The Ottoman Empire and the World-Economy

The Ottoman Empire and the World-Economy

by Huri Islamogu-Inan

New perspectives on the Ottoman Empire, challenging Western stereotypes.See more details below


New perspectives on the Ottoman Empire, challenging Western stereotypes.

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Cambridge University Press
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Studies in Modern Capitalism Series
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New Edition
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 1.10(d)

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List of illustrations; List of tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction: 'oriental despotism' in world-system perspective Huri Islamoglu-Inan; Part I. Theoretical Approaches: 1. Late-eighteenth - early-nineteenth-century Egypt: merchant capitalism or modern capitalism? Peter Gran; 2. Agenda for Ottoman history Huri Islamoglu and Çaglar Keyder; 3. State and economy in the Ottoman Empire Ilkay Sunar; 4. The incorporation of the Ottoman Empire into the world-economy Immanuel Wallerstein, Hale Decdeli and Resat Kasaba; Part II. State and Agriculture: 5. State and peasants in the Ottoman Empire: a study of peasant economy in north-central Anatolia during the sixteenth century Huri Islamoglu-Inan; 6. The cotton famine and its effects on the Ottoman Empire Orhan Kurmus; 7. The Middle Danube cul-de-sac Bruce McGowan; 8. Commodity production for world-markets and relations of production in Ottoman agriculture, 1840–1913 Sevket Pamuk; 9. Primitive accumulation in Egypt, 1798–1882 Alan R. Richards; Part III. Industry and Labour: 10. Price history and the Bursa silk industry: a study in Ottoman industrial decline, 1550–1650 Murat Çizakça; 11. Notes on the production of cotton and cotton cloth in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Anatolia Suraiya Faroqhi; 12. The silk-reeling industry of Mount Lebanon, 1840–1914: a study of the possibilities and limitations of factory production in the periphery Roger Owen; 13. The silk industry of Bursa, 1880–1914 Donald Quataert; 14. A provisional report concerning the impact of European capital on Ottoman port workers, 1880–1909 Donald Quataert; Part IV. Trade and Markets: 15. The Venetian presence in the Ottoman Empire, 1600–30 Suraiya Faroqhi; 16. A study of the feasibility of using eighteenth-century Ottoman financial records as an indicator of economic activity Mehmet Genç; 17. When and how British cotton goods invaded the Levant markets Halil Inalcik; Notes; Index.

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