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One Size Does Not Fit All Diet Plan: Meal Planning That Will Boost Your Metabolism, Breakthrough Plateaus, and Help You Achieve Maximum Fat Loss Today!

One Size Does Not Fit All Diet Plan: Meal Planning That Will Boost Your Metabolism, Breakthrough Plateaus, and Help You Achieve Maximum Fat Loss Today!

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by Abby Campbell

And why they cause weight plateaus that you can't break and put you on the yo-yo diet cycle:

  1. A calorie is not just a calorie.
  2. Your 'healthy' foods are not healthy.
  3. Your brain is signaling 'starvation mode.'
  4. Your metabolism and thyroid are slowing down.<



And why they cause weight plateaus that you can't break and put you on the yo-yo diet cycle:

  1. A calorie is not just a calorie.
  2. Your 'healthy' foods are not healthy.
  3. Your brain is signaling 'starvation mode.'
  4. Your metabolism and thyroid are slowing down.
  5. You crave and binge because your body isn't getting the needed nutrients.
  6. Food additives are causing food addictions.
  7. You won't lose weight if you're consuming excitotoxins and neurotoxins which are present in some food additives.
  8. USDA guidelines are for those needing to gain weight.
  9. Calorie counting is for the experts.
  10. Their diet books are a one-size-fits-all approach.


For example, did you know that:

  • The USDA fails to provide recommendations for individuals with different goals?
  • liminating any of the macronutrients (such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats) is detrimental to your health?
  • If you don't get enough protein, your muscles will catabolize or break down which slows fat loss?
  • If you don't get enough starchy carbohydrates, your thyroid and metabolism will slow or come to a halt?
  • If you don't get enough dietary fats, you will age faster and body fat loss will be slow?
  • Food manufacturers put one of four additives in packaged foods to addict you?
  • Individualization is not prescribed by diet books, whether a person is 150 pounds or 250 pounds?
  • Most diets prescribe such a low calorie diet that it doesn't even provide enough energy for your vitals?


  • You can't count on diet books that are a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • You can't count on doctors who never learned nutrition.
  • You can't count on the USDA for fat loss guidelines.
  • You CAN count on
    Weight Loss Expert Campbell's new book.

One Size Does NOT Fit All Diet Plan is the first and currently only book on the market that focuses on a dieting technique called 'nutrient timing' to increase metabolism and breakthrough plateaus. This dieting method has been used exclusively by athletes and stage competitors for years to achieve maximum fat loss quickly. Whether it was kept a secret or just too complicated to put into book form, it is now available. Campbell's book is the first to organize individualized blueprints to get any dieter started quickly. Calorie calculations have already been configured, as well as the best macronutrient ratio for fat loss, to make menu planning simple. Templates may even be downloaded from Campbell's website.


Editorial Reviews

Library Journal
Personal trainer and nutritionist Campbell emphasizes sound nutritional knowledge and the use of unprocessed foods. She points out that such food items are much cheaper than processed varieties and save money as well as calories. Her system of "counting blocks" fine-tunes diets according to the individual's weight. Eating every three hours keeps hunger at bay and each meal consists of a set amount of a type of food, i.e., protein, starch, fat, etc. VERDICT Somewhat complicated but sound, this book will appeal to detail-oriented dieters.

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Meet the Author

Abby Campbell is a professional fitness and sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and author of "One Size Does NOT Fit All Diet Plan: Meal Planning That Will Boost Your Metabolism, Breakthrough Plateaus, and Help You Achieve Maximum Fat Loss Today!" She will also be coming out with a series of gluten-free cookbooks in late 2014 and 2015.

Through her popularity, Abby is known as one of America's favorite weight loss experts. Abby is the proprietor of 911 Body ResQ in the Charlotte region of North Carolina, a fitness and nutrition consulting company where she has worked primarily with overweight and obese women. She has also been a director's consultant for the YMCA since 2006.

Abby has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, professional certifications in both fitness and sports nutrition with International Sports Sciences Association, as well as certification in personal training with Athletic Certification Training Commission. She is also currently pursuing her Doctorates in Naturopathy with an interest in Herablism.

In her spare time, Abby likes to hike, garden, and read. She resides in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area and has been married for 21 years with three grown daughters, one of which is autistic. Abby is also a 20+ year cancer survivor.

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One Size Does Not Fit All Diet Plan: Meal Planning That Will Boost Your Metabolism, Breakthrough Plateaus, and Help You Achieve Maximum Fat Loss Today 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
tricia12557 More than 1 year ago
This is the first &quot;diet&quot; book that I have read that I actually understood and felt like it was do-able. I have tried all kinds of diets, pills, drinks, exercise equipment that will magically melt the pounds and inches. This is the book that will help me get fit and healthy and not starve myself in the process. I have known Abby Campbell for a couple of years, yet we have never met. I met her on a weight loss forum and we became friends. She has helped me get my food clean and healthy. She has helped me find exercises to help me get my body toned and lose weight. I have Fibromyalgia, under-active thyroid, high blood pressure, Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteo-Arthritis and Abby has helped me to do exercises to strengthen my body and not hurt my body. With this book *(I know I have a blueprint of how to obtain this goal. I can find a variety of food and exercise to better my life. This book will be beside me and referred to time and time again. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get yourself in shape, eat clean and be healthy. I have found a way to live healthy and have gained a wonderful friend and mentor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Abby's book One Size Does NOT Fit All Diet Plan takes a no nonsense approach to a diet/nutrition plan that is tailored to the individual with easy to use guidelines and delicious recipes which are easy, nutritious and quick. Even a &quot;picky eater&quot; should be able to tailor a nutrition plan to themselves using this book. My husband and I are both overweight and have tried a variety of diets, products and exercise programs with limited success on and off for the last several years. We have both seen success using this plan and the nutrition guidelines, principles and recipes are sustainable long-term. I was able to preview the nutrition plan prior to the arrival of my book and have enjoyed success of a loss of 18 pounds in 4 weeks without adding exercise. This isn't a &quot;cure all&quot; or a &quot;magic book&quot;, but I wanted to use myself as a test subject and remove any other variables that could have affected weight loss to see if just following this plan could make any changes - and it did! This book has changed the way that I view food and how I eat without requiring that I have a college degree to understand the principles of nutrition it contains. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight, firm and tone, increase their overall health or learn some excellent nutrition advice and planning tools. It's on my personal must read list! As a matter of fact, I now own my own personal copy, a &quot;loaner&quot; copy and have ordered some for family/friends. Outside of the book itself the author Abby is truly an amazing woman who treats people as not only human (not just a number on a scale) but as peers with the respect that is often lacking between a &quot;client&quot; and a &quot;professional&quot;. I am truly lucky to be able to call her a friend. Since Barnes &amp; Noble won't let me create a pen name, I am leaving my information in the bottom of this post. Sandy L. Newnan, GA.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nutritional science and healthy weight guidance from an expert Eschewing fads and food politics, nutritionist Abby Campbell has put together a dietary plan that will allow most people to achieve and maintain a healthy body. Her recommendations are backed up by 133 endnotes from nutritional, health and medical journals. This is nutrition and food science that is easy to read and understand. The book is in four parts, Part I &ldquo;Get the Facts,&rdquo; which explains why people have gotten so fat and what you can do about it personally; Part II &ldquo;Nutritional Planning,&rdquo; which includes &ldquo;Phase 1: Smart Eats&rdquo; which I think is the heart of the book; Part III &ldquo;Meal Preparation &amp; Simple Recipes; and Part IV &ldquo;Supplements.&rdquo; I focused in on &ldquo;Smart Eats&rdquo; and was frankly surprised at some of Abby Campbell&rsquo;s recommendations such as a meal or snack every three waking hours and her strong advocacy of protein intake. My belief had always been that we eat more protein than necessary and that three meals a day is optimal. My beliefs however may very well be wrong. Campbell writes, citing a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, &ldquo;Skipping breakfast and eating once or twice per day can lead to a physiologic response that promotes fat storage.&rdquo; (p. 53) This almost knocked me off my feet because this is exactly the sort of thing I have been doing for a couple of years, and guess what? I haven&rsquo;t lost weight! I looked at the cited article and Campbell&rsquo;s interpretation seems to be correct. So I am going to change my habits! Her position is that &ldquo;eating at regular intervals, every two to four hours, your body stabilizes blood sugar levels. By avoiding insulin spikes, you will be avoiding weight gain.&rdquo; She adds, &ldquo;Eating every two to four hours tells your brain that it&rsquo;s going to continually receive nutrients. It therefore signals your body to digest and assimilate those calories and nutrients faster knowing that more food is to come. A faster metabolism burns more body fat.&rdquo; (p. 53) Again this is contrary to my experience. However I have a hypoglycemic friend who eats something like five or six times a day and she is doing a fine job of maintaining her weight at a &ldquo;normal&rdquo; level. I have to add though that fasting will also stabilize blood sugar levels. I feel serene while taking mini-fasts from 14 to 20 hours. However fasting is dangerous for some people and I don&rsquo;t recommend it. Campbell does not address fasting. She writes, &ldquo;Natural foods burn more energy than processed foods.&rdquo; What she means is that it takes more energy to digest natural foods than processed foods. This is an interesting point, the importance of which I have apparently underestimated. I know for example that digesting celery takes as much energy (or more) than the caloric value of the food. Protein digestion also takes more energy than the digestion of processed or &ldquo;empty&rdquo; calorie foods. Campbell notes that &ldquo;For every 100 calories&rdquo; of protein &ldquo;you ingest, 20 to 30 calories will be burned for digestion and absorption while leaving a net of 70 calories.&rdquo; (p. 54) This along with the satiating effect (feeling full) that comes from eating fresh, whole fruits and vegetables which have lots of water and fiber in them will help you lose weight and stay that way. Yes, we all know that&mdash;well, most of us anyway. The secret is to not give into those foods high in processed carbohydrates, salt and fat that we love so much. Ah, there&rsquo;s the rub! What I think Campbell has done well here is in her documentation of these dietary truths and her enthusiastic belief that we can do it! Her nine principles of healthy eating which make up Phase 1 of &ldquo;Nutritional Planning&rdquo; are the essentials. In addition to eating natural and whole foods at regular intervals Campbell advocates balanced intakes of lean proteins, non-trans fats and oils, and carbs at the right time (after exercising). She encourages readers to drink water and green tea and throw out sugared fruit juices and other artificial beverages. She has a &ldquo;90/10&rdquo; rule for treats. (You can guess which percentage applies to the treats.) Finally she wants us &ldquo;to gain a new favorite hobby in cooking.&rdquo; I couldn&rsquo;t agree more. Cooking is not only fun and a great learning experience, it is a way to take control of what you eat. You buy the food, you process the food, you cook the food. That way you know for sure what you are eating. Campbell says that if we are doing fine with Phase I we don&rsquo; t need to go on to phases two and three which may involve more complexities than most people need or can manage. However for athletes and others living very active lives, or people who have &ldquo;plateaued&rdquo; in their weight loss efforts, her guidance on meal planning and size portions (food blocks) well timed for resting and workout days might be invaluable. I have only one criticism of this excellent and valuable book. Her &ldquo;one size doesn&rsquo;t fit all&rdquo; mantra is missing an element. She is not allowing for age differences. Abby Campbell for your next book I recommend nutrition and weight control and maintenance for seniors. --Dennis Littrell, author of &ldquo;The World Is Not as We Think It Is&rdquo;
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Finally, something that makes sense. I struggle constantly with what, where, when, why and how to eat. Abby Campbell, in her One Diet DOES NOT Fit All finally gives us the knowledge and know how in one book. ONE book!! It is packed with information and easy to understand and follow! There are no gimmicks and definitely not a bunch of nonsense. She shows that there is not that &quot;special&quot; food or equipment the I will need to run out and buy to succeed, most is already in my home and kitchen. Abby is a amazing, as is her book! In my opinion, this is a definite &quot;Diet&quot; Bible! I now understand why we are &quot;addicted&quot; to certain foods, and why we should avoid them. This book was a true awakening for me! I absolutely love it and would suggest it to anyone! I have read other books and stuff on the internet and have got so lost with the &quot;experts&quot; but with Abby's book, I've not got lost once nor felt like throwing in the towel and heading to the nearest &quot;salad&quot; buffet! Thank you so much, Abby! AWESOME book!! I love it!