Origami Airplanes

Origami Airplanes

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by Paul Jackson

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Cool origami airplanes easy to fold for paper pilots young and old!

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Cool origami airplanes easy to fold for paper pilots young and old!

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Smith, Gibbs Publisher
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9.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)
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7 - 12 Years

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Paper planes are not just folded paper toys. They are science toys. For a plane to fly successfully, it must be folded well and trimmed correctly. This chapter shows you how to fold and trim your crafts so that every plane you make will fly superbly.


Here are some tips for folding your planes accurately to achieve an optimum performance.

Setting Up

Find a quiet place to work. Turn off any distracting computers, TVs and phones. Put out the cat.

Organize a working area with a hard, flat surface to fold on, such as a table. A large hardback book will also work well. Do not fold on a carpet, rug or tablecloth.

Lighting is important. If the light source is directly over your working area, you won’t see any shadows on your paper and it will be difficult to fold accurately. Change the light source to the front or side by moving curtains, ceiling lights and table lamps, until the lighting is comfortable and shadows fall across your paper. If changing the light source is difficult, simply move your place of work.

Folding Tips

Fold slowly. Ask yourself, Am I folding as accurately as I can?

Be careful to follow every step in the instructions and to read everything. If you become stuck, unfold your paper to a step you know is correct, then try again. If you can’t understand what to do, occupy yourself with something else for a while, then try again later. It’s amazing how this can help!

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