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Out & Out Party, Vol. 1

Out & Out Party, Vol. 1


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Release Date:
Simitar Ent.

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  3. Die Hard Lover @@Loverde
  4. Searching (I Got to Find a Man)  - Hazell Dean
  5. High Energy  - Evelyn Thomas
  6. So Many Men, So Little Time  - Miquel Brown
  7. Bam Bam Bam (I Came Here to Jam)  -  Left Lane
  8. Male Stripper  -  Man 2 Man
  9. The Visitors  -  Moonstone
  10. The Love I Lost  -  Seventh Avenue
  11. The Boys Come to Town  - Earlene Bentley
  12. Earthquake @@Flirtations
  13. Rocket to Your Heart  -  Lisa

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Miquel Brown   Track Performer
Evelyn Thomas   Track Performer
Hazell Dean   Track Performer
Seventh Avenue   Track Performer
Lisa   Track Performer
Earlene Bentley   Track Performer
Moonstone   Track Performer
Vikki Benson   Track Performer
Man 2 Man   Track Performer
Bassix   Track Performer
Left Lane   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Man Parrish   Producer
Barry M.D. Blum   Producer
Ken Gold   Producer
John Hedges   Producer
Paul Klein   Producer
Ian Levine   Producer
Bill Motley   Producer
J. Stone   Producer
Miki Zone   Producer
Paul Zone   Producer
Ian Anthony Stephens   Producer
Horus Jack Tolsen   Producer
Bassix   Producer
Steve Wagner   Producer

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