Origami Zoo: 25 Fun Paper Animal Creations!

Origami Zoo: 25 Fun Paper Animal Creations!

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by Paul Jackson

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Origami Zoo contains twenty-five delightful origami animal designs. Kids will love creating such critters as koalas, monkeys, butterflies, vultures, and more. Color photos and helpful illustrations make the instructions easy to follow. Origami Zoo comes with 60 sheets of origami paper.


Origami Zoo contains twenty-five delightful origami animal designs. Kids will love creating such critters as koalas, monkeys, butterflies, vultures, and more. Color photos and helpful illustrations make the instructions easy to follow. Origami Zoo comes with 60 sheets of origami paper.

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Origami Zoo is aimed at children, but kids at heart will have just as much fun folding these 25 cute critters ranging from "very simple" to advanced. Not all are typical zoo residents. Along with the more familiar hamster, pig, cow, puppy and butterfly come a penguin, a koala and even an errant monster. After a brief explanation of papers, basic symbols and folds, clear step-by-step instructions take beginners and experienced folders through the moves to make a simple square of paper come alive. Sixty pieces of origami paper are included. The authors are origami superstars: Paul Jackson is a paper artist, teacher and prolific author, and Miri Golan is a professional origami educator and founder of the Israeli Origami Center, which trains teachers in Jewish, Muslim and Christian schools. The husband-and-wife team also co-founded Folding Together, a project that brought Jewish and Arab children together to make origami. Who knows? We may be helping our children fold their way into world peace by the next generation.

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Origami is a rare craft that can be enjoyed equally by both children and adults. Jackson, a professional paper artist, and Golan, an origami educator, have compiled a lovely collection of origami projects inspired by animals. Each project is presented with step-by-step instructions and illustrations, and all of the information needed to understand the shorthand used in the illustrations is fully explained in the introduction. The projects are organized from simple to advanced and include a variety of animals, both commonplace and fanciful. The book comes with origami paper, but information about sources for additional paper is provided. This fun collection is appropriate for children and adults.
School Library Journal
Gr 1–6—Some of these 25 original animal models are stylized enough to require drawing an eye or some other identifying feature, but high-production values (aside from the bird, folded with duotone paper in the photo but a standard single color origami square in the instructions) and clear step diagrams give this collection particular appeal for beginners. With the exception of a monster finger puppet (held by inserting a finger into the monster's nose, which makes it a guaranteed hit with children), the models all represent familiar animals, from a koala that requires only four steps to a moderately challenging dinosaur that needs 42 (plus a scissor cut) to fold. Models are arranged in order of difficulty, all but seven being accurately rated either "Simple" or "Very Simple." Directions for each one open with a short comment and a color photo of a finished creature, followed by big, clear, monochrome diagrams that use standard origami notation with the occasional appearance of fingers or hands to demonstrate a manipulation. Prefaced with savvy basic advice for crafters and packaged with a generous 60 sheets of origami paper, this a menagerie that offers plenty of pleasing results for folding novices.—John Peters, formerly at New York Public Library

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This model doesn't really look anything like a real frog, yet somehow-by the magic of origami-is immediately identifiable as one. The most important feature is the small white triangle on each eye, which give the model a focal point.

Begin with a square of paper, frog colored on one side.

1. White side up, fold in half across the middle, bringing the bottom edge up to the top edge.

2. Unfold Step 1.

3. Using the center line as a guide, fold the four corners to the middle.

4. Fold dot to dot, bringing the horizontal edge of the triangle to lie along the folded edge. Make a neat corner on the right.

Meet the Author

Paul Jackson is a professional paper artist and instructor living in Tel Aviv. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. His previous books include The Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercraft; Championship Paper Planes; The Pop-up Book; Origami: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide; and Tricks and Games with Paper.

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Origami Zoo: 25 Fun Paper Animal Creations! 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yo this book tottaly rocks its got millions of awesome animal origami but dont ever get the sample it has 20 pages but its all introduction so if you get it dont get the sample buy the book!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very entertaining and good and easy animals
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MAJORLY RECOMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
My grandchildren love it. There are origami animals all over the house and they give them as presents, too!
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
It's been a long time since I've tried my hand at creating origami decorations and so was eagerly anticipating re-learning the craft through Origami Zoo. I've had a wonderful time making numerous zoo animals and am happy to report I'm well on my way to becoming proficient to the point that I don't go running when I see a mountain fold or even an inside reverse fold. Origami Zoo begins with a multi-page introduction entitled "Read This!" and if it's been a while since you've attempted origami, I would strongly advise that you take the authors' advice. There are recommendations on what types of paper work best when origami paper is not available, folding tips, and an overview of techniques. Then it's on to creating a zoo full of animals! There are 25 animals to make, from a lovable koala to a butterfly and giraffe. Along with the directions, the book includes 60 pieces of colorful origami paper to get the reader well on her way to having a zoo full of creatures. The projects are arranged in order from the "very simple," to "simple," "intermediate," and finally, "advanced." This made it very easy to pick appropriate projects, and for those like myself who are quite rusty with origami, I'd suggest sticking to the very simple until you are comfortable with the techniques and your animals look like animals! While it took me a few tries to get the hang of some of the more difficult folds, I found the book very nicely arranged, with good diagrams and instructions. It's easy to distinguish the colored side of the paper from the white side in the illustrations, and the text that accompanies each drawing aided in the understanding of every step. Overall, it was a fun way to spend an afternoon and I am looking forward to working my way up to the advanced projects. If you're interested in making origami animals, I would highly recommend this book to start filling up your zoo! Quill says: The perfect project book for a parent wishing to spend some quality time with their older child as well as a fun book for anybody wishing to learn how to make origami zoo animals.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alot of origami animals
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From what people have posted it looks really good
Anonymous 9 months ago
I want it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love art and love to get messy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love crafts!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago