Out Of A Dream

Out Of A Dream

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by Rosemary Wesley Hines

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Michelle Baron should be reveling in her new life in Sandy Cove, Oregon. From the outside, it all looks idyllic. A newlywed settling into a quaint coastal town, her husband establishing himself as a junior partner in a law firm-what more could she want?
But a series of disturbing nightmares haunts Michelle. Her quest to understand these dreams leads her to the


Michelle Baron should be reveling in her new life in Sandy Cove, Oregon. From the outside, it all looks idyllic. A newlywed settling into a quaint coastal town, her husband establishing himself as a junior partner in a law firm-what more could she want?
But a series of disturbing nightmares haunts Michelle. Her quest to understand these dreams leads her to the New World bookstore, where she begins a spiritual journey that will challenge her Christian heritage as well as her marriage.

"This engaging novel quickly introduces you to characters that parallel people in our own lives. Shaped by traits that enhance the plausibility of the plot, you could swear that you've met them all before. Out of a Dream resonates with the theme of how people often go looking for love in all the wrong places when seeking spirituality. The beauty here is that although some explore false approaches to knowing God, there is hope for everyone who diligently seeks the truth."

-Irene Dunlap, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Treasure for Kids

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Out of a Dream 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 48 reviews.
25jump More than 1 year ago
Dreams tell us so many things. We need to pray and ask for guidance from God, not others. There were so many things going on and we need to remember where to turn to for help. Your faith is tested every day especially by those who don't believe or make up their religion to suit their needs. But commandments were made for a reason and we don't make them to suit ourselves or our situation. I must tell you what my grandmother always told me, "never invite someone/trouble into your home unless you are ready to deal with them."
boopenguin More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book, but am also sad that i can't get the rest of the series on Nook.  I no longer read paper.   Come on Barnes and Noble - please help
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a Christian book. It is combined with new age religion and concepts, crystals, tarot cards, dream interpertation etc. There is a suicide attempt, but other than that, this 216 page book is non violent and there are no other strictly adult themes. There are a few editing errors, but nothing major, mostly letters left off at the end of words. I found this book slow going. There is a lot Christianity. Which I usually like, but this author got carried away.i subtracted a star because this book is a cliff hanger, and I subtracted another one for the extreme amount of religion, editing and slow pace. AD
StaceyZink More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read for people of all walks of life. I loved the message of God hope and love, but I believe there is also a valuable message in this novel for people who are still seeking answers and not ready to accept God's gift. This book deals with the difficult issue of the occult and all the fascination that lures the lost into its dark world. Rosemary handled it brilliantly while weaving a book of characters that are unforgettable. I look forward to reading book 2!
Angelian More than 1 year ago
Although I remember the days that I traveled the road that Michelle traveled, it was a bittersweet trip down memory lane.  When God is calling you to Him, His voice is clear.  This story was well-developed and kept you reading to see where this was going and how each person would fare with their current beliefs and how the events would affect those beliefs.  Would the path for Michelle take her away from her husband?  Would she see through Trevor and his using her new age beliefs to seduce her for his own pleasure?  Would John find the God of his in-laws to be a comfort when his own strength was not enough to get him through his crisis?  Read this book and see for yourself.
MaryAnnF More than 1 year ago
This was a book that left me unsettled for much of the journey. Michelle and her husband Steve have resettled to Oregon from Southern California for his work. She hasn’t met a lot of people, but has made a friend in Michelle, who attends a yoga class with her. The class and the teacher lead to their, but especially Michelle’s growing exploration of new age philosophies. The teacher directs her to a new age book store when she learns of some dreams, there they sign up for a class on another new age type philosophy. The book store owner is kind to her and the teacher of the class they sign up for is charismatic and drawn to Michelle. It is in the midst of this that Steve meets up with someone he knew in high school and ends up becoming a Christian. It is important to know that Michelle’s grandparents, who are very special to her, are devoted Christians, but away from them, her parents didn’t bring her up in the church. Circumstances bring Michelle, Steve, her grandparents, mom and brother together and she must consider which is true, the new age philosophies she has been studying or the faith of her grandparents and husband. It takes quite a while to get to this point and I struggled with all that she was studying and the pull of the teacher. While I am glad I finished the book and am seriously considering getting it’s sequel I’m not sure I would have stuck with the book to get to that point if I wasn’t reading it to review. I guess what I would say is, if you are struggling with the beginning of the book, don’t give up, it is worth finishing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great read! I felt such a connection with the characters and really enjoyed the story. The message of hope and the meaning of life was skillfully laced throughout the story. The end is somewhat of a cliff-hanger, so be prepared to want to pick up the second book of the series, Through the Tears, right away! Loved every second of the book and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great Christian-fiction read! Through the Tears was just as wonderful as Out of a Dream. I can't wait to start reading the third one now (Into Magnolia)!
malmal0505 More than 1 year ago
Out of a Dream is a really good book and most definitely worth the read!!! Mrs. Hines writes a story that sheds light on the New Age movement and how it can easily seem appealing to those outside of the Christian faith who are searching. I don't want to give anything away, but I do want to say that she speaks truth and shares the Gospel so beautifully. At times, you may want to go into the book and slap some sense into a character or two, yet, you can also relate to some of what they are going through! Great job on a great book, Mrs. Hines!!! I am super excited and can't wait to get the other two books in this series!!! Once you read this book, you'll definitely be hooked!!! Yes, I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. That being said, I was NOT required to write or post a positive review. All opinions that I have written, spoken, typed, or expressed are ALL my own. Thank you :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fantastic story abou struggling with all the
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite Michelle Baron followed her new husband to a new life in Sandy Cove, Oregon because of Steve’s new job as junior partner in a law firm. Being newly married, her husband having a new job, and college classes for Michelle in order to follow her dream to be a teacher, what more could one ask for? But Michelle starts having disturbing nightmares, which lead her to friends that are heavily into the occult and New Age mysticism to try to find the meaning of her dreams. But when a tragedy strikes her family, Michelle starts questioning what she really believes. Will Michelle find comfort from the Bible her grandfather so loves, or will she stay on her journey with the New Age friends? And what does Michelle’s new husband think all of these issues? This is a really good read. Through Michelle’s character, Rosemary Hines takes readers on a very detailed journey into New Age beliefs. For me, reading about these beliefs was a little weird, but I understand that the author goes into such detail in order to show how disturbed Michelle was and how deep she was getting into the occult. Michelle’s grandfather is so precious and very wise. I just love him and loved all of the sound wisdom he gave everyone, and especially Michelle. I appreciate Ms. Hines writing about the issues with the occult, because it gave me insight on what they believe, as well as wisdom on how to answer any questions that come my way about the New Age system.  This book is very well written, and so very intriguing that I couldn’t put my Kindle down until I finished reading. I read Out of a Dream in one day! I want to encourage everyone to read this awesome book. I think you will appreciate Rosemary Hines' writing. And don’t forget to pick up books two and three in this series.
Anonymous 20 days ago
You people should just read this novel yourselves and write your own review on this book. I really enjoyed reading this novel very much so. ShelleyMA
Anonymous 4 months ago
I liked this book very much.
Anonymous 11 months ago
One of the best Christian books I have read, what a story and writer!
Nettermoses More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Everyday we meet challenges along the way and we have to trust our faith to move us forward one step at a time. Turning troubles over to God can give some a warm comforting feeling by knowing we do not face it alone. Thanks for a wonderful book. Went to buy the next 2 stories in the series and was disappointed to not be able to purchase them on my Nook. Hope to find it as a Nook Book soon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For all those that review they like a christian themed book but this was too much. I say to you, you are sooo wrong....I almost stop reading when the New Age was discussed so much.something says dont keep reading...At the end I know why...there are lessons we all can learn from the things Michelle and her family go through. How faith is tested but God is there guiding..waiting for you ,ever the gentlemen He will lead but not push or drag. I think this is an excellent read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Slow moving in the beginning... somewhere in the middle it kept me interested. Only thing can't get the others on nook so it leaves you hanging. : (
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After reading the reviews , I thoughti that this would be a good read. I was wrong. This book was a nothing read. The story was left with a lot of loose ends. The author conveyed a spiritual message, but the story line lacked interest.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I prefer books with christian them but this one was strange. I gave up and archived it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really am having a hard time finding anything good to say about this book. I found it offensive and intolerant of anyone that believes different than the characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too slow
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago