Optical Formulas Tutorial / Edition 2

Optical Formulas Tutorial / Edition 2

by Ellen D. Stoner

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ISBN-10: 0750675047

ISBN-13: 9780750675048

Pub. Date: 08/25/2005

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Exam review workbook of optical formulas, definitions, and practical problems. For students preparing to take the certification exam. Softcover.


Exam review workbook of optical formulas, definitions, and practical problems. For students preparing to take the certification exam. Softcover.

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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Table of Contents

MATH REVIEW: Review of addition of signed numbers; Review of subtraction of signed numbers; Review of multiplication of signed numbers; Review of division of signed numbers; Rounding; Metric conversions; English-metric conversions; Sine, cosine, tangent; BASIC THEORY OF LIGHT: Overview of theories of light; Properties of waves; Wave formula; Vergence; Photons, rays, pencils, and beams; Illuminance; Absorption, reflection, refraction; Law of reflection; Laws of refraction; Index of refraction; Snell's law; Critical angle; Dispersion and Abbe number; LENSES: Refraction through a lens; Focal length formula; Diopters; Lens surfaces; Lens types; Nominal power formula; Radius of curvature; Surface power formula; The lensmaker's equation; Cylinders, compound lenses; Optical cross; Flat transposition; Cross cylinder transposition; Hand neutralization; Prescription notation; Circle of least confusion; Spherical equivalent; Refractive errors; Power in oblique meridians; Vertex distance and effective power; Compensated power; PRISMS: Prisms definition; Prism power; The lens as a prism; Prentice's rule; Determining overall prismatic effects; ANSI Standards for prism: Z80.1-1995; Splitting prism; Excessive or unwanted prism; Image jump; Anisometropia; Using two different segment styles; Bicentric grinding or slab-off; Vertical imbalance for unlike add powers; Resultant prism; Resolving prism; SURFACING AND FINISHING: Lens and frame measurements; Minimum blank size; Base curves; Toric transposition; True power formula; Sagittal depth and lens thickness; Prism thickness; ADVANCED LENS FORMULAS: Martin's formula for lens tilt; Spectacle magnification; Thompson's formula for obliquely crossed cylinders; Fresnel's equation for reflection; Anti-reflective coatings; Transmission through an absorptive lens; Polarizing filters; Diffraction; Back and front vertex power; IMAGE FORMATION: Image size and placement: mirrors; Image size and placement: thin lenses; Principal planes; Image size and placement: thick lenses; Nodal points; Diagram of the human eye; APPENDICES: Basic glossary; ANSI standards: Z80.1-1995; Optical symbols and formulas; Trigonometric tables; References; Answers to exercises

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