the series. I felt bad that Sebastian and Anthony could not be friends because of their shared love for Gabrielle. As children, Anthony, the son of an earl, defended Sebastian against bullies yet Sebastian’s pride would not allow someone from the aristocracy to help him.  Family love is nicely portrayed here between Gabrielle’s siblings, Drew, Luke, Elizabeth, Katherine, and their mother, as well as Vivian, Luke’s wife. There is a lot of emotion in this book balanced by some much-welcomed humor. Amidst the angst of the great miscommunication between Anthony and Gabrielle, there is the rivalry between Anthony and Sebastian, and Anthony’s secret. It definitely kept me flipping the pages to see what would happen next. There are two fight scenes between Sebastian and Anthony that, while very well written are rather gruesome and realistic. Noticeable details include Lord Corby’s secret room of erotic art and Gabrielle’s desire to see it (of course), Gabrielle’s mother’s love and wish that all her children will make a love match, and a lovely description of a nursery. Memorable moments: "She hadn’t expected him to pay a call after their conversation last night, and yet she wasn’t surprised. He was as persistent as a case of head lice." (p106) ”’Misery is a state of mind, my lord. I don’t have to choose to live in that state unless I wish it.’” (p200) A sweet romance about two flawed individuals who come to accept each other as well as a lovely story about friends and family. 
Mirabelle8 More than 1 year ago
I love the Rival Rogues series! Regency lovers will adore Samantha Grace's first book One Rogue too Many, the introduction to her new series Rival Rogues. Samantha Grace is a talented storyteller and I can say that she has done it again... this lovely romantic story kept my interest until the end. I loved her three main characters Anthony, Gabrielle and Sebastian. Ever since, she had been very young, the heroine, had always been infatuated by Anthony, but he only sees her as his young sister. Gabrielle is determined to give her heart to the man who will really love her. I cannot divulge which one is my favorite, because I already read In Bed with a Rogue. I'll let you guess which one! You have to read it, to find out! But, let me say, that it's the delightful and sensual story of the beautiful Gabrielle and the two men, who will compete for her attention and love. Which one will win her heart? Will love be in the air again? I can't wait to read her next book The Best of Both Rogues!
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
The famous Brooke's Betting Book gave birth to The Wooing Spectacular of 1819, which causes 2 yummy childhood adversities to DUKE it out for Lady Gabby! Lady Gabrielle (Gabby) Forest has loved Anthony for as long as she can remember & he has always called her, his special Lady Bug! She spend her childhood, as the unofficial tag-a-long for her 3 brothers & Anthony's MISadventures. He has always been part of Forest clan for holidays & the long summers. Gabby always wanted him to see her as a woman, but he married another, as Gabby watched & cried her heart out. All she ever wanted was to be his everything! Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, was always felt alone in his own family, but he fit into the large & kooky Forest clan since the first day he walked in. Their showered him with unconditional love & Gabby always held a special place in his heart. After his father & older brother died, he became a young Earl, with a useless drunken mom. His mom died a few years later & Anthony then devastated Gabby's world by marring Camilla. Anthony realized his mistake, when Camilla was unfaithful & only cared for herself, then she died giving birth to her lover's baby. Flash forward 8 years & Anthony semi-compromises Gabby, so he proposed because he wanted her to be forever his. They agree to keep it secret until Easter in London, but Gabby had some small & huge problems with their so called plan, like no sign of Anthony, no letters about where he is & it has been 4 long months & not 1 word. Gabby decides to go back on the hubby hunt because she must marry soon, so her sisters can have their own coming out, to make up for her causing her Father's heart go out & for disappointing her mom with her unladylike ways. What she doesn't know is that Anthony went to collect his daughter, Annabelle, & Miss Teague (her aunt) & bring them back to London. Anthony, the idiot, goes to his club, instead going directly to Gabby's, learns his rival, Sebastian, is wooing his fiancée, bets are being place about their possible engagement & he flees to the nightly ball to get some answers! Thus begins the Wooing Fest of 1819 for the hand of the sassy, giving & delicious Lady Gabby. Sebastian & Anthony go toe-to-toe to win her, with flowers, sexy dances & Rotten Row rides. Males are so territorial, so punches are thrown, passionate lip lock are unleashed & some badly worded proposals go flying. Anthony gets some unaccepted help from Gabby's PITA (Pain in the A$$) sisters' scheming ways & let's not forget the 2 old & meddling men, Corby & Ledbery, who start the betting war on this outrageous courtship. Will Gabby follow her heart? Can Anthony win back Gabby from his rival? What if Sebastian wins her heart? Can Anthony still be part of the loving Forest clan? Will Annabelle ever not be afraid of her daddy? This is book #1 of the Rival Rogues series & I must say that Ms. Grace just keeps getting more hilarious & entertaining with each book. Gabby wasn't the typical uppity Duke's sisters because she wore her heart on the outside for all to see & sometimes abuse. Gabby blamed herself for everything that went wrong with her family. To me, she was a GIVER & she had to learn to TAKE, what she truly wanted. Anthony was a fierce protector, at heart, of all he loved ones. He was so worried about how to be a dad to his daughter, losing his Lady Bug & even the Forest clan's unconditional love while wooing the stubborn Gabby. I love it when the hero falls for his friend's sister & I call this the FORBIDDEN FRUIT SYNDROME because males always CRAVE what they can't have. Ms. Grace also rounded up her kooky & original cast from her Beau Monde Bachelor series into this book. It was like kicking back, having a tea party with the girls & a good stiff brandy with the boys! Only Ms. Grace could make 2 grumpy old men like Corby & Ledbery into Fairy Godgrumpies & give them PIXIE POWER without adult supervision! I laughing so hard that I almost peeing my panties (I love Depends) with all her witty, flamboyant goofiness running amuck. Ms. Grace hooked me from page 1, made me hyperventilate with laughter, cheering for Team Anthony, booing Team Loser (sorry Sebastian) & made me fall back in love with returning characters. So without further ado, I must give Ms. Grace my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for this rollercoaster MISadventures ride!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a wonderful read I give it four and stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. The only thing I felt shorted on was some sort of hint as to what Thorne might do next. Hoping to see him get his own story and find out what happens with him and his sister in the future. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Looking foward to more stories from this author.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
ONE ROGUE TOO MANY by Samantha Grace is a delightful Regency Historical Romance. #1 in the "Rival Rogues" series. This is the story of Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, Lord Sebastian Thorne and the beautiful,feisty Lady Gabrielle, a Dukie's daughter and Anthony's best friend's sister. A bet turns into a contest of wit, wooing, and high stakes. Anthony attends to marry Gabby, but has to leave and stays gone longer than expected. You see he asks for Gabby's hand in marriage prior to his leaving. But after four months of absence without a word, Gabby decides to enter the marriage mart. Enter....Sebastian Thorne, Anthony,a pompous sort,and a thorn in Anthony's side. Anthony intends to win is beloved Gabby. But wait tell she learns of the high stake bet. All bets are off when it comes to love and war! Fast paced, with engaging,flawed characters, allbeit a bit annoying at times and an interesting storyline. An interesting read! Can Anthony win Gabby's hand or will she chose the road less traveled? Received for an honest review from Net Galley and the publisher. RATING: 4 HEAT RATING: MILD REVIEWED BY: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
ornerylibrarian More than 1 year ago
Lady Gabrielle has been in love with Anthony Keaton, the Earl of Ellis, for as long as she can remember. She is broken hearted when he marries another when she is fifteen and had hoped he would wait for her. Anthony made a bad match and realizes too late that he truly loves the girl he thought just had a school girl crush on him. Can these two star crossed lovers find a way? This is a well-written, compelling, and very three-dimensional love story. The tangle between Gabby, Anthony and her other very ardent suitor, Lord Thorne, made for some very entertaining reading. I enjoyed this tale and I hope Ms. Grace has plans to help Lord Sebastian Thorne in her next book as he was easy to fall in love with as well.
RomanceReaderGirl1 More than 1 year ago
Any story that opens up with a young lady falling in love with her brothers best friend is going to be a story full of some good drama. AND when you add the boy using a pet name like Lady Bug your heart has to melt a little. I was hooked from the first page reading the sincere endearment, Lady Bug.  Anthony and Gabby are a great match. What is interesting is that both of them know and don’t deny their connection, however, sometimes there are factors that always get in the way of any great love. Lady Gabrielle Forest is an artist. She sees life through an artists eyes. She is beautiful, kind with a keen mind. Gabby doesn’t sit and watch things happens she takes thing into her own hands, well, within reason of course. She has loved Anthony Keaton, Lord Ellis for her whole life. She knows he is her one true love in this world but his lack of communication and secrecy will question Anthony’s love for her. When another charming gentleman begins to throw his hat in the ring for Gabby’s attention she might reconsider the idea of her beloved Anthony as Lord Thorne, Sebastian is handsome and very communicative and safe. She knows Lord Thorne could never hurt her heart as Anthony has. The choice is hers, who will she choose? Anthony Keaton, Lord Ellis is an Earle with not a lot of family. Anthony has spent most of his time growing up with Lady Gabrielle Forest family. Her brothers are his best friends. From a very young age he has known that Gabby was someone special and more than the sister to his best friends. They have had a special bond for years. However, age difference and time isn’t always on ones side and decisions must be made. Though, sometimes second chances are given. When Anthony gets a second chance to have the wife he has longed for he is eager to get Gabby and make her his. But where Gabby is concern things aren’t always so easy and there are a few hiccups along the way. One hiccup is the handsome and charming Lord Thorne, Sebastian and he will wager and do anything to win Gabby’s hand before Anthony can. Both Anthony and Sebastian have had a love-hate friendship over the years but it comes to ahead when Gabby is involved. However, when secrets are brought to light Anthony could lose Gabby to Sebastian. There are so many things I loved about this story. Right up front you learn that Anthony and Gabby love one another and it’s not a secret. Sure, you think if they love each other why aren’t they together? Well…if it was that easy there wouldn’t be story, right!? This story has a fabulous cast of characters. Gabby’s family is awesome and her younger twin sisters steal some scenes. Oh and her brothers are just wonderful. If I had older brothers I would want them to be like hers. The tension between Anthony and Sebastian add a lot of depth to the story. Also, there is a back story to Sebastian I hope Ms. Grace explores and write’s a book about. The secrets in this story lead to some very interesting twist that you don’t see coming. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a page turner and fun. This looks to be a promising series and I look forward to the following books.*Received an ARC copy from Netgalley. 
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
This is book one in the Rival Rogues series, but it also is tied to her Beau Monde Bachelor series. Lady Gabrielle has been in love with Anthony Keaton, the Earl of Ellis practically her whole life. She believes that they will finally have a chance to get together, but Anthony hasn't made it back to town when he said he would. With her family pressuring her to wed, Gabrielle looks else where. Anthony is so excited to be back in town and ready to get is betrothal to Gabrielle settled. Unfortunately, as soon as he arrives in town he hears that Baron Sebastian Thorne is courting her. Having competed against Thorne for most of his life, Anthony thinks that his pursuit of Gabrielle is just a game to him. It's not a game to Thorne. He needs that reputation boost that marriage to Gabrielle will give him to get his sister accepted in society. Both men are are determined to win Gabrielle's hand in marriage. Will Gabrielle choose the man she has loved for most of her life or the man that won't break her heart over and over again? I felt so bad for Anthony when he found out that Gabrielle had not waited for him and that his rival was competing for her hand. When you learn the back story to how how Anthony and Gabrielle's relationship has progresses, you understand why Gabrielle felt that she needed to go on with her life and accept the attentions of another man. I liked the added aspect of the rivalry between Anthony and Thorne. The wagers that were placed and the bantering between the two added humor to the story. I can't wait to read Thorne's story to learn his background and what made him into the man that he became. The twists and turns of the story kept me riveted to see what would come next. This is the first book that I have read by Samantha Grace and it definitely won't be my last. I have put all of the Beau Monde Bachelor stories on my TBR pile. I'm so glad to have found a new author to read! Thanks go to NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ummm... neither. girl u need ta be a singl pringl!