Orlando and Disney World: A Travel Venture Guide

Orlando and Disney World: A Travel Venture Guide

by Bob Martin

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As tourist destinations, the Disney parks outrank the U.S. capital, Yellowstone, and Waikiki. As many as 92,000 people have passed through Disney World in a single day. A visit has become almost a pilgrimage, for both Americans and foreigners. There is no shortage of guidebooks, as these representative titles suggest. The Birnbaum's are ``official'' guides, meaning that they are done with the cooperation and approval of the Disney empire. They have the most thorough descriptions of the attractions. Their layout is magazine-like, with colored pages and cheerful Disney characters leaping out of the text. They minimize the hassles--there are no rip-off restaurants, overpriced souvenirs, or traffic jams when leaving the parking lots. These are indeed Fantasylands. The Martin and Pratson guides are less ambitious and include more coverage of nearby attractions, such as the Elvis Presley Museum and Gatorland. The Pratson guide is particularly straightforward, with clear simplified maps and specific price information. The Sehlinger guides are critical and evaluative. They compare the California and Florida parks, rate specific attractions, and explain how to cope with the long lines and ``deal with obnoxious people.'' They praise what is praiseworthy, and do not try to discourage visitors. These are the kinds of guides a traveler will want to read in advance of a trip. Libraries should go beyond just providing the descriptive promotional tourist literature, such as the ``official'' guides.-- Harold M. Otness, Southern Oregon State Coll. Lib., Ashland

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