Out of This World Lover

Out of This World Lover

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by Shannon Stacey, Summer Devon, Charlene Teglia

These fiery lovers from another world take their unsuspecting partners on a pleasure trip through their wildest fantasies....

Interstellar Sparks
After intergalactic Acelan ambassador Ilyna shows up at hard-bodied electrician Bryan Cameron's door to re-enact some steamy scenes she saw on the XXX channel, he indulges her nocturnal


These fiery lovers from another world take their unsuspecting partners on a pleasure trip through their wildest fantasies....

Interstellar Sparks
After intergalactic Acelan ambassador Ilyna shows up at hard-bodied electrician Bryan Cameron's door to re-enact some steamy scenes she saw on the XXX channel, he indulges her nocturnal fantasies...before the morning brings a scandalous surprise.

Candy is shocked when a tall, mysterious — and deliciously sexy — stranger from the future lands with a thud on her park bench. But with a little intimate fl irtation and a lot of erotic fun, she treats him to a red-hot escapade that makes him beg for more.

Wolf in Cheap Clothing
Wearing her slinkiest bikini, Lou is on the hunt for the rogue werewolf who changed her — until a gorgeous, towering hunk takes her hostage on the beach for an unforgettable night of carnal pleasure.

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Ellora's Cave Series
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New York City, 2144

Ilyna found it very difficult to focus on the borscht when what she really wanted served up was a toe-curling, back-arching, scream-inducing orgasm.

She daintily dabbed at her lips with her napkin and then smiled at the recently inaugurated American president. He blinked and smiled back. As the intergalactic ambassador from Acela, Ilyna was genetically engineered to be universally appealing to Earthlings. While the former president had been attracted to her keen intellect and political savvy, it was becoming increasingly clear the current president was most attracted to her breasts.

"How do you find your soup, Ambassador?" he asked politely, no doubt feeling the need to blandly converse after being caught so blatantly staring.

"It's perfect as always, Mr. President."

He nodded and they both returned to their meals. The epitome of grace and dignity. Not a soul in the room had any idea Ambassador Ilyna's thighs were pressed tightly together to keep her from squirming in her chair.

The scientist who'd manipulated her DNA must have had his pocket protector out of whack the day he'd designed her sexuality. She was supposed to be perfect. She was beautiful, intelligent, politically adept, made sparkling conversation and never, ever succumbed to flatulence in public. Somehow she didn't imagine the Acelan scientists meant for their ambassador to be hiding intense and forbidden sexual desires behind her diplomat's mask.

Two hours later, Ilyna was squirming on the inside again. Why they insisted on throwing gala events in her honor was truly a mystery. The parties always included dancing — gorgeous women in gowns and jewels whirling around the room in the arms of handsome men in tuxedos. And one Acelan ambassador sitting in the corner with a plastic smile, beaming her approval. To her it seemed almost deliberately cruel.

The formal ballroom of the Windsor Interstellar Plaza Hotel was awash in glowing crystal, the shards of light reflecting off the women's jewelry. An unobtrusive orchestra sat behind a translucent veil, filling the room with notes of love and passion. She used to wonder if it was some devious plan to torture her, but over time she'd come to realize that the Earthlings included dancing in most of their formal events and never stopped to consider if it might be rude to include dancing in a party for a woman forbidden any physical contact with anyone not Acelan.

After a while, she wandered toward the tall windows overlooking a central courtyard. A few more minutes and she would say good night to the president and retire to her suite.

The lights were dimmed almost to darkness in the heavily vegetated courtyard so as not to distract from the glitter of the ballroom. The area was surrounded on all sides by the hotel, offering a haven only to those who could afford the exorbitant prices. A shadow shifted in the trees, and Ilyna stepped to the side of the window, peering into the near-darkness.

A man — a partygoer judging by the tuxedo — leaned against the post of a dimmed lamp, his head resting on the black metal. A brunette in a glittering designer gown knelt in front of him, the expensive fabric bunched carelessly around her thighs.

The man had his hand wound through the woman's hair, directing her head as it bobbed over his cock. One of her hands held her dress off the grass, the other cupped his balls, gently kneading. He lifted his head, smiling down at the woman as his grip on her head urged her on.

Ilyna pressed her palm to the window, surprised by the coolness of the glass against her own skin, which suddenly seemed feverishly hot. It surprised her that the couple would take such a risk, but perhaps the possibility of being watched excited them as much as watching them excited her.

Her breath caught in her throat then misted the glass when the man shifted, bending his knees slightly and bringing both hands to the back of the kneeling woman's head. He pulled her away for a moment, and Ilyna was given a glimpse of his glistening cock, moist with the woman's saliva. The woman's tongue flicked playfully over the head, and Ilyna's own tongue moistened her dry lips.

"Ambassador Ilyna!"

Startled, Ilyna spun away from the window to face Minister Jerrod's approach, her breath coming too rapidly. Not wanting him to see what she had stood witnessing through the glass, she moved quickly to meet him halfway.

The minister was short in stature and stout. His skin and hair were pale because the melanin meant to protect him from the planet's ultraviolet light was injected instead of built into his biological makeup as was hers. While she had, from conception, been intended for this diplomatic assignment, the ministers who accompanied her varied.

"I've been looking for you," he chastised, as though she'd done something wrong.

"I'm about to take my leave."

"Retiring so early, Ilyna?"

"Yes, Minister. I found the dancing wearying this evening."

Jerrod frowned, considering her words. "Wearying? I don't understand. You are not permitted contact with the people of Earth, so you couldn't possibly have danced."

No, but she could suffer the agony of having to watch. "The physical activity heated the room, and the temperature and the odors were tiring."

As was watching the men and women holding one another as they moved around the dance floor. Their bodies pressed together. Gazing into one another's eyes as their hands roamed their partners' backs, waists... and lower.

Ilyna hungered to feel a lover's touch. To feel his warm breath against her ear as he led her across the hardwood floor. She closed her eyes for the briefest of moments, imagining the feel of her partner's hair against her cheek. Imagined herself kneeling in the cool grass, taking her lover's cock deep into her mouth.

"You do look a little peaked," Jerrod said, and it took all of her self-control not to squirm under his appraising stare. "Go and rest now."

She would. Right after she plugged in her vibrator and her favorite digital partner. Orgasm first, then rest. "Good night, Minister."

The adhesive patch itched like mad. As distractions went, it was minor, but it was chipping away at Ilyna's mood.

"Faster," she commanded. "Do it faster."

The blank expression on the face of the Greek god pumping into her didn't change. "I have achieved the maximum programmable rate of penetration."

"You are programmed to fulfill my every fantasy, and right now my fantasy is an increased rate of penetration."

"You are displeased. Shall I touch your breasts?"

Ilyna sighed and scratched at the adhesive patch over her nipple which fed a sensation of touch to her nerves. Ares wavered, a digital glitch flickering across his marble features. It was all so... false.

With a sigh, she withdrew the wired rubber phallus from her body. Then she pulled off the virtual sex visor and disentangled herself from the wires connecting the adhesive patches stuck on her erogenous zones. It wasn't enough anymore. And even if she had been allowed to mate, which she wasn't, that simply meant her virtual equipment would be integrated with her mate's virtual equipment. Acelans only exchanged bodily fluids by way of test tubes.

After cleaning and stowing the whole mess, she flopped back on the bed and stared at the big, dark video screen on the opposite wall. "Video on, volume low, channel three-nineteen."

One of the perks of the Ambassador Suite was complimentary, unmonitored access to every video feed, and it hadn't taken Ilyna long to discover the XXX station. She'd spent many hours watching the sexual interaction of humans on the big screen. Sometimes it wasn't very attractive, and quite often she had to mute the audio because of the bizarre mating noises, but she'd learned a lot about Earth sex.

Tonight's movie was billed as Sparky and the Horny Housewife, and Ilyna watched as the human woman called an electrician and then removed half her clothing. Within minutes of the man's arrival, the horny housewife was on her knees, sucking the stranger's cock even more enthusiastically than the woman she'd seen through the ballroom glass had her partner's.

Then the electrician bent her over the clear glass surface of the kitchen table. The camera beneath was treated to a mashed view of the horny housewife's nipples, and the squeaking of her flesh against the glass made Ilyna wince.

The view changed to a close-up of the electrician's cock sliding into the housewife's glistening pussy, before retreating and sliding home again. When she reached between her legs to squeeze his balls, the man groaned and quickened his pace.

"Fuck me faster. Do it faster," the horny housewife squealed. The man then pumped into her like a transport piston at high speed.

Ilyna sat straight up on the bed. That was it. She needed an electrician.

It took her ten minutes to figure out the telefile, but she couldn't very well buzz her aides and explain that she needed help playing horny housewife. The small black monitor next to the phone had a touch screen, and she finally wound her way through the menus to the electrical listings. Each name showed with credentials, contact info, and — thankfully — a photo.

She hadn't scrolled through many files before she found the face that stopped her in her tracks. He had short, tousled brown hair. Pretty baby blue eyes. A boyish grin, complete with dimples.

Bryan Cameron.

A rush of excitement made her fingers tremble as she wrote the contact information on a piece of hotel stationery. She scrolled through a few more files, and then blanked the screen. She had already found the electrician she was looking for.

Now came the hard part. Both incoming and outgoing transmissions were blocked on her room's unit. The only people she could reach were her companion, her head of security and Minister Jerrod himself. She would need Myscha's help.

Her companion answered immediately. "Yes, Ambassador?"

"Myscha, I want to go for a walk."

It was a plan they'd only executed three times before, but each time had been successful. She'd only gone for a walk those times, wanting to soak in the glass and steel of New York at her leisure. This time she'd be seeing to her pleasure. It was risky, true, but she would have no peace until this was done. She could do this without Minister Jerrod being any the wiser.

Myscha arrived several moments later dressed for a chilly autumn night. She wore a flowing woolen cloak that swirled around her, concealing her figure, which was leaner than Ilyna's. She had the hood up with a decorative scarf obscuring much of her face and carried a canvas shopping bag. Ten minutes later the bundled figure left the hotel in search of treats for the ambassador. Her desire for Earth chocolate was well-known.

Ilyna went a few blocks before stepping into a telephone kiosk. She took a deep breath, swiped her debit card and keyed in the number she'd written down. It rang several times before a male voice said, "Hello?"

"I need an electrician." Ilyna wanted to slap herself in the forehead. Where were her diplomatic skills now? It was customary to at least greet a person before making demands, even on the telephone.

"You found one, ma'am." His voice was low and rough, like maybe she'd woken him, and it made her already raw nerves sizzle. "What seems to be the problem?"

Problem? Oh, yes. The electrician in the video had been carrying tools. She scanned the telefile info she'd scribbled on the stationery, looking for any words that described what exactly he fixed.

"Wiring," she said. "I have a wiring problem."

He didn't laugh, but he made a little snorting sound that made her sure he wanted to. "Why don't you give me your location, and I'll swing by and give you an estimate in the morning?"

"In the morning? It's...rather more urgent than that, I'm afraid. I'm at the Windsor Interstellar Plaza Hotel. The Ambassador Suite, floor 139."

"Wow." He was quiet for so long she feared they'd lost transmission. "If you're having electrical problems in a five-star interstellar hotel suite, you buzz the concierge. That's his job."

"Oh." She didn't see that coming. But spontaneous prevarication was second nature to a diplomat. "I'd rather the concierge not be aware of this problem. I caused it, you see."

"Ma'am, that's not something — "

"Am I interrupting your family? Will your wife be upset if you work?"

"No, I live alone, ma'am, but I can't just walk into the Windsor and start tinkering with their wiring. If you can afford the Ambassador Suite, you can afford to compensate them for any damages to it. Good luck."

A beep indicated he'd disconnected, and Ilyna frowned at the handset. There was no way she was letting him off that easily. She wasn't going back to her room until she'd experienced some real Earth sex.

Bryan Cameron had shaken off the weird call from the rich lady, taken a leak and was ignoring a customer bid he needed to write up in favor of watching a game when his doorbell chimed.

A glance at his watch confirmed that it was as late as he thought it was, and concern for his brother rippled through him. But he opened the door to find a tall, blonde, almost unrealistically gorgeous woman standing there staring at him. Her pale skin was accented by full, rosy lips and brilliant green eyes ringed by smoky, thick eyelashes. And her body... he just tried not to stare.

"Are you Bryan Cameron? The electrician?"

Her voice was as sexy as her body and his dick twitched as if her words had reached down and stroked him. "Yeah. What can I do for you?"

"I'm Ilyna...from the Windsor."

She stopped talking, and Bryan got the impression she had no idea what to say next. "Why, exactly, did you even call me earlier? Better yet, why did you come to my house?"

She blinked, and then gave him a shy smile. "Because electricians do it faster. I saw that in a pornographic movie and decided to find an electrician."

Whoa. Faster? "Is that... a good thing or a bad thing?"

"It's a good thing. If I say faster, you will increase your rate of penetration."

"Geez, lady, you sound like Mrs. Farroway."

"Did Mrs. Farroway like fast penetration as well?"

His balls tried to climb up to safety at the thought. "No, she was my tenth-grade Language Sciences teacher. And the most unattractive woman on the planet."

The woman took a deep breath. "I want to have sex with you."

That was certainly blunt enough. He tried to come up with an intelligent response to what seemed like the best luck he'd ever been struck by, but all he could say was, "Why?"

The woman stepped closer. "Does it matter? I know I'm beautiful, and you told me you live alone. Don't men like...what are they? One-night stands?"

This was some kind of practical joke. It had to be. "What's your name, sweetheart?"


Ilyna. The name seemed familiar somehow, but he couldn't place it. Meanwhile he could well imagine the bad angel jumping from one shoulder to the other to beat the crap out of his good angel.

"Did Dane send you?"

"No," she said quickly, and then she made a face and a hand gesture that reminded him of a person recognizing an opportunity had just slipped by.

She walked slowly forward, until she was well within arm's reach. "I just want to have sex with you. After that I want nothing else from you, and you'll never see me again."

She reached out and popped the snap on his jeans. Bryan groaned. Some practical joke. The guys would never let him live this down. His cock didn't seem to care — it strained against his zipper.

"Lady, I don't think... "

She slipped the heavy robe from her shoulders, stepped out of a silky-looking gown, and he forgot to think at all.

Copyright © 2009 by Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Meet the Author

New York Times bestselling author Shannon Stacey lives with her husband and two sons in New England, where her favorite activities are writing stories of happily ever after and riding her four-wheeler. The Stacey family spends many weekends on their ATVs, making loads of muddy laundry to keep Shannon busy when she’s not at her computer. However, she prefers writing to laundry and considers herself lucky she got to be an author when she grew up. Visit her at www.ShannonStacey.com.

Summer Devon is the alter ego of Kate Rothwell. Until she met Summer, she was a mild-mannered writer with kids, a husband, and a dog.

Charlene Teglia is the award-winning author of seventeen novels and novellas in a variety of erotic romance subgenres. She lives in Washington with her husband and two daughters. Visit her website at www.charleneteglia.com.

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Out of This World Lover 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
jjmachshev More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed all three stories in "Out of This World Lover", an Ellora's Cave three-story anthology. Two of the stories have a futuristic theme and one is a werewolf story and all three caught and held my attention.

"Interstellar Sparks" by Shannon Stacey-Ilyna is the genetically-engineered ambassador to Earth from the planet of Acela. Acelan society no longer allows sexual contact but Ilyna's time on Earth has made her long for the real touch of a real man. After watching a movie on the XXX channel about an electrician, Ilyna sneaks out to find an electrician of her own! ***Totally hot and very funny.

"Futurelove" by Summer Devon-Candy can't understand where this strong attraction to a stranger is coming from. Collins just seemed to appear out of nowhere and even though he's the hottest, sexiest man she's ever seen, there's just something strange about him. ***If you like stories about a woman 'initiating' a man, you'll love this one.

"Wolf in Cheap Clothing" by Charlene Teglia-Take one recently-turned female werewolf looking for the rogue who attacked and changed her; add a hot Alpha with a taste for mild bondage; stir in a little mating heat and BAM! ***You'll sweat and laugh at the same time.

Like I said, all three were hot and all three were entertaining.