Ong Reader: Challenges for Further Inquiry

Ong Reader: Challenges for Further Inquiry

by Walter J. Ong

ISBN-10: 1572734450

ISBN-13: 9781572734456

Pub. Date: 10/01/2002

Publisher: Hampton Press, Incorporated

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Hampton Press, Incorporated
Publication date:
Hampton Press Communication Ser.
Edition description:
New Edition
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6.30(w) x 9.06(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Walter J. Ong's Work and Western Culture1
1Review of The Interior Landscape: The Literary Criticism of Marshall McLuhan, 1943-1962 (1970)69
2An Interview with Walter J. Ong Conducted by George Riemer (1971)79
3Hopkins' Sprung Rhythm and the Life of English Poetry (1941/1949)111
4The Province of Rhetoric and Poetic (1942)175
5Historical Backgrounds of Elizabethan and Jacobean Punctuation Theory (1944)185
6The Jinnee in the Well-Wrought Urn (1954)199
7Ramus: Rhetoric and the Pre-Newtonian Mind (1954)209
8Ramus and the Transit to the Modern Mind (1955)229
9Metaphor and the Twinned Vision: The Phoenix and the Turtle (1955)239
10Grammer in the Twentieth Century (1956)247
11Voice as Summons for Belief: Literature, Faith, and the Divided Self (1958)259
12The Barbarian Within: Outsiders Inside Society Today (1962)277
13Review of The Singer of Tales (1961-1962)301
14Review of The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962)307
15Review of Preface to Plato (1964)309
16Oral Residue in Tudor Prose Style (1965)313
17Written Transmission of Literature (1967)331
18Preface to Man at Play (1967)345
19Review of Classical Rhetoric in English Poetry (1971-1972)349
20Review of Eighteenth-Century British Logic and Rhetoric (1972)355
21Why Talk? A Conversation about Language with Walter J. Ong Conducted by Wayne Altree (1973)363
22The Writer's Audience Is Always a Fiction (1975)405
23Typographic Rhapsody: Ravisius Textor, Zwinger, and Shakespeare (1976)429
24Literacy and Orality in Our Times (1978)465
25The Agonistic Base of Scientifically Abstract Thought: Issues in Fighting for Life: Contest, Sexuality, and Consciousness (1982)479
26Technological Development and Writer-Subject-Reader Immediacies (1990)497
27Information and/or Communication: Interactions (1996)505
28Digitization Ancient and Modern: Beginnings of Writing and Today's Computers (1998)527

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