Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook / Edition 1

Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook / Edition 1

by Chris Ostrowski

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ISBN-10: 0072264608

ISBN-13: 9780072264609

Pub. Date: 07/23/2007

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

The Ultimate Oracle Application Server Portal Resource

Build dynamic, feature-rich enterprise portals using Oracle Application Server Portal and the expert information in this exclusive Oracle Press guide. You'll learn how to maximize the capabilities of Oracle Application Server Portal, customize your portals, integrate Oracle Forms and


The Ultimate Oracle Application Server Portal Resource

Build dynamic, feature-rich enterprise portals using Oracle Application Server Portal and the expert information in this exclusive Oracle Press guide. You'll learn how to maximize the capabilities of Oracle Application Server Portal, customize your portals, integrate Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports, and add Java functionality. Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook covers all of the design, management, and security features available in Oracle Application Server Portal 10.1.4 alongside real-world solutions.

  • Take full advantage of the built-in tools and wizards
  • Create rich end-user experiences quickly and easily
  • Customize pages and maintain site-wide consistency using HTML templates
  • Incorporate data from disparate formats using Oracle Application Server Portal's content management features
  • Build pages using OmniPortlet and the Web clipping studio
  • Write portlets with Java and Oracle JDeveloper
  • Implement SOA-based applications to connect business processes
  • Administer, tune, and secure Oracle Application Server Portal
  • Integrate Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, and Oracle Discoverer workbooks

Product Details

McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date:
Oracle Press Series
Product dimensions:
1.26(w) x 9.69(h) x 7.44(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xv
Introduction     xvii
Out-of-the-Box Oracle Application Server Portal Technologies     3
Logging in to OracleAS Portal for the First Time     5
Getting Around in OracleAS Portal     7
A Quick Tour of OracleAS Portal Pages     13
The Build Tab     13
The Administer Tab     15
OracleAS Portal Navigator     19
The Help System     31
Creating an OracleAS Portal User     32
Portlets     44
Types of Portlets     45
OracleAS Portal Content     45
Content Item Types     46
Built-in Navigation Types     47
Declarative Development     48
The OracleAS Portal Wizards     49
Creating Your First OracleAS Portal Objects     50
When to Use the OracleAS Portal Wizards     66
OracleAS Portal Page Design     66
Page Groups     66
The Edit Page Window     68
Adding Portlets     69
Regions     71
Styles     74
Templates     76
Navigation Pages     78
Page Properties and Page Group Properties     81
Exercises     84
Summary     85
OracleAS Portal Responsibilities within an Organization     87
Skill Sets     88
Developers     89
Content Managers/Approvers     96
Page Designers     97
Administrators     97
Exercises     99
Summary     100
Page Design and Content Management
OracleAS Portal Page Design     103
Pages and Page Groups     105
Page and Page Group Properties     118
Page Group Properties     118
Page Properties     120
The Remaining Links     123
Page Design     124
Region Properties     127
Adding Portlets to Your Pages     131
Other Page Elements     137
Styles, Attributes, Page Types, and Item Types     139
Exercises     143
Summary     144
Advanced Portal Page Design     145
HTML Templates     148
HTML Page Skins     150
HTML Content Layouts     167
Exercises     200
Summary     201
Content Management     203
OracleAS Portal Content Management Features     204
Items     205
Searching OracleAS Portal Content     216
Advanced Search     221
Page Group Attributes     222
Getting Content Approved     223
Working with Rejected Items     236
Using Oracle Drive     240
Automating Content Addition     246
WebDAV     246
The Content Management APIs     247
Setting the Context     248
Determining Page Group IDs     250
Determining Page IDs     251
Determining Region IDs     253
Determining Item IDs     255
Using the Content Management APIs     255
Exercises     272
Summary     272
OmniPortlet and Web Clipping     273
What Is OmniPortlet?     274
The OmniPortlet Wizard     276
Page Parameters     298
Web Clipping     304
Using Web Clipping     304
Exercises     310
Summary     312
Writing Portlets with Java     315
Download the Portal Add-in for Oracle JDeveloper     317
Install the Portal Add-in for JDeveloper      318
Download the OracleAS PDK     319
Understand Portlet View Modes     320
Check the Installation of the Portal Add-in in JDeveloper     322
Decide Which Type of Portlet to Build     323
Open Standard: JSR 168     325
The Oracle PDK     325
Use the Wizard to Build the Portlet     326
Building an Oracle PDK-Based Portlet     326
Building a JSR 168 Portlet     337
Add Business Logic     348
Establish a Connection to an Application Server     348
Deploy and Register the Portlet     352
Revisiting the Add Business Logic Step     358
Exercise     371
Summary     371
Advanced Development Topics     373
Service-Oriented Architecture     374
Goals of an SOA Application     376
OracleAS Portal: The Face of SOA     377
OracleAS Portal and SOA: The Challenges     379
SOA and What It Addresses     380
Where Do I Start?     388
Summary     390
Oracle Resources     391
Site Administration and Performance Tuning     395
What Is Administration?      396
OracleAS Portal Administration: The Services Portlet     398
Main     398
Configuration     399
SSO/OID     400
Cache     401
Mobile     401
Proxy     401
Search     401
OracleAS Portal Administration: The Export/Import Transport Set Portlet     406
OracleAS Portal Administration: The Oracle Reports Security Portlets     422
OracleAS Portal Administration: The User Portlets: User, Portal User Profile, Group, Portal Group Profile     424
OracleAS Portal Administration: The Portlet Repository Portlets     424
OracleAS Portal Administration: The Remote Providers Portlets     426
OracleAS Portal Administration: The Remote Provider Group Portlets     430
OracleAS Portal Administration: The Database Subtab     431
Personal Pages     431
Self-Registration     433
Create the Welcome Page     435
Customize the Login Portlet     436
Make the New Page the Welcome Page for Your Site     438
Performance Tuning     440
Implementing SSL     448
Configuring SSL to OracleAS Single Sign-On Using the SSL Configuration Tool     452
Securing OracleAS Portal Pages      454
Using the Log Loader     463
The OracleAS Portal Diagnostics Assistant     468
Exercise     471
Summary     471
OracleAS Portal Users and Security     473
How OracleAS Portal Handles Security     474
Seeded Users     476
Default Schemas     477
Creating Users     478
User Privileges     480
The Portal User Profile     484
Preferences Tab     484
Privileges Tab     486
Creating Groups     495
Object Privileges     496
Portlet Security     499
Page Security     504
The Root Page     506
Exercise     516
Summary     516
Integrating Forms, Reports, and Discoverer into Portal     519
Benefits of Integration     521
Native Support     522
Oracle Reports     523
Using the Portal URL Component     528
Using the Native Portal Method     534
Reports Server Administration     537
Oracle Forms     538
Securing the Form's URL     540
Oracle Discoverer      547
Registering the Discoverer Portlet Provider     547
Creating a Discoverer Connection in Oracle Application Server 10g     550
The Edit Worksheet Portlet Defaults Wizard     555
Summary     559
Oracle Instant Portal     561
What Is OracleAS Instant Portal?     562
Why Does OracleAS Instant Portal Exist?     562
Limitations     563
Your First Instant Portal     563
Adding Content Manually     572
Adding Content with Oracle Drive     573
Defining a Landing Page     574
Summary     575
Future Direction of OracleAS Portal     579
OracleAS Portal Resources     581
Exercise Commentary     585
Index     589

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