Over There (American Songs And Marches Of The Great War 1917-1918 Vol.1)

Over There (American Songs And Marches Of The Great War 1917-1918 Vol.1)


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  1. Stars And The Stripes Forever  -  Sousa's Band
  2. Over There  - Enrico Caruso
  3. From the Battlefields of France  - General Pershing
  4. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm  - Harry Fay
  5. K-K-K-Katy  - Billy Murray
  6. Just Before The Battle Mother  - Ernest Pike
  7. Keep Your Head Down Fritzi Boy  -  American Quartet
  8. Tell That To the Marines  -  Jolson
  9. Hunting the Hun  - Arthur Fields
  10. You Can't Beat Us (If It Takes Ten Million More)  - Arthur Fields
  11. Good Morning Mr Zip-Zip-Zip  - Arthur Fields
  12. I May Be Gone For A Long Long Time  -  Peerless Quartet
  13. What Has Become of Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo  -  Bernard
  14. Goodbye Broadway Hello France  -  American Quartet
  15. I'm Gonna Pin My Medal On the Girl I Left Behind  -  Peerless Quartet
  16. Hello Central Give Me No-Man's Land  - Henry Burr
  17. Au Revoir But Not Goodbye Soldier Boy  -  Peerless Quartet
  18. They Were All Out of Step But Jim  -  Van & Schenck
  19. I'm Crazy Over Every Girl In France  -  Avon Comedy Four
  20. The Coloured Patrol  -  Wingates Temperance Band
  21. We'll Do Our Share (While You're Over There)  -  Peerless Quartet
  22. When Tony Goes Over the Top  - Billy Murray
  23. Would You Rather Be A Colonel  - Eugene Buckley
  24. The Yanks Started Yankin'  - Arthur Fields
  25. I Ain't Got Weary Yet  - Arthur Fields
  26. The Victorious Stars  -  Orchestra

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