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Organized Crime: A Worldwide Perspective / Edition 1

Organized Crime: A Worldwide Perspective / Edition 1

by Sean Grennan

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ISBN-10: 013171094X

ISBN-13: 2900131710947

Pub. Date: 11/15/2005

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Readers not only gain knowledge concerning the development of organized groups in the United States, but within international boundaries as well. Each group is viewed historically, territorially, economically, and politically in an effort to provide a complete package of all international groups. Each chapter also explores law enforcement inititatives, including


Readers not only gain knowledge concerning the development of organized groups in the United States, but within international boundaries as well. Each group is viewed historically, territorially, economically, and politically in an effort to provide a complete package of all international groups. Each chapter also explores law enforcement inititatives, including history, legislation, and success rate, as well as a discussion of the corruption of authority where applicable.

In depth analysis of La Cosa Nostras./Total anaylsis of street organized crime gangs and lack of police response./View of terrorist groups as organized crime narco/terrorists gangs, IRA, Arab groups, etc./Complete anaylsis and review of all ethnic and racial organized crime groups./All chapters include historical backgrounds on all groups.

This book would be helpful in the training of members of the law enforcement and/or military community who deal with organized crime groups. It would give the average law enforcement/military officer a more than sufficient amount of information regarding the ongoing, past and present, operations of all organized crime worldwide. Helping them identify gang members in and out of the officer's work environment, making the officers aware of the criminal activities of these groups and how to identify a crime these groups might have committed.

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Table of Contents


a. Criminal Gangs

b. Organized Crime


a. Introduction

b. Psychological Explanations

i. Anti-Social Personalities

ii. Dependent Personalities

c. Sociological Explanations

i. Learning Theories

1. Sutherland's Theory of Differential Association

2. Subculture Theory

ii. Social Disorganization Theory

iii. Social Process Theories

1. Conflict Theory

2. Social Control Theory

3. Social Psychology & Symbolic Interactionism


a. Homeland Foundations and the American Mafia

i. The Camorra

ii. The Sicilian Mafia

b. Membership Requirements

c. Organizational Structure

i. The Commission

ii. Boss

iii. Underboss

iv. Consigliere

v. Caporegime

d. Rules and Regulations

e. A Brief History of the United States

i. The Black Hand

ii. Chicago, Capone, and Prohibition

iii. Unione Siciliana and the Castellammerese War

iv. Five Families from New York

1. Luciano/Genovese

2. Mangano/Gambino

3. Lucchese

4. Profaci/Colombo

5. Bonanno

f. Criminal Activities

i. Bootlegging

ii. Racketeering

iii. Prostitution and Pornography

iv. Italian Lottery

v. Fraud

vi. Securities Fraud and Stock Manipulation

vii. Narcotics

g. Criminal Prosecution & Government Efforts

i. The Kefauver Committee

ii. The Apalachian Incident

iii. McClellan Committee

iv. Electronic Surveillance

v. The Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act

vi. RICO Statute

vii. The Organized Crime Control Act of 1970

h. Conclusions


a. History

b. The Big Four

c. The Hells Angels and Sonny Barger

d. Colors, Tattoos, and Membership Rituals

e. Organizational Structure

f. Rules and Regulations

g. Women and the Outlaw Subculture

h. Criminal Activities

i. Drugs

ii. Prostitution and Protections

iii. Other Criminal Activities

i. Gang Wars

j. Canada

k. Australia

l. Law Enforcement

i. Counterintelligence

ii. Defense Funds and Bailbondsmen

iii. Law Enforcement Successes

m. Conclusions


a. Introduction

b. Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam

c. The Current State of the Nation of Islam

d. Black Panthers

e. Black Guerilla Family and Black Prison Gangs

f. Similarities among Black Supremacist Gangs

g. White Power

h. KKK

i. History of the Ku Klux Klan

ii. The Reconstruction Klan

iii. The Klan Resurfaces

iv. Today's Klan

i. WAR - White Aryan Resistance

j. Skinheads

k. Aryan Nations

l. Neo-Nazis: Germany's Legacy

m. The Order

n. Christian Identity

o. Similarities and Differences Among Groups

p. Commonalities between Supremacist Gangs and Traditional Organized Crime

q. Distinguishing between Supremacist Groups and Street Gangs

r. Conclusions


a. History

b. Viewing Street Gangs - The Past 40 Years

c. Gang Identification

i. Writing

ii. Graffiti

iii. Clothing

iv. Colors

v. Symbols

vi. Rituals

vii. Hand Signs

viii. Tattoos

ix. Definitions

d. Organization/Structure of a Gang

e. Street Gangs

i. Mara Saldatrucha/M.S. 13

ii. Bloods

iii. Crips

1. The Bloods, Crips, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls

a. Tupac Shakur

i. Commentary on the Shakur Murder

b. Biggie Smalls

i. Commentary on the Smalls Murder

iv. The Almighty Latin Kings

1. Council Committee Structure

2. Supreme Chapter Structure

3. Regional Chapter Structure

v. The Neta Association


a. Jamaican Organized Crime

i. Drug Trafficking

ii. Firearms Trafficking

iii. Economic Crimes

1. Money laundering

iv. Other Criminal Activities

1. Immigration Fraud

v. Legitimate Businesses

vi. Activities outside of the United States

1. Europe

2. Canada

b. Nigerian Organized Crime

i. Historical Overview

ii. Organizational Structure

iii. Involvement in Fraudulent Activity

1. Early Nigerian scams

a. Welfare fraud

b. Student loans

c. Insurance fraud

d. Bank fraud

e. Credit Card Fraud

2. Recent Nigerian Scams

3. Drug Trafficking

4. Money Laundering


a. Chinese Groups

i. Historically

ii. Hong Kong Connection

iii. Triads in Taiwan

iv. Tongs

v. Chinese Street Gangs

1. West Coast Gangs

2. East Coast Gangs

a. The Gangs

i. Flying Dragons

ii. The Ghost Shadows

iii. Tong On Boys

iv. Fuk Ching

v. The Green Dragons

vi. Born to Kill

vii. White Tigers

viii. Gum Sing

vi. Extortion

vii. Alien smuggling

viii. Home Invasion Robberies

ix. Business robbery invasions

x. Credit Card Fraud

xi. Commodity Scam

xii. Prostitution

xiii. Narcotics

xiv. Money Laundering


a. Introduction

b. Japanese Organized Crime

i. The Gangs

1. Yamaguchi-Gumi

2. Sumiyoshi-Kai

3. Inagawa-Kai

4. Toa Yuai Jigyo Kumiai (TYJK)

ii. Criminal Activities

1. Money Laundering

2. Sokaiya (Corporate Extortion)

3. Investments

4. Narcotics

5. Other Crimes

c. Vietnamese Organized Crime Groups

i. The Gangs

ii. Criminal Activities

1. Home invasion robbery

2. Computer Chip Theft

3. Extortion

4. Prostitution

5. Gambling

6. Drug Trafficking

7. Auto Theft

d. Korean Organized Crime

i. Historically

ii. Political Gangs

iii. Street Gangs

iv. Gangs on the run

v. New Gangs

vi. Contemporary Gang Activity

vii. Activities outside of Korea

viii. Korean Power and Other New York Street Gangs

ix. California Korean Street Gangs

x. The Criminal Activities of Korean Gangs


a. Cuban Organized Crime

i. Cuban Communist Mafia

b. Colombian Criminal Organizations

i. Medellin Cartels

ii. Cali Cartels

iii. Other Colombian Cartels

c. Dominican Organized Crime

i. Historically

ii. Drug Activities

iii. Money Laundering

iv. Other Criminal Activities

1. Robbery

2. Extortion

3. Homicide

4. Auto Theft

v. Activities Outside of the New York State Area

d. Mexican Organized Crime

i. Law Enforcement

ii. Discipline

iii. Mexican Street Gangs Compared to Other Street Gangs

iv. Mexican Drug Cartels


a. Introduction

b. Early Activities of ROC Groups

c. Organized Crime and Communism

d. Russian Gangs Since Glasnost

e. The Effect of Organized Crime on Crime Rates

f. Doloprud ny

g. Lyubertsy

h. Solntsevo

i. Ingushy

j. Chechen

k. Russian Organized Crime Groups in the US

l. Russian Organized Crime and Drugs

m. The Israeli Connection

n. Israeli Gangs and Drug Trafficking

o. Other Scams

p. Israeli Gangs and Money Laundering

q. Russian-Israeli Relationship


a. Introduction

b. Third World Groups

i. Palestinian

ii. Turkish

iii. Lebanese

iv. Iraqi

v. United Arab Emirates

vi. Iranians

vii. Pakistani

viii. Indian

ix. Burmese

c. Easter European Groups

i. Albanian

ii. Polish

iii. Gypsy

iv. Bulgaria

v. Czech Republic


a. Introduction

b. Organized Crime and Terrorism

i. Organized Crime Groups Participation

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