Outside the Rules

Outside the Rules

by Dylan Jones

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Emily Melton
Jones sounds like a regular guy--he's a Welsh ophthalmic surgeon with a family--so how did he write this psycho-on-the-loose, terror-inducing, nightmare-producing book? Whatever his method of background research, he's penned a heart-pounding thriller that takes readers on a roller-coaster ride of horror and suspense. A maniacal killer is on the loose in England--a killer who tortures, mutilates, and rapes young women. Chief Constable Martin Tindal is the principal investigator whose only lead is Thomas Meredith, a local physician who witnessed the torture and murder of his girlfriend at the hands of the fiendish killer. Meredith survived, but he's buried the experience deep in his psyche and won't talk, even to help find the killer. Tindal enlists the aid of psychiatrist Natalie Vine, hoping intense therapy will loosen Meredith's tongue. Meanwhile, Tindal knows the diabolical killer is planning his next attack, and Tindal is powerless to stop him--unless he can devise a carefully baited, foolproof trap. Jones shocks the reader with a series of stunning plot twists and devious mind games that keep one off balance right up to the end. Like "Silence of the Lambs", this novel is an intense, shocking, gory, graphic read that's completely riveting from first page to last.

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