Over There! Sounds and Images from Black Europe

Over There! Sounds and Images from Black Europe

A four-disc distillation of Bear Family's mammoth 44-CD set Black Europe -- a box set fated to only see the light of day in libraries -- Over There! Sounds and Images of Black Europe focuses on just four acts: Pete Hampton & Laura Bowman, the Savoy Quartet, Josia Ransome Kuti, and


A four-disc distillation of Bear Family's mammoth 44-CD set Black Europe -- a box set fated to only see the light of day in libraries -- Over There! Sounds and Images of Black Europe focuses on just four acts: Pete Hampton & Laura Bowman, the Savoy Quartet, Josia Ransome Kuti, and Josephine Baker. The latter remains an iconic star, subject to biopics and other hagiographies, while the rest are lost to history books, with releases like Over There! buttressing their reputation. Of the other three, only Kuti feels truly foreign, but even that is misleading, as the African native sings in his own language over music that is decidedly American, while the other three acts sing in English. At times, the period trappings can be difficult to navigate and Bear Family does nothing to dampen this discomfort, highlighting that the Pete Hampton & Laura Bowman songs are "Early Coon Songs" and replicating sheet music for tunes like "Moving Day in Jungle Town." Uneasy as this may be, it's nevertheless necessary as the entire intent of this set is to document a time just before Black music swept through the mainstream of Europe and elsewhere. Pete Hampton & Laura Bowman feel tied to the time, while the ragtime of Savoy Quartet is just lively enough to shake off the cobwebs of its era, but it's Josephine Baker, of course, who marvelously transcends time and sounds like the beginning of modern popular music.

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Bear Family Germany


Disc 1

  1. Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?
  2. When Sousa Comes to Coon-Town
  3. Hannah, Won't You Open That Door?
  4. Tell Me, Dusky Maiden
  5. Stay In Your Own Back Yard
  6. I'm Goin' to Live Anyhow Till I Die
  7. My Friend from My Home
  8. Since Rastus Whent to Gay Paree
  9. Massa's in the Cold Cold Ground
  10. Dat Mouth-Organ Coon
  11. Old Folks at Home
  12. The Phrenologist Coon
  13. Oh Dem Golden Slippers
  14. Any Rags?
  15. I Can't Keep from Laughing
  16. Mammy's Only Child
  17. What You Goin' to Do When the Rent Comes 'Round?
  18. Ain't Yer Gwine to Say "How-Do"?
  19. Moving Day
  20. A Cotton Field Episode
  21. Ev'ry Little Bit Helps
  22. Mister Your Room Rent's Due
  23. Down in Georgia on Camp Meeting Day
  24. If That Ain't Winning a Home

Disc 2

  1. Over There! (The Great American War Song)
  2. Down Texas Way
  3. Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night?
  4. Back Home in Tennessee
  5. The Kipling Walk
  6. Oh! How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo
  7. Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow
  8. He May Be Old, But He Got Young Ideas
  9. Indian Rag
  10. Hello! New York
  11. I Don't Want to Get Well
  12. The Darktown Strutters' Ball
  13. Oh! Frenchy
  14. Everything Is Peahes Down in Georgia
  15. Tackin' 'Em Down
  16. Ev'rybody Shimmies Now
  17. K-K-K-Katy
  18. What Do You Mean By Loving Somebody Else?
  19. Hindustan
  20. Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar
  21. I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now
  22. Swanee
  23. At the Moving Picture Ball
  24. Venetian Moon
  25. Sweet Kisses

Disc 3

  1. Isun ka wà tó kun fun eje
  2. Igbàla
  3. Obángíjì
  4. Mo sa di Jesu
  5. Odun Jubilee
  6. Jesu nsehìn bò
  7. Olugbala la f'ori fun
  8. E je ka júmò gbàgbó
  9. Esù sare tete, Jesu dé
  10. Egbé Awon Angeli
  11. Ofin mewa ati Idahùn
  12. K' Olorun da oba si
  13. Bi E o le E le
  14. Who?
  15. That Certain Feeling
  16. Dinah
  17. Sleepy Time Gal
  18. I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
  19. Bam Bam Bamy Shore
  20. I Want to Yodel
  21. The Only, Only One for Me
  22. Feelin' Kind o' Blue
  23. Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue?
  24. Always
  25. I Love My Baby
  26. I've Found a New Baby
  27. Skeedle-Um

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Josephine Baker   Ukulele,Vocals,Track Performer
Arthur Brooks   Piano
Spencer Williams   Piano
Fred Douglas   Bass
Claude Ivy   Piano
Dave Comer   Piano
Madame Adami   Piano
Peter Conroy   Piano
Roger Jeanjean   Clarinet
Joe Wilbur   Banjo,Vocals
Pete Hampton   Baritone
Savoy Quartet   Track Performer
Emile Grimshaw   Banjo
Laura Bowman   Soprano,Track Performer
Joseph Batten   Piano
Jean Louis-Petit   Piano
Pete Hampton   Track Performer
Olivier   Drums
Georges Chauvet   Tenor Saxophone
Adami   Piano
Henri Saliés   Trumpet
Bert Bassett   Banjo
Angelo Rinaldi   Banjo
Angelina Rivera   Violin
Alec Williams   Drums
Josiah Ransome Kuti   Vocals
José Brath   Piano
Darktown Entertainers Quartet   Vocals
Victor Just   Trombone
Mrs. Baker   Piano

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Howard Johnson   Composer
George M. Cohan   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
Milton Ager   Composer
Joseph Allen   Composer
Shelton Brooks   Composer
Elmer Brown   Composer
Lew Brown   Composer
Irving Caesar   Composer
Con Conrad   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Bud Green   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Otto Harbach   Composer
Ray Henderson   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Jack Palmer   Composer
Dave Radford   Composer
Herman Ruby   Composer
Andrew B. Sterling   Composer
Harry Von Tilzer   Composer
James Vaughn   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
George Whiting   Composer
Spencer Williams   Composer
Bob Cole   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Geoffrey O'Hara   Composer
Alex Rogers   Composer
Howard Rye   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer
James A. Bland   Composer
Howard E. Johnson   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Harry Akst   Composer
Mort Dixon   Composer
Fred Fisher   Composer
Clifford Grey   Composer
William Jerome   Composer
James V. Monaco   Composer
Lew Pollack   Composer
Ange Lorenzo   Composer
Frank Magine   Composer
Edward Rose   Composer
Billy Baskette   Composer
Alfred Bryan   Composer
Raymond B. Egan   Composer
Alex Gerber   Composer
Lyn Udall   Composer
Albert Von Tilzer   Composer
Eugene West   Composer
Rainer E. Lotz   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer
George W. Meyer   Composer
Pete Hampton   Composer
Harry Pease   Composer
Bud Cooper   Composer
Stanley Murphy   Composer
Archie Gottler   Composer
Karl Kennett   Composer
George Ison   Composer,Director
J. Rosamond Johnson   Composer
Laura Bowman   Composer
Mychael Gerstenberger   Artwork
Shepard N. Edmonds   Composer
Jeffrey Greene   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer
Bennett Scott   Composer
James Weldon Johnson   Composer
Nat Clifford   Composer
Fred Godfrey   Composer
Joe Gold   Composer
Albert Gumble   Composer
A. Seymour Brown   Composer
Nat D. Ayer   Composer
Thomas S. Allen   Composer
Sidney D. Mitchell   Composer
Tom Lemonier   Composer
Harry Jentes   Composer
Stephen C. Foster   Composer
Charles McCarron   Composer
Sam Malbuch   Photo Restoration
Oliver G. Wallace   Composer
Joseph Santly   Composer
George Gard Desylva   Composer
Edward Buzzell   Composer
Nathan Bivins   Composer
Maud Huth   Composer
Will Accone   Composer
Hughlie L. Cannon   Composer
Hen Wise   Composer
Harold Weekes   Composer
Ernest Hogan   Composer
Edmund J. Prrey   Composer
Clarence W. Murphy   Composer
Arthur J. Mills   Composer
Burt Grant   Composer
Wohlman   Composer
Josiah Ransome Kuti   Vocal Arrangements
Phil Goldberg   Composer

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