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Organized Essays (Nonfiction: Writing for Fact and Argument)

Organized Essays (Nonfiction: Writing for Fact and Argument)

by Valerie Bodden

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Children's Literature - Paula McMillen
Essays are a versatile and universally utilized form of writing and, hence, worth learning to write well. The historical evolution of essays—illustrated by examples from such literary lights as Max Beerbohm, Bruce Catton, Mark Twain, and N. Scott Momaday—is woven into an accessible discussion of structure, audience, tone, and types of essays. Research papers are briefly discussed as are personal essays, persuasive, and informative works. With every type of essay, there is the possibility to present a position, in one's own voice, to a particular audience, for a specific purpose. This is not so much a detailed how-to-do-it manual, rather a lovingly crafted invitation to participate in the limitless possibilities offered by good written expression. This small volume (just 48 pages) is part of a new series, "Nonfiction: Writing for Fact and Argument." Numerous full-page photographs and illustrations enhance the printed text, which is itself made to appear as typed pages from a report; that is, each page is an image, making this a visually pleasing read. Words available in the Glossary are blocked in the text and a comprehensive index is included. This is a somewhat unusual approach to what is normally a fairly dry subject and might be just the encouragement needed by that student with potential who has not yet hit her/his writing stride. Reviewer: Paula McMillen, Ph.D.

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Creative Company, The
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Creative Company Nonfiction Writing Series
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11 - 14 Years

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