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One Small Square: Pond

One Small Square: Pond

by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator)

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Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Jessy Deutsch
A pond is a pond is a pond...right? Wrong! With a few simple tools like a ruler, magnifying glass, scissors, boots, and a flashlight, a tiny portion of a pond becomes a world of discoverable plant and animal life. A "safety first" section offers an important introduction for any budding biologist. Bugs, sponges, leaves, turtles, and fish are identified and looked at in the light of changing seasons, hours, shadows, and temperatures. Ways of measuring and observing are taught through experimentation and recording activities. The ambitious junior scientist can delve deeply into the waters of classification, while the accidental pond tourist can simply enjoy the surprises that rise to the surface. Also in the series are African Savana, Arctic Tundra, Backyard, Cave, Seashore, and Woods.
Carolyn Phelan
ger with the help of an adult. From the One Small Square series, this heavily illustrated book encourages children to observe the plants and animals that live in, on, above, and around a pond. With safety concerns and respect for wildlife apparent, it shows children how to measure off a 24-inch square for observation, keep a notebook, look underwater with a homemade viewer, examine mud dwellers, and make a diorama of the pond. Though the format is rather crowded, the book has good, full-color illustrations (sometimes magnified to show microscopic views), and a wealth of information about the rich ecosystem of a pond.

Product Details

Freeman, W. H. & Company
Publication date:
One Small Square
Age Range:
7 - 12 Years

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