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One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven

One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven

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by Mark Cahill

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Are you ready for eternity? If so, are you helping others get ready for that journey into eternity that each of us must take? As believers, we all know that we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don't know how. This practical book gives great ideas for starting conversations with the lost, how to keep them going, examples of various witnessing


Are you ready for eternity? If so, are you helping others get ready for that journey into eternity that each of us must take? As believers, we all know that we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don't know how. This practical book gives great ideas for starting conversations with the lost, how to keep them going, examples of various witnessing situations, and solid answers to commonly asked questions. It will help motivate and equip you to reach both friends and strangers for Jesus Christ the rest of your life. Hear stories of real-life encounters that demonstrate how to put these principles into action. Learn how to open conversations and keep them going using very simple questions and ideas familiar to all of us. See how to navigate around common would-be obstacles to walk people right to the gospel. Then see how the lost are impacted to be thinking about their eternal destination and thankful to have their questions answered. You'll be filled with incredible thanks for having given them the help they need and for honoring God by giving them the truth about salvation.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"ONE THING YOU CAN'T DO IN HEAVEN BY MARK CAHILL" https://walkinginword.com/2013/08/30/one-thing-you-cant-do-in-heaven-by-mark-cahill/

This is the most convicting book I've ever read! It reinforces the ultimate purpose of salvation and even our survival. Loaded with personal experiences of Mark Cahill in the ministry field, this book states the when, what, where, how and why of evangelism.

The book begins with these lines… Three-hundred-million years from now, what will be the only thing that will matter?… the only thing that will matter is who is in heaven and who is in hell. And if that is the only thing that will matter then, that should be one of our greatest concerns now.-Mark Cahill

The book is an amazing inspiration for believers. And I have read from his recommends and from the hundred odd incidents he himself mentions in the book that Mark Cahill lives what he preaches. And that is more inspiring than anything else. It's not just a book with the how-tos, but someone out there is living a committed life of evangelism, all walks of his life!

Many of the experiences Mark Cahill has shared in this book is thought provoking and demands action from our side. Its a shame if we remain silent.

As you read this book, you will realize what a wonderful gift we have, what so many of them, even our close friends are missing and that we need to do something right away. It will give you an urge to break through and get the word out. Such is the structure and content of this wonderful book. Here are few insights into the book which will make you want to read through and I highly recommend you do!

It's a win-win-win situation all the time… So many excuse-how it all does not matter-overcome them… Few experiments-examples-how it works… Several examples to begin conversation with ETERNITY… So many tricky questions and very good answers…

There are divine appointments all over the place. Just step out in faith, and watch God show them to you.-Mark Cahill

Christopher 164-Blogspot http://christopher164.weebly.com/blog/i-shall-review-mark-cahills-one-thing-you-cant-do-in-heaven

Guys, I don't really know what exactly what to say, but this book is a must read.

We should be evangelizing to the world, but we always have these unspoken fears within us. Well, this book uncovers lies from the devil and gives you great tips on how to evangelize.

Now I've heard that some people are against books that are like a "how-to" list on how to evangelize. This book is different. It shows you how to connect with certain types of people, good conversation starters, and more.

Mark Cahill has had experience and wants the whole world to know Jesus. He's encouraging you to tell others about Jesus. If you want to "do hard things," then "start here."

Take my word. I'll show you how good this book is. I have asked the author himself to share with you all the majority of the introduction of the book. Here it is:

"Three-hundred-million years from now, what will be the only thing that will matter? Will it matter how much money you make? Will it matter what… car you drove? Will it matter who won the NCAA football and basketball titles this year?…

"Three-hundred-million years from now, the only thing that will matter is who is in heaven and who is in hell. And if that is the only thing that will matter then, that should be one of our greatest concerns now. Jesus tells us in Matthew 18:11, "The Son of Man has come to save that which was lost." If it is of the utmost importance for Jesus to reach the lost, shouldn't it be a major priority for you? The real question then is: What are you doing of significance today that will matter three-hundred-million-plus-years from now?

"Second Corinthians 5:10 assures us that "we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad." Do you really believe, as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, that there will be a day on which you will stand before his throne? We will each go one-on-one with the God of this universe. Can you imagine that? Do you think it will matter on that day whether you boldly shared your faith with unbelievers, whether you told a very lost and dying world about Jesus-the only answer for a soul? Yes, it will. It will matter whether you shared the most precious thing you have with everyone you could.

"I have envisioned standing before the throne of God, and I believe certain thoughts are going to hit me. When I look at Jesus, I think it will occur to me that He is more real than I have ever imagined. I will be struck by how sinful and impure I am in front of Total Holiness. It will amaze me how beautiful Heaven is, well beyond what I could have ever dreamed. But then I thing it will really hit me that I'll wish I would have shared Him a whole lot more than I ever did on earth.

"That is what this book is about: sending every believer out with confidence, boldness, and love of Jesus Christ to reach a very lost and dying world. People will not believe in Jesus and call upon Him for their salvation unless they hear about what He has done for them. And how can they hear unless each Christian takes the great name of Jesus to every person possible?

"Over the last seven years, I have had the opportunity to witness to several thousand people individually. I have been humbled through that experience and by the lessons God has taught me along the way. This book distills what I've learned in those seven years, which I hope will shorten the learning curve for others. My prayer is that you will find this book to be very encouraging, and yet encouraging. First Thessalonians 5:11 says, "Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do." We all need encouragement to be the best what we can be for Jesus Christ. My intent is not to make you feel guilty because you have not been sharing your faith like you should. Instead, I hope through these pages to encourage you to be bold for the Lord. This book will challenge you that you have the only answer for eternity. And it will equip you to share that answer using very practical, biblical, techniques for reaching the lost… .

"Today, approximately 150,000 people will die. I wonder where each of them will spend eternity?… step out of your comfort zone, trusting the Lord in what He can do through you. Always remember that, every time you step our of your comfort zone, you step right into God's comfort zone… ."

Now you know how awesome this book is! Go and buy it! It is a very easy read, but it challenges you in your faith! Now, I want to read the book again!

"When some friends and I got your book "One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven," my witnessing life changed overnight!!! It went from 5% to 75%, just like that! And that is only because I can't read well. Reading is hard work for me. It does not come natural. I made it partway through your book and hit the streets Your book, and prayer, is the number one thing that took me from a lock-jaw, fearful witness to a bold, fearless witness! So faith building!! These have taken my passion for fulfilling Mark 16:15 from 75% to 99%. I am a carpenter by trade, but when I have half a chance, I go find people to share the good news with!"

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"The number-one reason people don't share their faith is that they are afraid of being rejected. Let's walk through some questions you can ask to learn about the person's spiritual beliefs. A conversation starter can be as simple as asking, 'Do you believe in Easter (or Christmas)? What do you believe about it?' Another good way to transition to a spiritual topic is to say, 'Can I ask you an interesting question?' Or, 'Can I ask you a tough question?' This helps to pique curiosity and get people thinking before you even ask the main question. Then simply ask any of the following questions to help you learn their spiritual beliefs. 'Where are you on your spiritual journey?' 'If you died tonight, are you 100-percent sure that you would go to Heaven?' 'If you were to die tonight and stand in front of God, and He asked, "Why should I let you into Heaven?" what would you tell Him?' 'When you die, what do you think is on the other side?' 'Why do you wear that cross?'"

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher
“Mark Cahill has become the favorite speaker at our Summit camps and conferences, but it’s not because his teaching is fascinating (it is). Nor is it because his approach to evangelism eliminates fear and inspires confidence (it does). Mark is top-notch because he’s the real deal. He walks the talk. He has challenged me personally to share my faith in all I do, all the time. I’ve accepted the challenge and hope you will too.”

—Jeff Myers, Ph.D.

Asst. Prof. of Communication Arts, Bryan College

“Mark Cahill is one of the most zealous and passionate Christians I know. He reminds me of what the early Christians must have been like as they spread this good news of the Gospel. Mark doesn’t fit in the conventional, comfortable church because he is not conventional, and he is not comfortable. Praise the Lord. Perhaps the best part is that his zeal is contagious and I have witnessed its effect in many settings. Everyone is challenged; many are never the same again.”

—Sherri McCready

Director, Choice Lifestyle Ministries

“In my many years as a faculty member at Summit Ministries, Mark Cahill more than any other speaker was able to motivate and capture the students’ hearts for a life of evangelism. His contagious excitement about reaching the lost for Christ will undoubtedly ‘infect’ you as you read this book, and you will experience a new vigor for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

—Dr. Jobe Martin

President, Biblical Discipleship Ministries

Rockwall, Texas

“Mark Cahill is a gift to the whole body of Christ! Mark is a modern-day soul-winner who walks his talk and teaches others to do the same. I am never as challenged to win souls as I am when I am around him, listening to him or reading his material. This material and bold approach are anointed and will help get Christendom back to its primary purpose ‘to seek and to save that which was lost.’ Read and apply every word.”

—Mark N. Shaner

Youth Pastor, Central Community Church

Wichita, Kansas

“In Ephesians 5:16, we’re told to ‘make the most of every opportunity.’ I’ve been on staff with FCA for 15 years and had no idea how many witnessing opportunities I was passing by until I met Mark Cahill. Lots of folks have great intentions, but Cahill is truly an example of an individual who makes the most of every opportunity. He is the ‘poster boy’ for one-on-one evangelism! His countless stories and real-life illustrations will shame you and challenge you to begin seizing the everyday opportunities to comfortably speak out for our Lord Jesus Christ.”

—Steve Wigginton

Kentuckiana Area Director,

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“Mark Cahill’s burden for lost souls, his fervor and passion for all ages to know Christ personally, is unsurpassed. His presentation of evangelism is powerful, motivating, and most importantly, Christ-like.”

—Dan McMillan

Principal, Loganville Christian Academy

Loganville, Georgia “If I wanted a bunch of teenagers or adults to get excited about sharing their faith in Jesus, I would seek out Mark Cahill to do the job. I have never encountered a man more totally sold out to his Lord than Mark. He, unlike many speakers and authors, walks the talk. He has spent hours with my high-school group walking the streets and sharing his faith. They have caught his fire and passion for the lost simply by being around him and listening to his teaching. “No waitress, store owner, or airline passenger sneaks under the radar of Mark Cahill. The man is a bold witness 24/7. He is on a personal, passionate mission to make sure everyone hears the Gospel. He can motivate the most recent believer, shy personality, or biblical illiterate to share his faith and do it with joy and power. We need more Mark Cahills to stir us to action, to encourage us to proclaim Jesus anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.”

—Richard King

Youth Pastor, Mountain Park First Baptist Church

Stone Mountain, Georgia “Mark has a burning compassion for souls like I have seldom witnessed! He has a unique way of challenging people as well as equipping them to share their faith.”

—Joe Wright

Pastor, Central Christian Church

Wichita, Kansas

Meet the Author

Mark Cahill has a business degree from Auburn University, where he was an honorable mention Academic All-American in basketball. He has worked in the business world at IBM and in various management positions, and he taught high school for four years. Mark now speaks to thousands of people a year at conferences, camps, retreats, etc. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

Mark's favorite thing to do is to go out and meet people and find out what they believe and why they believe it. You can find Mark at malls, concerts, art and music festivals, airports, beaches, sporting events, college campuses, etc., doing just that.

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4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
CullenWebb More than 1 year ago
A convicting, encouraging, and motivating message for every Christian. It reduces evangelism to the commands of Christ without modern day hype and manipulation.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When it comes to conveying the heart of Christianity in a few words, this book really cuts to the chase. The author answers one of the most critical questions a Christian, old or new, can ask: How can I most effectively share my faith with family, friends, and complete strangers? And after all, isn¿t that what we¿re here for?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has changed my life. I have given away several copies to a friends and more than once they have come back different. Sometimes they don't let me get the book back until they have a family member or friend read it. It just that good. This book has been circulating around campus and it has helped start a group of us who actively share our faith on a regular basis. One of the cool things about One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven is that it is easy and fun to read. It is not written in fancy church language and many things are backed up with interesting real life examples. In other words, this book is a fast and fun read. When I talk with someone who is afraid to share their faith I tell them to read the first 3 chapters of this book. After that the are almost always on fire and ready to go. You wont have any reasons not to share your faith after chapter 4. Chapter 10 has answers to frequently asked questions/objections that pre-belivers may have. Do you want to learn how to prove there is a God in 30 seconds or know how to quickly prove the Bible really is the inspired word of God? Read chapter 10. Do be warned, this book will powerfully challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. One Thing You Cant Do In Heaven is by no means comprehensive guide to evangelism. It covers in a couple of chapters things people have devoted entire lives to. If you are a seasoned evangelist there may not be much here for you, but if not, this book is a great jump-start into an exiting adventure. If you are afraid to share your faith, don't know how to share your faith, or don't know what to say, then this book is for you. I have read a lot of books in my last 18 years and few other than the Bible have effected my life as much as One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven.