Only the Best of the Dorsey Brothers

Only the Best of the Dorsey Brothers

by The Dorsey Brothers

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Disc 1

  1. Black Bottom Stomp  -  Red & Miff's Stompers
  2. Hurricane  -  Red & Miff's Stompers
  3. Alabama Stomp  -  Red & Miff's Stompers
  4. Stampede  -  Red & Miff's Stompers
  5. Five Pennies  -  Phil Napoleon's Orchestra
  6. Sidwalk Blues
  7. Stockholm Stomp
  8. State and Madison  -  Joe Herlihy And His Orchestra
  9. Gold Digger Stomp  -  Joe Herlihy And His Orchestra
  10. Shake
  11. I Ain't Got Nobody
  12. Third Rail  - Tommy Dorsey
  13. Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
  14. The Pay-Off

Disc 2

  1. Charleston  - Tommy Dorsey
  2. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
  3. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
  4. Collegiate  - Tommy Dorsey
  5. Miss Annabelle Lee
  6. Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie
  7. Manhattan  - Tommy Dorsey
  8. When the Moon Shines on Coral Gables  - Tommy Dorsey
  9. Stockholm Stomp
  10. State and Madison
  11. Keep Smiling at Trouble  - Jimmy Dorsey
  12. Sweet Man

Disc 3

  1. Oh! Mabel  - Jimmy Dorsey
  2. What a Man!
  3. Up and at 'Em
  4. Hallelujah!
  5. When Erastus Played His Old Kazoo
  6. Blue River  - Tommy Dorsey
  7. Clementine (From New Orleans)
  8. 'Cause I Feel Lowdown
  9. Everything Is Hotsy-Totsy Now  - Tommy Dorsey
  10. Glad Rag Doll
  11. Song of the Blues
  12. Broken Doll

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dorsey Brothers   Primary Artist
Red Nichols   Trumpet,Cornet
Phil Napoleon   Trumpet
Miff Mole   Trombone
Adrian Rollini   Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Frankie Trumbauer   Cornet
Jerry Colonna   Trombone
Harry (Hot Lips) Levine   Trumpet
Andrew Lloyd Webber   Bass
Vic Berton   Drums
Arnold Brillhardt   Clarinet,Reeds,Alto Saxophone
Spencer Clark   Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Freddy Cusick   Clarinet,Reeds,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Julian Davidson   Guitar
Bobby Davis   Clarinet,Reeds,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Vocals,Alto Clarinet,Soprano Clarinet
Ron Davis   Alto Clarinet,Soprano Clarinet
Jimmy Dorsey   Reeds,Alto Clarinet
Tommy Dorsey   Trombone
Tommy Fellini   Banjo,Guitar
Jack Hill   Reeds
Stan King   Drums,Kazoo
Abe Lincoln   Trombone
Fud Livingston   Reeds
Bill Moore   Trumpet
Chauncey Morehouse   Drums
Don Murray   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Howdy Quicksell   Banjo
Bill Rank   Trombone
Tony Russo   Trumpet
Arthur Schutt   Piano
Frank Signorelli   Piano
Joe Tarto   Bowed Bass
Mickey Bloom   Trumpet
George Bohn   Reeds
Joe Breck   Violin
Elmer Drown   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Fuzzy Farrar   Trumpet
Tony Gianelli   Trumpet
Chauncey Gray   Piano
Seldon Hammond   Tuba,Bowed Bass
James Hanson   Trumpet
Joe Herlihy   Piano
Joe LaFaro   Violin
Carl Loeffler   Trombone
Belleau Montpelier   Reeds
George Nickerson   Trumpet
Philburn   Trombone
Manny Prager   Reeds
Pete Pumiglio   Clarinet,Reeds,Alto Saxophone,Alto Clarinet
Chelsea Quealey   Trumpet
Itzy Riskin   Piano
Sam Ruby   Clarinet,Reeds,Tenor Saxophone,Clarinet (Tenor)
Jack Russin   Piano
Doc Ryker   Alto Saxophone
Hank Stern   Bowed Bass
Herb Weil   Drums
Arthur Hall   Vocals
Jack Hansen   Tuba
Ward Lay   Tuba
Herbert Winfield   Trombone
Ted Black   Piano
Eddie Brown   Reeds
Ed Kirkeby   Leader,Vocals
Irving Brodsky   Piano
Sylvester Ahola   Trumpet
Harold Marcus   Reeds,Alto Clarinet
Arthur Fields   Vocals
Angie Rattiner   Trumpet
Arthur Hand   Violin
Billy Keyes   Trumpet
Jimmy Wilson   Drums
Ted Napoleon   Drums
Moe Selzer   Trumpet
George Troup   Trombone
Frank Cush   Trumpet
Duffy   Violin
Roy Johnson   Trumpet
Ivan Johnston   Trombone
Jimmy Wilson   Drums
Carl Orech   Reeds
Reg Harrington   Trombone
Roy Johnston   Trumpet
Roy Hamlin Johnson   Trumpet
Chick Condon   Drums
John Fell Ryan   Vocals
Bill Moore Lucky Seven Band   Trumpet
Reg Harrington   Trombone
Nick Casti   Trumpet
Newell "Spiegle" Wilcox   Trombone
Herb Winfield   Trombone
Herb Dwyer   Alto Clarinet
Harry Levine   Trumpet
Harold Marcus   Reeds,Alto Clarinet
Fred Van Eps   Trumpet
Frank Ferretti   Trombone
Frank Cuch   Trumpet
Elmer "Buddy" Drown   Reeds
Edward Lapp   Trombone
Eddie Stannard   Reeds
Billy Keyes   Trumpet
Bill Keyes   Trumpet
Allen   Tuba
Johnson Williams   Drums
Tom Fellini   Banjo,Guitar
Chuck Campbell   Trombone
Bob Fallon   Reeds,Tenor Saxophone
Ted Napoleon   Drums
Howard Marcus   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Lloyd 'Ole' Olsen   Trombone
Fred Cusick   Reeds
Weber   Bass
Arthur Hall   Vocals
Larry Lloyd   Reeds

Technical Credits

Chris Albertson   Liner Notes
Paul Burgess   Liner Notes
Joe Breck   Director
Arthur Hand   Director

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