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Only a Duke Will Do

Only a Duke Will Do

4.7 10
by Tamara Gill

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Without a Season, Lady Isolde Worthingham captured the Duke of Moore's heart at a country dance. But on the eve of her wedding, a scandal that rocked the ton and sent her fleeing to Scotland alone and unwed, leaves her perfectly planned future in a tangle of disgrace and heartbreak.

Merrick Mountshaw, the Duke of Moore loathes the pitiful


Without a Season, Lady Isolde Worthingham captured the Duke of Moore's heart at a country dance. But on the eve of her wedding, a scandal that rocked the ton and sent her fleeing to Scotland alone and unwed, leaves her perfectly planned future in a tangle of disgrace and heartbreak.

Merrick Mountshaw, the Duke of Moore loathes the pitiful existence he hides from the ton. With a scandalous wife he never wanted, who flaunts her many indiscretions, life is a never-ending parade of hell. When the one woman he loved and lost returns to London, he knows he can no longer live without her.

But vows and past hurts are not easily forgotten. Love may not win against the ton when a too proper Lord and Lady play by the rules.

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Only a Duke Will Do 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
TammyS32 5 days ago
Great Historical Read. Isolde and Merrick were to be married when a scandal ruined everything. Now five years later Isolde returns from Scotland in hopes of finding a husband and having a family. Can Merrick in his unhappy marriage stay away? Fast paced with lots of emotion. I loved it!
Lindsey_Gray11 5 days ago
Imagine finding your soul mate. Now envision on the eve of your wedding a hell you never thought possible is unleashed and your fiancé isn’t yours anymore. That is what happens to our fated couple, Merrick and Isolde, in Only a Duke Will Do. I loved the first book in this series, Only an Earl Will Do, and was looking forward to another Gill adventure. While this novel focuses on the second Worthingham daughter, the story doesn’t lack any of the passion and well-developed characters that the first did. This had a very different vibe than the first, but I loved it just as much. Five years after their wedding never happened, Isolde is back in London to find a husband while Merrick is stuck in a loveless marriage with a woman who is the biggest embarrassment the ton has seen in years. The two are thrown together through mutual friends and events of the season. They discover their love is still as strong as the day they were parted by evil, yet there is nothing they can do about it. Through the masterful storytelling of Gill, the duo glimpses passion, fights through pain, and finds out secrets they never thought were possible. A glorious journey into love and heartache of the London ton is a true five star read! Book three in the To Marry a Rogue series, Only a Viscount Will Do, is scheduled for release in May 2017 and I can’t wait to read what Gill has in store for us next. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
repsgoddess 6 days ago
Only a Duke Will Do by Tamara Gill is Book 2 of the To Marry a Rogue Series. While this is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. Each book centers around one particular child of the Duke of Penworth and is their own story. I have quickly fallen in love with Ms. Gill’s amazing writing and characters. The author has a wonderful writing style that is smooth and flows beautifully as she weaves her stories. Only a Duke is no different and will pull you into Isolde and Merrick’s story of love, betrayal, misunderstanding, heartbreak and forgiveness. A powerful and gripping tale. Must have tissues on hand! Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
BookReview4you 6 days ago
'Only a Duke Will Do' by Tamara Gill is book two in the "To Marry a Rogue" series. This is the story of Lady Isolde Worthingham and Merrick Mountshaw, the Duke of Moore. I have read the Previous book "Only an Earl Will Do" but feel strongly this can be a standalone book. This book was a second chance book for love that should have been from the start a happy ending but there was someone who prevent that for these two loves! Isolde and Merrick meet at a dance where they fall in love from the start. Merrick asked Isolde to marry him pretty quickly. But on the eve of their Wedding a jealous friend of Isolde set into motion a plan that destroyed their chance to be married. Instead Merrick was force to marry that evil friend. Now about 5 years later after Isolde up and left the town for Scotland she has decided to return to the town to find herself a husband. Isolde quickly runs into Merrick and they both at first try to act as if the past didn't happen. But Isolde starts to learn that Merrick is living the happy married life with her former friend as she assumed. Merrick learns that Isolde is back in town to marry...which is upsetting to him. Merrick is still married but the town has made a joke of his marriage. In addition, Merrick's best friend has his eye on Isolde for a wife. Can these two ever find the happens that they both deserve? This was another great book by Ms. Gill...and only makes me want more! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Splashesintobooks1 6 days ago
This is an emotional roller coaster Regency romance written by a skilled wordsmith who brings the characters, their interactions and feelings vividly to life in this page turner novel. I loved it! Eighteen year old Lady Isolde Worthingham is in love with the man she's to marry tomorrow Merrick Mountshaw, the Duke of Moore. They met at a country dance and both love each other and can't wait to be married . . . . Until her spiteful, deceitful and manipulative supposedly best friend intervenes to cause a scandal that forces him to marry her friend rather than Isolde. Heartbroken, Isolde takes refuge in her Scottish estates for more than five years before acknowledging she needs to see her family and returns to London for the season. She didn't expect to see Merrick again but nor did she expect to discover his marriage is the talk of the ton and definitely not a happy one. Isolde and Merrick are still in love with each other but he's still married to his now scandalous wife and has a young son. As she seeks to find a suitable husband, he's torn as he doesn't believe she should be with anyone but him. The angst and turmoil between the two just rolls off the pages, taking the reader into their tumultuous relationship. With both being betrayed by someone they previously trusted, being thrust apart, this is their emotive journey to love and a possible happy ever after that seems so far out of reach for most of the story! I have no hesitation in highly recommending this dramatic regency romance to anyone who enjoys this genre, it is well written with great characters together with so many twists and turns making it an enthralling read. I can't wait to read the sequel which I believe will feature Isolde's sister, Lady Alice Worthingham. Many thanks to the publishers for gifting me, without obligation, a copy of this book. This is my honest review.
FizzaYounis 7 days ago
It's a very emotional read. The story is amazing and the characters are all well-written. It's a must read for historical fiction fans. Duke of Moore and Lady Isolde fell in love at first sight. Since the day they met they have known that they're meant to be together. They are going to have their happily-ever-after soon. But then they're both betrayed. Isolde leaves her home and move to Scotland, heart broken and in despair. Moore, shackled in a marriage he didn't want, becomes resigned to his fate. And life went on.... Now after five years Isolde is back. As soon as their path crosses they both realise how much they still love each other. Unfortunately it doesn't matter any more. Moore has his own life, a wife and a child. And Isolde is also ready to move on, find a husband of her own, and finally be happy. But the more they see each other, the more difficult it becomes to deny what they know to be true. Will they ever be happy or are they doomed to live apart and in misery for the rest of their lives? It's a very interesting story, with many twists and turns, I quite enjoyed reading it. 'To Marry a Rogue' has become one of my favourite historical romance series. It has drama, romance, intrigue, heart break, and lots of emotions which kept me interested through out the book.
Anonymous 7 days ago
On the eve of their wedding, Isobel & Merrick’s dreams come crashing down when her best friend, Leonora dupes and seduces Merrick & deliberately ensure they are in discovered in his bed. Leonora is the daughter of a vicar & with no lofty prospects; befriended since childhood by Isobel & treated as almost one of the family. The night of wedding eve party, she drugs Merrick’s drink leaving him befuddled & intoxicated & goes to his room after he retires and seduces him while leaving a note under Isobel’s door to ensure they are discovered. All the while, Merrick is in a dreamy haze thinks he is having a lusty dream of Isobel. The wedding goes on, but with a different bride, after Leonora all but blackmail’s Isobel’s family to ensure her plans are successful. A brokenhearted Isobel secludes herself in Scotland, on a family estate. But after 5 years, she finds herself lonely and agrees to accompany a close friend for a Season in London. I did find it rather hard to believe that Isobel and her family so easily let Leonora win when it was obvious that she was the culprit and wanted to put Merrick in a position where he had to marry her instead (blackmailing Isobel's family, honestly!). The overall tone of the story is somewhat depressing initially as both Isobel and Merrick are clearly desperately in love with each other. I’m not sure who was sadder; Isobel for her broken heart & lost trust or Merrick who has to marry Leonora it was all a set up and thinking he has lost Isobel forever. When they meet again, their pain is rather palpable. Leonora of course is a total b*****. I initially found the book a bit hard to get into but after a few chapters I was totally immersed in the story. Interesting and absorbing though with a sad tone. I especially appreciated that the author did not make Isolde and Merrick commit adultery. Isolde especially kept herself morally strong and tries to do the correct thing no matter how much she was hurting or the temptation that was Merrick. A very satisfying journey to their HEA. Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.
MyBookAddictionandMore 7 days ago
Only a Duke Will Do by Tamara Gill is a deliciously wicked Historical Romance. Book 2 of the 2 book series, "To Marry a Rogue", but can be read as a stand alone. See, Book 1 "Only an Earl Will Do". Set in Scotland and London. This is one of those WOW, stories. Well written, fast paced, action packed with realistic situations, challenges and hope of finding a HEA. This is the story of Lady Isolde Worthingham and Merrick Mountshaw, the Duke of Moore. With hatred, anger, scandal, heartbreak, separated lovers, secrets, betrayal, hope, healing, misunderstandings, and an unknown foe, readers will be turning pages as they have a few cries, some smiles, a bit of bitterness, and overwhelming desire for Isolde and Merrick to face the challenges presented to them, force the past hurts to heal, overcome the obstacles to find their HEA and a forever love. Merrick is married to a scandalous wife, one he never wanted, and who flaunts her many indiscretions. What a hell he's been through. Then the only women he's ever loved returns to London, all changes. I enjoyed Merrick and Isolde's story. Can heartbreak and scandal find healing, hope, and a second chance, amongst the chaos of their lives? Ms. Gill presented readers with an emotionally charged read, that will have you turning pages as they are engrossed in an exciting and enticing read. Powerful, compelling, emotional and an absolute delight to read. Strongly recommended for fans of Historical Romance, fast paced and action packed stories with a strong heroine and a proper Lord who face the ton. Can Merrick and Isolde win if they follow the rules of the ton? I can't wait to read Book 3, coming May 22, 2017 "Only a Viscount Will Do". I received a complimentary copy. Rating: 4.5 Heat rating: Mild Received by: AprilR
Lashea677 10 days ago
With a flair for the dramatic and the heart of a dreamer, it's no wonder Tamara Gill writes romance. Her attention to imagery and the tempo of her delivery are all on full display in Only A Duke Will Do. Her vision speaks to the romantic deep within believers in love and happily ever after. Merrick and Isolde were a dream interrupted by heartbreak, but the chance to begin again was always in the cards for them. The heart will not be denied and Tamara Gill has been blessed with a haunting gift of classic proportions.
Teri_D 11 days ago
Wow and Wow! Isolde and Merrick were to be married and live happily ever after. A scandal that tore them apart happened the night before the wedding. Merrick was forced to marry another and Isolde ran away to Scotland. My heart broke for Isolde. She would have made Merrick so happy and would have been the perfect wife. If only....... Years later, Isolde returns and is determined to find a match and have children. She did not plan on running into Merrick. She was not prepared for what her heart could not forget. This was an emotional journey for me. I was angry at Merrick, heartbroken for Isolde and wanted to rewrite the first chapter so the scandal would never happen. But then, there would not be the story full of passion, love, betrayal and the promise of hope. Be prepared. Once you start this fabulous book, time will stop and you will just keep reading until the end determined to find out if a happily ever after is still possible.