Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now

Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now

by George W. Martin
Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now

Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now

by George W. Martin


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In Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now, George W. Martin surveys the role of concert bands during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in making contemporary opera popular. He also chronicles how in part they lost their audience in the second half of the twentieth century by abandoning operatic repertory.

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ISBN-13: 9780810888531
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 12/05/2013
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

George W. Martin is the author of twelve books, including Verdi in America: Oberto through Rigoletto (2011) and The Opera Companion (1961, paperback edition 2008).

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xii

1 The Dodworth Bands and Jullien's Example 1

2 Patrick S. Gilmore, His Jubilees, and the "Anvil Chorus" 21

3 Mr. Gilmore and His 22nd Regiment Band 39

4 John Philip Sousa, the Marine Band, and Sousa's Band 57

5 John Philip Sousa: Summers in Coney Island and Winters in Rochester, New York 78

6 John Philip Sousa: Willow Grove Park, Pennsylvania 89

7 The Rise of Dance Bands: Herbert L. Clarke and the Long Beach Municipal Band 109

8 The U.S. Marine Band and Contemporary Civilian Bands 121

9 Edward Franko Goldman and the Goldman Band 134

10 The Decline of the Goldman Band, Frederick Fennell, and the Rise of the Wind Ensemble 151

Conclusion 167


1 Operatic Repertory of the Dodworth Band, July-August 1859 173

2 Advertisement for the First of Jullien's Farewell Concerts, June 1854 175

3 Operatic Repertory for the First Four Days of Gilmore's International Peace Jubilee, Boston, 1872 177

4 Gilmore's Repertory in San Francisco, 17-29 April 1876 180

5 Repertory of Twelve Summer Band Concerts in New York City's Central Park, 1892 182

6 Repertory of the U.S. Marine Band under Francis Scala, 1855-1871 184

7 Sousa's Repertory for Seven Summer Concerts, August 1882 186

8 U.S. Marine Band Catalogue, 1885-Compared to Scala's Library List, circa 1871 188

9 Sousa and the U.S. Marine Band: Six Concerts in Philadelphia, 1889-1891 191

10 Sousa's Programs for the Columbian Exposition, Boston, 4-7 May 1893 195

11 Sousa's Operatic Repertory in Rochester, New York, 1894-1901 200

12 Repertory of Sousa's Band, 1892-1932 203

13 Six Programs by Clarke and the Long Beach Municipal Band, 1923-1943 218

14 Repertory of the Staten Island Musicians Society Concert Band, 1972-1976 223

15 Answers to the Goldman Band's Memory Contest in Central Park, New York City, 3 August 1938 225

16 Excerpts from Verdi Played by the Goldman Band, 1936-1946 227

17 Possible Excerpts from Operas, 1940-1980 229

Bibliography 233

General Index 241

Works Index 249

About the Author 253

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