Other Side of Down [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD]

Other Side of Down [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD]

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by David Archuleta

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Disc 1

  1. The Other Side of Down  - David Archuleta
  2. Something 'Bout Love  - David Archuleta
  3. Elevator  - David Archuleta
  4. Stomping the Roses  - David Archuleta
  5. Who I Am  - David Archuleta
  6. Falling Stars  - David Archuleta
  7. Parachutes and Airplanes  - David Archuleta
  8. Look Around  - David Archuleta
  9. Good Place  - David Archuleta
  10. Complain  - David Archuleta
  11. Things Are Gonna Get Better  - David Archuleta
  12. My Kind of Perfect  - David Archuleta

Disc 2

  1. Photoshoot Behind-The-Scenes  - David Archuleta
  2. Something 'Bout Love [Multimedia  - David Archuleta
  3. Interview Q&a With David  - David Archuleta
  4. Something 'Bout Love  - David Archuleta
  5. Photo Gallery  - David Archuleta

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Archuleta   Primary Artist,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Maxi Anderson   Choir, Chorus,Choir Conductor
Alex Brown   Choir, Chorus
Bridgette Bryant   Choir, Chorus
Carmen Carter   Choir, Chorus
Dani Johnson   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Jamie Muhoberac   Keyboards
Gary Novak   Drums
Oren Waters   Choir, Chorus
Danielle Brisebois   Background Vocals,Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Nick Lashley   Guitar,Keyboards,Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Randy Cooke   Drums
Jeremy Bose   Piano
Matt Butler   Cello
Dorian Crozier   Drums
John Hancock   Guitar
Blair Daly   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Chris Chaney   Bass
Marie Brisebois   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Chris DeStefano   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
Justin Glasco   Drums
Will Wheaton   Choir, Chorus
Nikola Bedingfield   Background Vocals
Juan Portela   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,fender rhodes
Mike Krompass   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Drums,Electric Guitar,Keyboards
Tina Guo   Cello
Maxine Waters   Choir, Chorus
Josef Powell   Choir, Chorus
Alfie Silas-Durio   Choir, Chorus
Charlie Judge   Keyboards
Jonah Nelson   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Jens Koerkemeier   Keyboards
Janessa Milne   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Adam Ruben   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Storm Lee Gardiner   Background Vocals
Lauri Archuleta   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping

Technical Credits

Jess Cates   Composer
Chris Garcia   Engineer
Dani Johnson   Inspiration
Shelly Peiken   Composer
Joy Williams   Composer
Danielle Brisebois   Composer,Producer,Inspiration
Nick Lashley   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming,Inspiration
Tom Coyne   Mastering
Jeremy Bose   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Jackie Murphy   Art Direction
Mitch Allan   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Emanuel Kiriakou   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
John Hancock   Programming,Producer
Blair Daly   Composer
Lindy Robbins   Composer
Matt Squire   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Sam Hollander   Composer,Programming
Marie Brisebois   Inspiration
Kieron Menzies   Engineer
Travis Huff   Vocal Engineer
Victoria Horn   Composer
Sean Gould   Engineer
Brian Wohlgemuth   Pro-Tools
Chris DeStefano   Composer,Programming,Engineer
David Hodges   Composer
Phil Margaziotis   Vocal Engineer
Bryce Avary   Composer
Juan Portela   Pro-Tools
Claude Kelly   Composer
S*A*M   Producer
Dave Katz   Composer,Programming
Sluggo   Producer
Mike Krompass   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming,Pro-Tools
David Archuleta   Composer,Inspiration
Maria P. Marulanda   Art Direction
Finn Bjarnson   Producer
Chris "Rockwell" Destefano   Producer
Walid Azami   Video Engineer
Jonah Nelson   Inspiration
Jens Koerkemeier   Engineer
Janessa Milne   Inspiration
Dolena Krompass   Drum Engineering,Pro-Tools
Cindy Brouwer   Composer
Adam Ruben   Inspiration
Jason Valen   Producer
Declan Whitebloom   Director
U4L   Additional Production
Lauri Archuleta   Inspiration

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