Only the Best of Mabel Mercer

Only the Best of Mabel Mercer

by Mabel Mercer

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Disc 1

  1. It's Delovely  - Mabel Mercer
  2. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye  - Mabel Mercer
  3. Experiment  - Mabel Mercer
  4. Ours  - Mabel Mercer
  5. After You  - Mabel Mercer
  6. Where Oh Where  - Mabel Mercer
  7. It's All Right With Me  - Mabel Mercer
  8. So in Love  - Mabel Mercer
  9. Looking at You  - Mabel Mercer
  10. When Love Comes Your Way  - Mabel Mercer
  11. I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple  - Mabel Mercer
  12. Use Your Imagination  - Mabel Mercer
  13. Ace in the Hole  - Mabel Mercer

Disc 2

  1. I'm Throwing a Ball Tonight  - Bobby Short
  2. That Black and White Baby of Mine  - Bobby Short
  3. Looking at You  - Bobby Short
  4. (I Love You) Samantha  - Bobby Short
  5. When In Rome  - Bobby Short
  6. I've Got Your Number  - Bobby Short
  7. Bojangles of Harlem  - Bobby Short
  8. Something to Live For  - Bobby Short
  9. Sand in My Shoes  - Bobby Short
  10. And Her Mother Came Too  - Bobby Short
  11. Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer  - Bobby Short
  12. On the Amazon  - Bobby Short
  13. All of You  - Mabel Mercer
  14. Staying Young  - Mabel Mercer
  15. Children in the Carousel  - Mabel Mercer
  16. Season's Greetings  - Mabel Mercer
  17. Isn't He Adorable  - Mabel Mercer
  18. Bad is For Other People  - Mabel Mercer
  19. You Should See Yourself  - Mabel Mercer
  20. Sweet Talk  - Mabel Mercer
  21. Why Did I Choose You  - Mabel Mercer
  22. Jenny Rebecca  - Mabel Mercer
  23. Lazy Afternoon  - Mabel Mercer
  24. Confession  - Mabel Mercer
  25. The 59th Street Bridge Song  - Bobby Short
  26. Here's to Us  - Bobby Short

Disc 3

  1. My Personal Property  - Bobby Short
  2. Isn't it a Pity  - Bobby Short
  3. I've a Shooting Box in Scotland  - Bobby Short
  4. Chicago, Illinois  - Bobby Short
  5. Before I Kiss the World Goodbye  - Bobby Short
  6. Summer is A-Comin' In  - Bobby Short
  7. Round About  - Bobby Short
  8. Sweet Bye Bye  - Bobby Short
  9. Medley: What is There to Say /This is R  - Bobby Short
  10. Not a Care in the World  - Bobby Short
  11. In My Virginia Home, on the River Nile  - Bobby Short
  12. I Can't Get Started  - Bobby Short
  13. I Like the Likes of You  - Bobby Short
  14. Not a Moment Too Soon  - Mabel Mercer
  15. Boys and Girls Together  - Mabel Mercer
  16. Both Sides Now  - Mabel Mercer
  17. Love is Blue  - Mabel Mercer
  18. Mama's Little Girl  - Mabel Mercer
  19. Wait Till We're Sixty-Five  - Mabel Mercer
  20. I See It Now  - Mabel Mercer
  21. Down in the Depths  - Mabel Mercer
  22. The Best is Yet to Come  - Mabel Mercer
  23. The World Today  - Mabel Mercer
  24. These Foolish Things  - Mabel Mercer
  25. Days Gone By  - Mabel Mercer
  26. I'm Not Giving Up  - Mabel Mercer
  27. Good Night  - Bobby Short

Disc 4

  1. Just Once Around the Clock  - Mabel Mercer
  2. Poor Pierrot  - Mabel Mercer
  3. Young and Foolish  - Mabel Mercer
  4. It's a Lie, It's a Fake!  - Mabel Mercer
  5. Walk-Up  - Mabel Mercer
  6. Is It Always Like This?  - Mabel Mercer
  7. Blame It on My Youth  - Mabel Mercer
  8. Wait 'Til You See Her  - Mabel Mercer
  9. He Was Too Good to Me  - Mabel Mercer
  10. Wouldn't It Be Loverly  - Mabel Mercer
  11. Lazy Afternoon  - Mabel Mercer
  12. Mandy, Make Up Your Mind  - Mabel Mercer
  13. Lonely Little Boy  - Mabel Mercer
  14. Sonnet  - Mabel Mercer
  15. Lucky to Be Me  - Mabel Mercer
  16. Some Other Time  - Mabel Mercer

Disc 5

  1. Once in a Blue Moon  - Mabel Mercer
  2. In the Spring of the Year  - Mabel Mercer
  3. Look at 'Im  - Mabel Mercer
  4. Guess I'll Go Back Home  - Mabel Mercer
  5. I'm Glad I'm Not Young Any More  - Mabel Mercer
  6. My Shining Hour  - Mabel Mercer
  7. The Twelve Days of Christmas  - Mabel Mercer
  8. Whenever Winds Blow  - Mabel Mercer
  9. Isn't He Adorable  - Mabel Mercer
  10. Isn't It a Pity  - Mabel Mercer
  11. If You Leave Paris  - Mabel Mercer
  12. Sunday in New York  - Mabel Mercer
  13. If Love Were All  - Mabel Mercer
  14. Sail Away  - Mabel Mercer

Disc 6

  1. While We're Young  - Mabel Mercer
  2. The First Warm Day in May  - Mabel Mercer
  3. Let Me Love You  - Mabel Mercer
  4. You Will Wear Velvet  - Mabel Mercer
  5. Some Fine Day  - Mabel Mercer
  6. Remind Me  - Mabel Mercer
  7. It Happens All Over the World  - Mabel Mercer
  8. Hello, Young Lovers  - Mabel Mercer
  9. Feuilles Mortes  - Mabel Mercer
  10. Over the Weekend  - Mabel Mercer
  11. Goodbye John  - Mabel Mercer
  12. Did You Ever Cross Over to Sneeden's  - Mabel Mercer
  13. Thank You for the Flowers  - Mabel Mercer
  14. It Was Worth It  - Mabel Mercer
  15. Early Morning Blues  - Mabel Mercer
  16. Ivory Tower  - Mabel Mercer
  17. By Myself  - Mabel Mercer
  18. Charm  - Mabel Mercer
  19. Little Girl Blue  - Mabel Mercer
  20. Trouble Man  - Mabel Mercer
  21. The End of a Love Affair  - Mabel Mercer
  22. From This Moment On  - Mabel Mercer
  23. You Are Not My First Love  - Mabel Mercer
  24. Just One of Those Things  - Mabel Mercer
  25. The Riviera  - Mabel Mercer
  26. Sunday in Savannah  - Mabel Mercer
  27. Carry Me Back to Old Manhattan  - Mabel Mercer
  28. Would You Believe It?  - Mabel Mercer

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mabel Mercer   Primary Artist
Stan Freeman   Piano
Buddy Barnes   Piano
Frank Carroll   Bass
Milt Hinton   Bass
Beverly Peer   Bass
Richard Sheridan   Drums
Cy Walter   Piano
Dick Sheridan   Drums
Jimmy Lyon   Piano
George Cory   Piano,Conductor
Sam Hamilton   Piano

Technical Credits

Leonard Bernstein   Composer
George Gershwin   Composer
Sigmund Romberg   Composer
Kurt Weill   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Joni Mitchell   Composer
Paul Simon   Composer
Cy Coleman   Composer
George Wein   Presentation
John Benson Brooks   Composer
Oscar Levant   Composer
Alec Wilder   Composer,Original Liner Notes
Harold Arlen   Composer
Noël Coward   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
Carol Hall   Composer
Vernon Duke   Composer
Portia Nelson   Composer
Ogden Nash   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Jerry Bock   Composer
Anne Caldwell   Composer
Betty Comden   Composer
Howard Dietz   Composer
Tom Dowd   Engineer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Nesuhi Ertegun   Producer
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Adolph Green   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Otto Harbach   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Lorenz Hart   Composer
Edward Heyman   Composer
Gary Kramer   Original Liner Notes
Burton Lane   Composer
John Latouche   Composer
Michael Leonard   Composer
Alan Jay Lerner   Composer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Jerome Moross   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Jacques Prévert   Composer
Arthur Schwartz   Composer
Billy Strayhorn   Composer
Cy Walter   Composer
Robert Wells   Composer
André Popp   Composer
Ian Grant   Composer
Frederick Loewe   Composer
Bob Merrill   Composer
Rex Reed   Original Liner Notes
Wesley Wilson   Composer
William Roy   Composer
Jay Maisel   Cover Photo
Marvin Israel   Cover Design
Lee Friedlander   Cover Photo
Arthur Johnston   Composer
William Engvick   Composer
George Frazier   Original Liner Notes
Murray Grand   Composer
Willard Robison   Composer
William Shakespeare   Composer
Maxwell Anderson   Composer
Joseph Kosma   Composer
Carolyn Leigh   Composer
Victor Schertzinger   Composer
Harry Link   Composer
Jack Strachey   Composer
Clifford Grey   Composer
Albert Hague   Composer
Eric Maschwitz   Composer
Hugh MacKay   Composer
Herbert Martin   Composer
Ray Mayer   Composer
Edward Redding   Composer
Bryan Blackburn   Composer
Grant Clark   Composer
George Cory   Arranger,Composer
Pierre Cour   Composer
Douglass Cross   Composer
Roger Whitaker   Original Liner Notes
Traditional   Composer
George W. Meyer   Composer
Arnold B. Horwitt   Composer
Ivor Novello   Composer
Joseph McCarthy   Composer
Edward Eager   Composer
Windsor   Composer
Pete Turner   Cover Photo
William Hanley   Engineer
Bart Howard   Composer
Alex Fogarty   Composer
Rob Warren   Composer
Moross   Composer
Ray Turk   Composer
Lerner   Composer
Lee Kuhn   Composer
Douglas Cross   Composer
Lee Osborne   Engineer
Joe McCarthy   Composer
Fetter   Composer
Engvick   Composer
Austin C. Johnson   Composer
Lisa Rhana   Paintings
Clarence Moore   Composer
Reice Hamell   Engineer
Victor Lownes   Original Liner Notes

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