The Orphan Rescue

The Orphan Rescue

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by Anne Dublin

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When Miriam's little brother is forced to live in an orphanage and made to do factory work, Miriam is determined to rescue him.See more details below


When Miriam's little brother is forced to live in an orphanage and made to do factory work, Miriam is determined to rescue him.

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"An endearing feature of The Orphan Rescue is the love the siblings have for each other. It is this love that propels the story and ensures the rescue...The illustrations that are scattered throughout the novel add the perfect tone...A sweet story."
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"Books for this age group that are this heartfelt and emotionally raw are few and far between...While the story is woven using somewhat old-fashioned language, it is not lacklustre in the least, and the traditional styling only makes the story more genuine and heart-wrenching. Reading it actually brought to mind such beautiful classics as Eleanor Estes' The Hundred Dresses...This touching story is definitely worth the effort of hand selling to both boys and girls."
Children's Literature - Joyce Rice
Sosnowiec is a town in southern Poland, and in 1937, it was home to Miriam and David and their grandparents. Like many countries of that day, Poland was in an economic crisis and much of its population was destitute with little money for clothing, housing, or food. Those who had these things were considered rich. When Miriam's mother and father were living and her grandfather was working as a locksmith they were a part of this group. But when Miriam's father died in a typhus epidemic, she was only seven and David was two. Miriam's mother had to get work at a dressmaking shop, working long hours into the night. Mama sold her jewelry and papa's tools to help pay the rent but still there was not enough money. Finally, Miriam and her family moved in with their grandparents. That is what has brought them here, to the orphanage door, today. Miriam's mother is dead and her grandparents can no longer support the family. They must leave young David here at the orphanage so that he can have proper shelter and food. Miriam must leave school and find a job to help with expenses. But the people at the orphanage do not care about children and Miriam is determined not to leave her brother here. With the help of an unlikely friend, Miriam will rescue her little brother and reunite her family. Her can-do attitude will help young readers to see that even though they are young, they can make a difference in their world. The elements of history about the country of Poland are subtle but interesting. The character of Ben introduces discussions about stereotypes and expectations. This is a story to be read on several levels and would be a good discussion starter in social studies classes. Reviewer: Joyce Rice

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