Operative Obstetrics / Edition 2

Operative Obstetrics / Edition 2

by John Patrick O'Grady, Martin L. Gimovsky, Lucy A. Bayer-Zwirello, Kevin Giordano

An ancillary text for residency training programs in obstetrics/gynecology, with discussion of pertinent ethical and legal issues.See more details below


An ancillary text for residency training programs in obstetrics/gynecology, with discussion of pertinent ethical and legal issues.

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Forward Leon Speroff; Preface; Part I. Antepartum: 1. A history: operative delivery John Patrick O'Grady and S. L. Burke; 2. Prenatal genetic assessment Gabriel M. Cohn; 3. Ultrasound Stuart Weiner and Alisa Modena; 4. Ectopic pregnancy David B. Seifer; 5. The cervix and cervical insufficiency Munir A. Nazir and Matin L. Gimovsky; 6. Pregnancy termination F. P. Bailey and Heather Z. Sankey; 7. Placental complications Karen W. Green and Matthew A. Esposito; 8. Legal commentary I. Kevin C. Giordano; Part II. Intra Partum and Postpartum: 9. Anesthesia Paul Youngstrom, Margaret Sedensky and Daniel F. Grum; 10. Labor Lucy Bayer-Zwirello, Rebecca Viloria and John Patrick O'Grady; 11. The third stage Lucy Bayer-Zwirello; 12. Breech presentation Martin L. Gimovsky; 13. Multiple gestation Viswanathan Ravishankar and J. Gerald Quirk; 14. Shoulder dystocia James J. Nocon; 15. Legal commentary II Kevin C. Giordano; Part III. Surgery During Pregnancy: 16. Surgery in pregnancy R. Figueroa and J. Gerald Quirk; 17. Instrumental delivery John Patrick O'Grady; 18. Cesarean delivery John Patrick O'Grady, Timothy K. Fitzpatrick and J. Johnson; 19. Urologic complications Richard J. Scotti, Janice N. Young and Mat. H. Ho; 20. Fetal surgery Russell W. Jennings and Shaun M. Kunisaki; 21. Legal commentary III Kevin C. Giordano; Part IV. Special Issues: 22. Fetal assessment Barry Shifrin and Wayne R. Cohen; 23. Birth injury John Patrick O'Grady; 24. Midwives and operative obstetrics Lisa Summers; 25. Education and certification Andrew J. Satin and Shad H. Deering; 26. Ethical issues Joanna M. Cain; 27. Perinatal loss S. L. Burke; 28. Legal commentary IV Kevin C. Giordano; Appendices: 1. Legal issues: principles Kevin C. Giordano; 2. Venous thrombosis/thromboembolism John Patrick O'Grady; 3. Fetal heart rate monitoring: surgical procedures John Patrick O'Grady.

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