Operative: The Fifth Ganzfield Novel

Operative: The Fifth Ganzfield Novel

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by Kate Kaynak
Maddie and the rest of the team must catch the person selling classified information to terrorists--before they become the targets.


Maddie and the rest of the team must catch the person selling classified information to terrorists--before they become the targets.

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Spencer Hill Press
Publication date:
Ganzfield Series , #5
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6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range:
16 - 18 Years

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Kate Kaynak was born and raised in New Jersey, but she managed to escape. Her Yale degree says she was a psych major, but she had WAY too much fun to have paid attention in class. She and her husband live in New Hampshire with their three kids, where Kaynak enjoys reading, writing, and fighting crime with her amazing superpowers.

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Operative: The Fifth Ganzfield Novel 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
I was lulled into a false sense of security with the ending of Accused (Ganzfield #4). No wait, let me rephrase that. I was prepared for another massacre. Hey I wasn't the only one! Everyone in the book spent a good deal of time prepping and planning for a military attack. It was building up and I was dreading the incoming attack. How many were going to die this time? Would it be any of the people I care about....AGAIN? So many questions. So much anxiety. Thankfully to have the only death being one of a disgusting, horrible person. Which was a good thing. But Kate Kaynak can't just leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling. Nope. The person who killed the baddie was of course left emotionally scarred at taking a life, even if it was a useless one. A life's a life right? And the way that person cracked from the experience had Accused ending in a heartbreaking cliffhanger. Enter Operative... The opening line of chapter one is two words long. Two. So if you're, for some strange reason, wondering how many words it would take to have me thoroughly book depressed...it's two. *Sigh* I still have 11 more pages to read as I'm writing this. That's it. What am I waiting for? You know that being lulled into a false sense of security I mentioned at the beginning? I just got hit with a cold hard blast of reality. Well, in a literary sense of course. Ending this is so bittersweet because Soulmate, the last book according to Kate (Goodreads says there's Solitary a #7 but..who knows), it's not due out until July....and then that's it. I am going to be unbelievably sad to see it go. I know in many cases when a series keeps going on and on people grow irritated with it and wish it would end already. But Ganzfield is so different and so unbelievably well written, the characters are so vast and loveable and funny, there isn't a doubt in my mind that it wouldn't feel that way for me. Six books just doesn't seem enough for this amazing world I've fallen in love with. So I'll leave you with this, once again, my plea for you to please read this series. If you're a lover of the paranormal, with a splash of romance/love and...a little bit of blood and death...okay sometimes A LOT of it! This series is exactly what you need.
Nikkayme More than 1 year ago
Five books into a series, a reader tends to develop some expectations about writing and characters and storyline. I’m happy to say that Kate Kaynak has no clue how to disappoint. Operative has just as much action, just as much depth, and the fantastic storytelling that I’m come to expect from the Ganzfield series. The last book left off on a bit of a cliffhanger. It ended with a bang and I wasn’t sure what to expect after. Well, Operative was not what I expected at all, but it was so much better than I imagined. Sure, Maddie and Trevor can be somewhat cheesy, but they are totally THAT couple. They’re ridiculously in love, so they’re allowed to be a little cheesy sometimes. Aside from the cheesy, Kaynak throws in tons of action in an entirely new setting. Some of the Ganzfield group heading off on a military trip to Germany sounds kind of strange (and it is), but it makes total sense in the grand scheme of things. The purple monkey spy they discover, which also sounds very strange (it soooo is), is just one of the great new twists that are thrown in. Even if I told you to expect the unexpected, you’ll still be surprised by Operative. The characters we’ve all grown to love are still present, but the new characters add another layer to the complicated world that Maddie is still growing into. She’s a leader now and she’s falling into that role fairly well. Obviously everything can’t be sunshine and rainbows because sunshine and rainbows, while pretty, are BORING. And as readers, we do not like boring; and it seems that Kate Kaynak does not like boring either. Operative is another chapter in a twisting, turning, deliciously addicting series. Each book in the Ganzfield series has resparked my love for the story and while I know it’s coming to a close, I’m dying for the next book and to find out where things go from here…especially with the sneak peek chapter of Soulmate because that is INSANE!
Kelly_Hashway More than 1 year ago
Operative is the fifth book in the Ganzfield series. It picks up with the high emotions left off on in book four, Accused. Maddie has to rescue Trevor before she can concentrate on a new case, which involves catching spies only Maddie can see. The relationship between Maddie and Trevor is key to this mission, and the pair makes an amazing team, despite the limitations their abilities can place on them. By far, my favorite part of the book, other than Maddie's snarky internal monologue, which she projects into the minds of others, is the intense action scenes Kaynak creates. Maddie and Trevor are incredibly strong together, both emotionally and physically. Their connection kept me turning the pages. And the ending of this book is phenomenal. You are on your seat and worrying for each character. Operative is the perfect combination of paranormal, action, and suspense with a little romance thrown in. There's something for everyone. It's one of those rare books where I couldn't decide what I enjoyed more, the characters or the plot. They're both amazing.
montanamarynotmartha More than 1 year ago
I am so excited to bring you my review of Operative by the amazing YA paranormal puppeteer - Kate Kaynak! Kate will guide you step by step on a paranormal adventure with the precision of a marionette master in this fifth book of the Ganzfield series. She brings an entirely unique element to Young Adult Paranormal - so new that no other YA authors can touch it. This novel is riveting! Magnetic! Sir, Yes Sir! It's so great to be back with my Maddie and Trevor (and all of the private thoughts of every character in the book - thanks Maddie ;) Who knew it was so much fun to mess with the minds of military personnel? And for certain, nobody knew what Russian G Positives were capable of until now..... Operative is one of those novels where telling about it is telling too much. Trevor, Maddie and the Ganzfield bunch embark on another adventure - this time it's international with US government support. Unfortunately, the government support part can only go as far as not prosecuting G positives and aids little to the cause of protecting the world from people with abilities that make bad choices. That's where the good G+ young people with abilities come in. Kate's storytelling ability must have received a double injection of dodecamine this time because she blasted my mind. She made me fall in love all over again with Maddie and Trevor, made me sympathize with villains, terrified me, and broke my heart when....well, you'll just have to read and find out. If you have no idea what the Ganzfield story is about, you must peek inside and pick up a copy of Minder at Amazon. com and don't worry, these novels are so gripping you won't be able to stop until you finish number five and are waiting on #6 Soulmate with the rest of us. Check out Ganzfield(dot)com