Osteoporosis, CD-ROM / Edition 2

Osteoporosis, CD-ROM / Edition 2

by Robert Marcus, David Feldman, Jennifer L. Kelsey

ISBN-10: 012470865X

ISBN-13: 9780124708655

Pub. Date: 01/11/2002

Publisher: Elsevier Science

CD-ROM to complement the print version of Osteoporosis, Second Edition with 325 figures and legends for use in presentations.


CD-ROM to complement the print version of Osteoporosis, Second Edition with 325 figures and legends for use in presentations.

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Table of Contents

Skeletal Biology:
T.A. Einhorn, The Bone Organ System: Form and Function.
J.B. Lian and G.S. Stein, Osteoblast Biology.
S.L. Teitelbaum, M.M. Tondravi, and F.P. Ross, Osteoclast Biology.
P.G. Robey and A.L. Boskey, The Biochemistry of Bone.
T.J. Martin, D.M. Findlay, and J.M. Moseley, Peptide Hormones Acting on Bone.
D. Feldman, P.J. Malloy, and C. Gross, Vitamin D: Metabolism and Action.
M.J. Oursler, M. Kassem, B.L. Riggs, and T.Spelsberg, Regulation of Bone Cell Function by Gonadal Steroids.
E. Canalis, Skeletal Growth Factors.
H. Reddi and T.K. Sampath, Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: Potential Role in Osteoporosis.
G.A. Rodan, Coupling of Bone Resorption and Formation during Bone Remodeling.
G.R. Mundy, B.F. Boyce, T. Yoneda, L.F. Bonewald, and G.D. Roodman, Cytokines and Bone Remodeling.
A.M. Parfitt, Skeletal Heterogeneity and the Purpose of Bone Remodeling--Implications for the Understanding ofOsteoporosis.
Structure and Biomechanics:
D.R. Carter, M.C.H. van der Meulen, and G.S. Beaupre, Skeletal Development: Mechanical Consequences of Growth, Aging, and Disease.
C.T. Rubin and K.J. McLeod, Inhibition of Osteopenia by Biophysical Intervention.
M.L. Bouxsein, E.R. Myers, and W.C. Hayes, Biomechanics of Age-Related Fractures.
Epidemiology and Risk Factors:
J.L. Kelsey and M.F. Sowers, Introduction to Epidemiologic Methods.
L.J. Melton and C. Cooper, Magnitude and Impact of Osteoporosis and Fractures.
M.L. Villa and L. Nelson, Race, Ethnicity and Osteoporosis.
L.S. Hillman, Bone Mineral Acquisition in Utero and during Infancy and Childhood.
J.- P. Bonjour, Bone Acquisition in Adolescence.
P.N. Sambrook, P.J. Kelly, C.P. White, N.A. Morrison, and J.A. Eisman, Genetic Determinants of Bone Mass.
R.P. Heaney, Nutrition and Risk for Osteoporosis.
C. Snow-Harter, C.C. Matkin, and M. Shaw, Physical Activity and Risk forOsteoporosis and Fractures.
M.F. Sowers, Premenopausal Reproductive and Hormonal Characteristics and the Risk for Osteoporosis Fractures.
J.A. Cauley, L. Salamone, and F.L. Lucas, Postmenopausal Endogenous and Exogenous Hormones, Degree of Obesity, Thiazide Diuretics, and Risk of Osteoporosis and Fracture.
E. Seeman, Alcohol and Tobacco Use and Risk for Osteoporosis.
J.A. Grisso, E. Capezuti, and A. Schwartz, Falls as Risk Factors for Fractures.
D.A. Nelson and M. Kleerekoper, What is a Vertebral Fracture?
C.W. Slemenda, C.C. Johnston, and S.L. Hui, Assessing Fracture Risk.
G.A. Greendale and E. Barrett-Connor, Outcomes of Osteoporotic Fractures.
R. Marcus, The Nature of Osteoporosis.L.G. Raisz, Interaction of Local and Systemic Factors in the Pathogenesis of Osteoporosis.
D.B. Kimmel, Models for in Vivo Experimentation in Osteoporosis Research.
M. Kassem, L.J. Metton, and B.L. Riggs, The Type I-Type II Model for Involutional Osteoporosis.
R.R. Recker, Bone Remodeling Abnormalities in Osteoporosis.
S.J. Silverberg, L.A. Fitzpatrick, and J.P. Bilezikian, The Role of Parathyroid Hormone and Vitamin D in the Pathogenisis of Osteoporosis.
R. Pacifici, Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: How the Hormonal Changes of Menopause Cause Bone Loss.
E.S. Orwoll and R.F. Klein, Osteoporosis in Men: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Characterization.
L. Bachrach, Osteoporosis in Childhoodand Adolescence.
B. Lukert, Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis.
A. Burshell and S.S. Smith, Familial Osteoporosis.
B.J. Kiratli, Immobilization Osteopenia.
D. Baran and S. Suwanwalaikorn, Thyroid Hormone and the Skeleton.
D.D.Bikle, Osteoporosis in Gastrointestinal, Pancreatic, and Hepatic Disease.
H. Heath, Primary Hyperparathroidism, Hyperparathyroid Bone Disease, and Osteoporosis.
J.R. Shapiro, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Other Defects of Bone Development as Occassional Causes of Adult Osteoporosis.
E. Shane, Osteoporosis Associated with Illness and Medications.
E. Shane and S. Epstein, Transplantation Osteoporosis.
L. Kohlmeier and R. Marcus, Osteoporosis Associated with Pregnancy.
M. Jeffcoat, M. Reddy, and A. DeCarlo, Oral Bone Loss and Systemic Osteopenia.
D.J. Schurman, W.J. Maloney, and L. Smith, Localized Osteoporosis.
Evaluation and Management:
M. Kleerekoper, The Evaluation of Patients with Osteoporosis.
E.Steiner, M. Jergas, and H. Genant, Radiology of Osteoporosis.
H. Wahner, Use of Densitometry in Management of Osteoporosis.
P.D. Delmas and P. Garnero, Utility of Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in Osteoporosis
D. Gold, K. Lyles, K. Shipp, K. Harper, and M. Drezner, Unexpected Consequences of Osteoporosis: An Evolving Basis for Treatment Decisions.
M. Heggeness and K.B. Mathis, An Orthopedic Perspective of Osteoporosis.
P.J. Meunier and M. Arlot, Clinical Use of BoneBiopsy.
Pharmacology and Therapeutics:
R.P. Heaney, Design Considerations for Osteoporosis Trials.
F. Melsen, L. Mosekilde, K. Brixen, and T. Steinicke, ADFR: The Concept and its Performance.
B. Dawson-Hughes, The Role of Calcium in the Treatment of Osteoporosis.
I.R. Reid, Vitamin D and its Metabolites in the Management of Osteoporosis.
J.C. Gallagher, Estrogen.
Socrates E. Papapolous, Bisphosphonates: Pharmacology and Use in the Treatment of Osteoporosis.
R.Civitelli, Calcitonin.
C. Libanati and D. Baylink, Fluoride Therapy for Osteoporosis.
C. Christiansen, Androgens and Androgenic Progestins.
L. Mosekilde and J. Reeve, Treatment with PTH Peptides.
C. Rosen and C. Wuster, GrowthHormone Insulin-like Growth Factors: Potential Applications and Limitations in the Management of Osteoporosis.
M.L. Brandi, Ipriflavone: In Vitro and in Vivo Effects on Bone Metabolism.
Subject Index.

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