Original Classic Albums 1965-1969

Original Classic Albums 1965-1969

by Jerry Lee Lewis

Raven's 2012 double-disc set Original Classic Albums 1965-1969 rounds up five of the Killer's LPs for Smash: The Return of Rock from 1965, Memphis Beat from 1966, Soul My Way from 1967, 1969's I'm on Fire, and the Linda Gail Lewis duet albumSee more details below


Raven's 2012 double-disc set Original Classic Albums 1965-1969 rounds up five of the Killer's LPs for Smash: The Return of Rock from 1965, Memphis Beat from 1966, Soul My Way from 1967, 1969's I'm on Fire, and the Linda Gail Lewis duet album Together from the same year. Although the music here has shown up on Bear Family's complete Smash box set, it has not been reissued in an original album format, so this set is certainly worthwhile in that respect and, when they're presented as a set, it's possible to hear these five albums as the transitional period they are, finding Jerry Lee slowly moving from rock & roll and R&B toward the hardcore country that gave him a commercial revival in the late '60s. Not the greatest music Jerry Lee made in the '60s, but there is plenty of wonderful stuff here that's well worth investigating.

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Raven [australia]


Disc 1

  1. Memphis Beat  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  2. Pen And Paper  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  3. I'm On Fire  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  4. She Was My Baby (He Was My Friend)  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  5. This Must Be The Place  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  6. What A Heck Of A Mess  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  7. Rockin' Pneumonia And THe Boogie Woogie Flu  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  8. If I Had It All To Do Over  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  9. Hit The Road Jack  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  10. Hole He Said He'd Dig For Me  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  11. Bread And Butter Man  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  12. Baby (You've Got What It Takes)  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  13. I Believe In You  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  14. Maybelline  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  15. Flip Flop And Fly  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  16. Roll Over Beethoven  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  17. Don't Let Go  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  18. Herman The Hermit  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  19. Baby, Hold Me Close  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  20. You Went Back On Your Word  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  21. Corine, Corina  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  22. Sexy Ways  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  23. Johnny B. Goode  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  24. Got You On My Mind  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  25. Memphis Beat  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  26. Mathilda  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  27. Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  28. Hallelujah, I Love Her So  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  29. She Thinks I Still Care  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  30. Just Because  - Jerry Lee Lewis

Disc 2

  1. Sticks And Stones  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  2. Whenever You're Ready  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  3. Lincoln Limousine  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  4. Big Boss Man  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  5. Too Young  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  6. The Urge  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  7. Turn On Your Love Light  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  8. It's A Hang-Up Baby  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  9. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  10. Just Dropped In  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  11. Wedding Bells  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  12. He Took It Like A Man  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  13. Hey Baby  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  14. Treat Her Right  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  15. Holdin' On  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  16. Shotgun Man  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  17. I Bet You're Gonna Like It  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  18. Milwaukee, Here I Come  - Linda Gail Lewis
  19. Jackson  - Linda Gail Lewis
  20. Don't Take It Out On Me  - Linda Gail Lewis
  21. Cryin' Time  - Linda Gail Lewis
  22. Sweet Thang  - Linda Gail Lewis
  23. Secret Places  - Linda Gail Lewis
  24. Don't Let Me Cross Over  - Linda Gail Lewis
  25. Gotta Travel On  - Linda Gail Lewis
  26. We Live In Two Different Worlds  - Linda Gail Lewis
  27. Earth Up Above (Grand Ole Moon Up Above)  - Linda Gail Lewis
  28. Roll Over Beethoven  - Linda Gail Lewis

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jerry Lee Lewis   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Percy Mayfield   Composer
Mickey Newbury   Composer
Buck Owens   Composer
Paul Clayton   Composer
Hank Ballard   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Ray Charles   Composer
Jerry Lee Lewis   Composer
Donnie Fritts   Composer
Roy Head   Composer
Cindy Walker   Composer
Eddie Kilroy   Composer
Fred Rose   Composer
H. Smith   Composer
Jesse Stone   Composer
Robert Tubert   Composer
Keith Glass   Liner Notes
Claude Boone   Composer
Nat Stuckey   Composer
Warren Barnett   Mastering
George Khoury   Composer
Lambert   Composer
Paul Selph   Composer
Frank Brunson   Composer
Joy Byers   Composer
Lee Fikes   Composer
A. Smith   Composer
Cecil Harrelson   Composer
J. Shelton   Composer
C. Otis   Composer
L.W. Turner   Composer
H. Thierry   Composer
S. Lippmann   Composer
D. Malone   Composer
J. Thomas   Composer
J. M. Williams   Composer
H. Biggs   Composer
R. Riley   Composer
Pegues   Composer
Edward Reeves   Composer
L. Dixon   Composer
B. Channel   Composer
B.E. Wheeler   Composer
T. Turner   Composer
B. Killen   Composer
M.F. Turner   Composer
Chatman   Composer
J.H. Loden   Composer
H.B. Glover   Composer
D.L. Lipscombe   Composer
D. Kilroy   Composer
Z. Hillon   Composer

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