One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

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by Mark Cahill

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Are you ready for eternity? If so, are you helping others get ready for that journey into eternity that each of us must take? As believers, we all know that we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don't know how. This practical book gives great ideas for starting conversations, examples of witnessing situations, and solid answers to common

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Are you ready for eternity? If so, are you helping others get ready for that journey into eternity that each of us must take? As believers, we all know that we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don't know how. This practical book gives great ideas for starting conversations, examples of witnessing situations, and solid answers to common questions. It will help motivate and equip you to reach both friends and strangers for Jesus Christ the rest of your life! Hear stories of real-life encounters that demonstrate how to put these principles into action. Learn how to open conversations and keep them going using very simple questions and ideas familiar to all of us. See how to navigate around common would-be obstacles to walk people right to the gospel. Then see how the lost are impacted to be thinking about eternity and thankful to have their questions answered. You'll be filled with incredible thanks for having done so.

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From the Publisher
“Mark Cahill had a stunning impact on our student body. His passion for evangelism and his ability to communicate effective principles is unparalleled. We were inspired and changed, students and staff alike. Mark is amazingly real. This message must be heard!”

—Eric Morris

Principal, Timothy Christian School

Piscataway, New Jersey

“This is one of the most remarkable books ever!!”

—Pam Mathews

“I read your first book last summer and shared it with some of my close friends. It radically changed us forever. Great work Mark, thanks for your time, effort, and boldness and sharing with the lost, and equipping the saints.”

—Michael M., 17

Early Branch, SC

“I wish I could hand this book out as a tract by the hundreds. The information in the first three chapters is an excellent tool for the Christian to use while witnessing. Thank you.”

—S Lester, 29

Broiler Service Technician

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"The number-one reason people don't share their faith is that they are afraid of being rejected. Let's walk through some questions you can ask to learn about the person's spiritual beliefs. A conversation starter can be as simple as asking, 'Do you believe in Easter (or Christmas)? What do you believe about it?' Another good way to transition to a spiritual topic is to say, 'Can I ask you an interesting question?' Or, 'Can I ask you a tough question?' This helps to pique curiosity and get people thinking before you even ask the main question. Then simply ask any of the following questions to help you learn their spiritual beliefs. 'Where are you on your spiritual journey?' 'If you died tonight, are you 100-percent sure that you would go to Heaven?' 'If you were to die tonight and stand in front of God, and He asked, "Why should I let you into Heaven?" what would you tell Him?' 'When you die, what do you think is on the other side?' 'Why do you wear that cross?'"

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From the Publisher
“Mark Cahill has become the favorite speaker at our Summit camps and conferences, but it’s not because his teaching is fascinating (it is). Nor is it because his approach to evangelism eliminates fear and inspires confidence (it does). Mark is top-notch because he’s the real deal. He walks the talk. He has challenged me personally to share my faith in all I do, all the time. I’ve accepted the challenge and hope you will too.”

—Jeff Myers, Ph.D.

Asst. Prof. of Communication Arts, Bryan College

“Mark Cahill is one of the most zealous and passionate Christians I know. He reminds me of what the early Christians must have been like as they spread this good news of the Gospel. Mark doesn’t fit in the conventional, comfortable church because he is not conventional, and he is not comfortable. Praise the Lord. Perhaps the best part is that his zeal is contagious and I have witnessed its effect in many settings. Everyone is challenged; many are never the same again.”

—Sherri McCready

Director, Choice Lifestyle Ministries

“In my many years as a faculty member at Summit Ministries, Mark Cahill more than any other speaker was able to motivate and capture the students’ hearts for a life of evangelism. His contagious excitement about reaching the lost for Christ will undoubtedly ‘infect’ you as you read this book, and you will experience a new vigor for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

—Dr. Jobe Martin

President, Biblical Discipleship Ministries

Rockwall, Texas

“Mark Cahill is a gift to the whole body of Christ! Mark is a modern-day soul-winner who walks his talk and teaches others to do the same. I am never as challenged to win souls as I am when I am around him, listening to him or reading his material. This material and bold approach are anointed and will help get Christendom back to its primary purpose ‘to seek and to save that which was lost.’ Read and apply every word.”

—Mark N. Shaner

Youth Pastor, Central Community Church

Wichita, Kansas

“In Ephesians 5:16, we’re told to ‘make the most of every opportunity.’ I’ve been on staff with FCA for 15 years and had no idea how many witnessing opportunities I was passing by until I met Mark Cahill. Lots of folks have great intentions, but Cahill is truly an example of an individual who makes the most of every opportunity. He is the ‘poster boy’ for one-on-one evangelism! His countless stories and real-life illustrations will shame you and challenge you to begin seizing the everyday opportunities to comfortably speak out for our Lord Jesus Christ.”

—Steve Wigginton

Kentuckiana Area Director,

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“Mark Cahill’s burden for lost souls, his fervor and passion for all ages to know Christ personally, is unsurpassed. His presentation of evangelism is powerful, motivating, and most importantly, Christ-like.”

—Dan McMillan

Principal, Loganville Christian Academy

Loganville, Georgia “If I wanted a bunch of teenagers or adults to get excited about sharing their faith in Jesus, I would seek out Mark Cahill to do the job. I have never encountered a man more totally sold out to his Lord than Mark. He, unlike many speakers and authors, walks the talk. He has spent hours with my high-school group walking the streets and sharing his faith. They have caught his fire and passion for the lost simply by being around him and listening to his teaching. “No waitress, store owner, or airline passenger sneaks under the radar of Mark Cahill. The man is a bold witness 24/7. He is on a personal, passionate mission to make sure everyone hears the Gospel. He can motivate the most recent believer, shy personality, or biblical illiterate to share his faith and do it with joy and power. We need more Mark Cahills to stir us to action, to encourage us to proclaim Jesus anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.”

—Richard King

Youth Pastor, Mountain Park First Baptist Church

Stone Mountain, Georgia “Mark has a burning compassion for souls like I have seldom witnessed! He has a unique way of challenging people as well as equipping them to share their faith.”

—Joe Wright

Pastor, Central Christian Church

Wichita, Kansas

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Meet the Author

Mark Cahill is the author of the popular books One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, with over 600,000 in print and commended by Bill Bright, One Heartbeat Away: Your Journey Into Eternity with over 700,000 of his book, The Watchmen, and his two novels Paradise and Reunion.

After receiving a business degree from Auburn University, where he was an honorable mention Academic All-American in basketball, he spent several years in management and teaching before becoming a highly sought-after motivational communicator. As one of the Ambassador Agency’s most requested speakers, Mark addresses thousands of people annually, equipping and challenging the saved to go out and reach the lost. He currently has over 1.4 million copies of his books in print in 14 languages around the world.

Mark’s greatest passion is for the entire world to know Jesus Christ, leading him to boldly witness to everyone he encounters—including Tigers Woods, Michael Jordan, Vanilla Ice, Charles Barkley, and Geraldo Rivera.

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