Optical Particle Sizing: Theory and Practice / Edition 1

Optical Particle Sizing: Theory and Practice / Edition 1

by Gerard Gouesbet, Gerard Grehan

ISBN-10: 1441932089

ISBN-13: 9781441932082

Pub. Date: 11/30/2013

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Edition description:
Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 1988
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7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.33(d)

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Table of Contents

Light Scattering Theory: a Progress Report.- Mie Scattering Near the Critical Angle.- Scattering of a Gaussian Beam by a Sphere Using a Bromwich Formulation: Case of an Arbitrary Location.- Effects of Particle Nonsphericity on Light-Scattering.- Particle Sizing by Inversion of Extinction Data.- Small Angle Light Scattering Patterns from Micrometer-Sized Spheroids.- Laser Beam Scattering by Individual Spherical Particles: Numerical Results and Application to Optical Sizing.- Extraction of Polydispersity Information in Photon Correlation Spectroscopy.- Particle Size Distributions from Fraunhofer Diffraction.- Calculation of Calibration Curves for the Phase Doppler Technique: Comparison between Mie Theory and Geometrical Optics.- Particle Sizing of Polydisperse Samples by Mie-Scattering.- Optimal Scaling of the Inverse Fraunhofer Diffraction Particle Sizing Problem: The linear System Produced by Quadrature.- Optimal Filtering Applied to the Inversion of the Laplace Transform.- Modeling of Multiple Scattering Effects in Fraunhofer Diffraction Particle Size Analysis.- LDV-Signals-Analysis for Particle Velocity and Size Detection Using Geometrical Optics.- Employment of Light Scattering Information to Lay out Optical Measuring Systems for Measurements of Particle Properties.- Measurements of Particle Asymmetry Using Cross-Correlation Techniques.- Lambda Depression/Overlay Histogram Analysis of Poly(Acrylate) as a Function of Added Salt.- Measurement of Small Polydispersities by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy.- Optical Extinction Spectra of Systems of Small Metal Particles with Aggregates.- Particle Sizing of Soot in Flat Premixed Hydrocarbon Oxygen Flames by Light Scattering.- An Instrument to Measure the Size, Velocity and Concentration of Particles in a Flow.- The Phase Doppler Method: Analysis and Application.- Fraunhofer Diffraction by Random Irregular Particles.- Application of the Shifrin Inversion to the Malvern Particle Sizer.- Measurement of Size Distribution in Dense Particle Fields.- Particle Sizing by Laser Light Diffraction: Improvements in Optics and Algorithms.- Shape, Concentration and Anomalous Diffraction Effects in Sizing Solids in Liquids.- Scattered Light Particle Size Counting Analysis: Influence of Shape and Structure.- Visible Infra-Red Double Extinction Measurements in Densely Laden Media, New Progress.- Observations of Elastic Angular Scattering from Oriented Single Cylinders.- Effect of Particle Shape on the Response of Single Particle Optical Counters.- Forward Scattering Signature of a Spherical Particle Crossing a Laser Beam out of the Beam Waist.- Effects of Shape and Orientation to be Considered for Optical Particle Sizing.- Application of Top-Hat Laser Beam to Particle Sizing in LDV System.- Size and Velocity Measurements of Spherical Particles in Multiphase Flows and the Prediction of Absolute Particle Concentrations.- An LDA Gating Technique for Bubble Measurement in Dilute Three-Phase Suspension Flows.- Light Scattering by Dust Particles: Experimental Results.- Optical Particle Sizing: Digital Video Image Processing Application.- The Direct Comparison of Three ‘In-Flight’ Droplet Sizing Techniques for Pesticide Spray Research.- An application of an Optical Particle Sizing Method to the Study of the Evaporation of Droplets Diffusing in a Turbulent Flow.- Optical Measurement of Droplet Evaporation Rates.- Study of Condensational Growth of Water Droplets by Optical Mie Scattering Spectroscopy.- Optical Sizing of Cometary Dust: Tentative Lessons from Comet Halley Data.- Measurements of Absolute Concentration and Size Distribution of Particles by Laser Small Angle Scattering.- Some Aspects of Utilization of Malvern Diffraction Granulometer.- Optical Methods in Submicronic Aerosol Measurement.- The Use of Calibration Techniques for the Development and Application of Optical Particle Sizing Instruments.- Optical Particle Sizing and Particle Characterization Based on Polarization Measurements.- Optical Calibration of Accurate Particle Sizing Standards at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards.- Conclusion and Perspective.- Author Index.

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