Origins And Foundations Of Music Education

Origins And Foundations Of Music Education

by Gordon Cox

Explores the origins and foundations of music education across five continents.See more details below


Explores the origins and foundations of music education across five continents.

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Continuum Studies in Educational Research Series
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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables vii

List of Contributors viii

Foreword Håkan Lundström xiii

Acknowledgements xiv

1 Introduction Gordon Cox Robin Stevens 1

Part 1 Europe

2 Britain: Towards 'a long overdue renaissance'? Gordon Cox 15

3 France: An uncertain and unequal combat François Madurell 29

4 Germany: Educational goals, curricular structure, political principles Wilfried Gruhn 45

5 Ireland: Curriculum development in troubled times Marie McCarthy 61

6 Norway: Educational progress or stasis on the outskirts of Europe? Fred Ola Bjørnstad Magne Espeland 77

7 Spain: A journey from a nominal towards a universally implemented curriculum Gabriel Rusinek Susana Sarfson 91

Part 2 The Americas

A North America

8 Canada: Diverse developments across the decades Nancy Vogan 109

9 United States of America: Reflections on the development and effectiveness of compulsory music education Fere T. Humphreys 121

B Latin America

10 Argentina: From 'música vocal' to 'educación artística: Música' Ana Lucía Frega Alicia de Couve Claudia Dal Pino 139

11 Cuba: Music education and revolution Lisa M. Lorenzino 153

Part 3 Africa and Asia-Pacific

12 Australia: Recurring problems and unresolved issues Robin Stevens Fane Southcott 171

13 China: Socio-political constructions of school music Wai-Chung Ho 189

14 Japan: Music as a tool for moral education? Masafumi Ogawa 205

15 South Africa: Indigenous roots, cultural imposition and an uncertain future Robin Stevens Eric Akrofi 221

Index 236

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