Origins of Intelligence: Infancy and Early Childhood / Edition 2

Origins of Intelligence: Infancy and Early Childhood / Edition 2

by Michael Lewis PhD

ISBN-10: 030641225X

ISBN-13: 9780306412257

Pub. Date: 02/26/2004

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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2nd ed
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.19(d)

Table of Contents

1 On the Nature of Intelligence: Science or Bias?.- 2 Origins of Infant Intelligence Testing.- 3 Measuring Mental Abilities in Infancy: The Value and Limitations.- 4 A Conceptual Approach to Early Mental Development.- 5 Organization of Sensorimotor Intelligence.- 6 An Evolutionary Perspective on Infant Intelligence: Species Patterns and Individual Variations.- 7 Early Learning and Intelligence.- 8 Environmental Risks in Fetal and Neonatal Life as Biological Determinants of Infant Intelligence.- 9 Social Intelligence and the Development of Communicative Competence.- 10 Culture and Intelligence in Infancy: An Ethnopsychological View.- 11 Social Class and Infant Intelligence.- 12 Temperament-Intelligence Reciprocities in Early Childhood: A Contextual Model.- 13 Looking Smart: The Relationship between Affect and Intelligence in Infancy.- 14 Motivation and Cognition in Infancy.- 15 Mental Retardation: Developmental Issues in Cognitive and Social Adaptation.- Author Index.

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