Our Lady Kitty Kallen

Our Lady Kitty Kallen

by Kitty Kallen

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Sepia Recordings

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  1. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  2. Just the Other Day
  3. Should I Tell You I Love You
  4. If I'm Lucky
  5. There's Nothing the Matter with Me (That a Kiss Can't Cure)
  6. Kiss Me Sweet
  7. I Don't See Me in Your Eyes Anymore
  8. You Missed the Boat
  9. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You)
  10. Mother, Mother, Mother, Pin a Rose on Me
  11. Willya Won'tcha (Kinda Sorta)
  12. Juke Box Annie
  13. If You Smile at the Sun
  14. Our Lady of Fatima
  15. Honestly, I Love You
  16. Dream Awhile
  17. Get out Those Old Records
  18. The ABA Daba Honeymoon
  19. Last Night My Heart Crossed the Ocean
  20. If You Want Some Lovin'
  21. Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You
  22. The Old Soft Shoe
  23. More! More! More!
  24. Another Human Being of the Opposite Sex
  25. Like the Moon Above You

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