Only the Best of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Vol. 1

Only the Best of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Vol. 1

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by Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Collectables gets some points for going to WEA and reissuing all of the Rahsaan Roland Kirk's sides he cut for Atlantic. The late Joel Dorn -- who produced them all originally -- reissued them on CD initially in a number of packages on his now-defunct 32Jazz imprint, and Collectables began releasing single discs and two-fers some time after.


Collectables gets some points for going to WEA and reissuing all of the Rahsaan Roland Kirk's sides he cut for Atlantic. The late Joel Dorn -- who produced them all originally -- reissued them on CD initially in a number of packages on his now-defunct 32Jazz imprint, and Collectables began releasing single discs and two-fers some time after. In 2009, in two big multiple-CD box sets, Kirk's complete catalog, for the label is available again. It does seem that this collection of albums was assembled along what would physically fit best on two boxes rather than in presenting the material in chronological or even aesthetic order. But it's a small complaint. There are seven CDs in volume one, containing the albums Blacknuss, The Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color -- originally issued on double LP with one side left blank -- The Inflated Tear presented on a disc with Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata, Kirkatron, the criminally under-recognized Boogie-Woogie String Along for Real, Left and Right, and Other Folk's Music. Classics like Bright Moments and Volunteered Slavery will be left for Volume 2. This cannot be stated strongly enough: if you don't know Kirk, the Atlantic and Warner material is as good a place to start as any. The Emarcy, Verve, and Mercury (all earlier) stuff is equally great, but this final period is where Kirk's music (and his persona as "Rahsaan" emerged) really became a genre of its own. All of these albums are worth hearing. For those who bought some of the Atlantic single titles, or the 32Jazz packages, you might have some debating to do here; the material does sound a bit better, but that may be due to new mastering techniques rather than anything like remixing or super bitmap remastering. The packages are nothing to speak of in and of themselves but the price is attractive. Kirk's albums should never, ever be out of print, so thumbs up to Collectables for this reissue program.

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Disc 1

  1. Ain't No Sunshine
  2. What's Goin' On/Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
  3. I Love You Yes I Do
  4. Take Me Girl, I'm Ready
  5. My Girl
  6. Which Way Is It Going
  7. One Nation
  8. Never Can Say Goodbye
  9. Old Rugged Cross
  10. Make It with You
  11. Blacknuss

Disc 2

  1. Conversation
  2. Bye Bye Blackbird
  3. Horses
  4. High Heel Sneakers
  5. Dream
  6. Echoes of Primitive Ohio & Chili Dogs
  7. The Entertainer (Done in the Style of the Blues)
  8. Freaks for the Festival
  9. Dream
  10. Portrait of Those Beautiful Ladies
  11. Dream
  12. The Entertainer
  13. Dream
  14. Portrait of Those Beautiful Ladies
  15. Dream
  16. Freaks for the Festival
  17. Horses
  18. Bye Bye Blackbird
  19. Conversation
  20. Side Four

Disc 3

  1. The Black and Crazy Blues
  2. A Laugh for Rory
  3. Many Blessings
  4. Fingers in the Wind
  5. The Inflated Tear
  6. The Creole Love Call
  7. A Handful of Fives
  8. Fly by Night
  9. Lovellevelliloqui
  10. Something for Trane That Trane Could Have Said
  11. Island Cry
  12. Runnin' from the Trash
  13. Day Dream
  14. The Ragman and the Junkman Ran from the Businessman They Laughed and He Cri
  15. Breath-A-Thon
  16. Rahsaanica
  17. Raped Voices
  18. Haunted Feelings
  19. Prelude Back Home
  20. Dance of the Lobes
  21. Harder & Harder Spiritual
  22. Black Root

Disc 4

  1. Serenade to a Cuckoo
  2. This Masquerade
  3. Sugar
  4. Los Angeles Negro Chorus
  5. Steppin' into Beauty
  6. The Christmas Song
  7. Bagpipe Melody
  8. Mary McLeod Bethune
  9. Bright Moments
  10. Lyriconon
  11. A Night in Tunisia
  12. J. Griff's Blues

Disc 5

  1. Boogie-Woogie String Along for Real
  2. I Loves You, Porgy
  3. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
  4. Hey Babepips
  5. In a Mellow Tone
  6. Summertime
  7. Dorthaan's Walk
  8. Watergate Blues

Disc 6

  1. Black Mystery Has Been Revealed
  2. Expansions: Kirkquest/Kingus Mingus/Celestialness/A Dream of Beauty Rei
  3. Lady's Blues
  4. IX Love
  5. Hot Cha
  6. Quintessence
  7. I Waited for You
  8. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing

Disc 7

  1. Water for Robeson and Williams
  2. That's All
  3. Donna Lee
  4. Simone
  5. Anysha
  6. Samba Kwa Mwanamke Mweusi
  7. Arrival

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Primary Artist,Clarinet,Flute,Guitar,Harmonica,Trumpet,Cymbals,Bass Drums,Gong,Harmonium,English Horn,Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals,Human Whistle,Lyricon,Whistle (Instrument),Bells,Stritch,Manzello,Music Box,Bird Calls,E-flat Clarinet,Electric Kalimba,Flexatones,Reed Trumpet,Palmas
Charles Fambrough   Cello
Walter Perkins   Drums
Hilton Ruiz   Piano,Keyboards
Howard Johnson   Tuba
Mickey Tucker   Organ
Trudy Pitts   Organ,Piano,Electric Piano
Ralph MacDonald   Percussion,Conga
Sammy Price   Piano
Percy Heath   Cello
Jonathan Abramowitz   Cello
Gloria Agostini   Harp
Adrienne Albert   Background Vocals
Sanford Allen   Violin
Julien Barber   Viola
Todd Barkan   Percussion
Alfred Brown   Viola
Sonny Brown   Drums
James Buffington   French Horn
Ron Burton   Piano
Doreen Callender   Violin
Francine Caroll   Background Vocals
Francisco Centeno   Bass
Cissy Houston   Vocals
Selwart Clarke   Viola
Cornell Dupree   Guitar
Gordon Edwards   Bass
William S. Fischer   Conductor,Electric Piano,Arp Strings
Steve Gadd   Drums
Milt Grayson   Background Vocals,Track Performer
Dick Griffin   Trombone
Jerry Griffin   Drums
Dick Griffith   Trombone
Hilda Harris   Background Vocals
Kenneth Harris   Flute
Roy Haynes   Drums
Michael Hill   Vocals
Jimmy Hopps   Drums
Regis Iandiorio   Violin
Kathryn Kienke   Violin
Lawrence Killian   Conga
Harold Kohon   Violin
Richard Landrum   Conga
Linda Lawrence   Viola
Keith Loving   Guitar
James Madison   Drums
Yoko Matsuo   Violin
Hugh McCracken   Guitar
Charles McGhee   Trumpet
Maurice McKinley   Conga,Accompaniment
Khalil Mhrdi   Drums
Kermit Moore   Cello
Eugene J. Moye   Cello
Steve Novosel   Bass
Pat Patrick   Baritone Saxophone
Henry Pearson   Bass
Romeo Penque   Reeds
Charlie Persip   Drums
Randy Peyton Quartet   Background Vocals
Tony Posk   Violin
Eddie Preston   Trumpet
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie   Drums
Bill Salter   Bass
Arvell Shaw   Bass
Sonelius Smith   Piano,Accompaniment
Richard Tee   Piano,Keyboards
Joe Habad Texidor   Percussion,Tambourine,Triangle,Washboard,Accompaniment
Steve Turre   Trombone
Tony Waters   Percussion
Buster Williams   Bass
Arthur Jenkins   Percussion,Conductor,Conga,Keyboards,Cabasa
Habao Texidor   Percussion
Princess Patience Burton   Vocals
Bill Carney   Drums
Milton Suggs   Bass
Ruddley Thibodeaux   Tambourine
John Goldsmith   Drums
Metathias Pearson   Bass
Gifford McDonald   Drums
Maeretha Stewart   Background Vocals
Richard Allen Williams M.D.   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Clifton Davis   Composer
Marvin Gaye   Composer
Leon Russell   Composer
Bill Withers   Composer
Charles Fambrough   Personnel
Gil Fuller   Composer
Dizzy Gillespie   Composer
Quincy Jones   Composer
Scott Joplin   Composer
Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Arranger,Composer,Sound Effects,Liner Notes,Instrumentation,Personnel
Charles Mingus   Composer
Walter Perkins   Personnel
Hilton Ruiz   Arranger,Composer,Personnel
Stanley Turrentine   Composer
Howard Johnson   Personnel
Mickey Tucker   Personnel
Trudy Pitts   Arranger,Composer,Personnel
Ralph MacDonald   Personnel
Sammy Price   Personnel
Percy Heath   Composer,Personnel
Jonathan Abramowitz   Personnel
Gloria Agostini   Personnel
Adrienne Albert   Personnel
Sanford Allen   Personnel
Julien Barber   Personnel
Todd Barkan   Composer,Author,Personnel
Renaldo Benson   Composer
Alan Brandt   Composer
Johnny Bristol   Composer
Alfred Brown   Personnel
Sonny Brown   Personnel
James Buffington   Personnel
Ron Burton   Personnel
Doreen Callender   Personnel
Johnny Cameron   Composer
Francine Caroll   Personnel
Francisco Centeno   Personnel
Cissy Houston   Personnel
Selwart Clarke   Personnel
Cleveland   Composer
Stanley Crouch   Liner Notes
Cornell Dupree   Personnel
Joel Dorn   Producer,Liner Notes
Duke Ellington   Composer
Gordon Edwards   Personnel
William S. Fischer   Arranger,String Arrangements,Personnel
Frank Foster   Arranger,Composer
Steve Gadd   Personnel
Paul Goodman   Engineer
Milt Grayson   Personnel
Dick Griffin   Personnel
Jerry Griffin   Personnel
Dick Griffith   Personnel
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Hilda Harris   Personnel
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Arthur Jenkins   Arranger,Personnel
Ray Ross   Cover Photo
John Cabalka   Art Direction
Stanislaw Zagorski   Illustrations,Cover Design,Cover Illustration
Haig Adishian   Cover Design
Peter Corriston   Cover Design
Lee Friedlander   Cover Photo
Tom Clack   Sound Effects
Robert "Lip" Liftin   Sound Effects,Engineer,Remixing
Habao Texidor   Personnel
Mort Dixon   Composer
Bob Haymes   Composer
Princess Patience Burton   Composer,Personnel
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Dave Heffernan   Original Illustration
Bill Carney   Personnel
Milton Suggs   Personnel
Ruddley Thibodeaux   Personnel
Traditional   Composer
John Goldsmith   Personnel
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Dorthaan Kirk   Liner Notes
Price Givens   Cover Painting
Loring Werney   Cover Design
Casey Bailey   Liner Notes
Gifford McDonald   Personnel
Maeretha Stewart   Personnel
Richard Allen Williams M.D.   Personnel

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