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Emma Chase, New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled series, returns with the first installment of the Legal Briefs series!

A Washington, DC, defense attorney, Stanton Shaw keeps his head cool, his questions sharp, and his arguments irrefutable. They don’t call him the Jury Charmer for nothing—with his southern drawl, disarming smile,


Emma Chase, New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled series, returns with the first installment of the Legal Briefs series!

A Washington, DC, defense attorney, Stanton Shaw keeps his head cool, his questions sharp, and his arguments irrefutable. They don’t call him the Jury Charmer for nothing—with his southern drawl, disarming smile, and captivating green eyes, he’s a hard man to say no to. Men want to be him, and women want to be thoroughly cross examined by him.

Stanton’s a man with a plan. And for a while, life was going according to that plan.

Until the day he receives an invitation to the wedding of his high school sweetheart, the mother of his beloved ten-year-old daughter. Jenny is getting married—to someone who isn’t him.

That's definitely not part of the plan.


Sofia Santos is a city-raised, no-nonsense litigator who plans to become the most revered criminal defense attorney in the country. She doesn’t have time for relationships or distractions.

But when Stanton, her "friend with mind-blowing benefits," begs her for help, she finds herself out of her element, out of her depth, and obviously out of her mind. Because she agrees to go with him to The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Mississippi, to do all she can to help Stanton win back the woman he loves. Her head tells her she's crazy...and her heart says something else entirely.

What happens when you mix a one-stop-light town, two professional arguers, a homecoming queen, four big brothers, some Jimmy Dean sausage, and a gun-toting Nana?

The Bourbon flows, passions rise, and even the best-laid plans get overruled by the desires of the heart.

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--RT Book Reviews
"Chase has proven, once again, that she creates heroes who are grounded, successful and lovable... There are funny, appealing characters introduced, and watching their love lives unfold is fun."
—RT Book Reviews
"Chase has proven, once again, that she creates heroes who are grounded, successful and lovable... There are funny, appealing characters introduced, and watching their love lives unfold is fun."

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By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother who lives in a small, rural town in New Jersey. By night, she toils away bringing her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. Writing has always been her passion, and the release of her debut romantic comedy Tangled was nothing less than a dream come true. The subsequent books in her delightful, beloved series include Twisted, Tamed, and Tied. She is also the author of Sustained from her sexy new Legal Briefs series.

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Overruled 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous 12 months ago
New fave author and series ???
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Legal Brief Series is anything but legal The only brief is the ones on the floor This is far from legal anything Very disappointing not what I was expecting Would never ever buy a book written by her again. I ordered all 3, after reading the first the others were returned without even opening the package If I could not have sent them back the entire package would have gone in the garbage along with the first one I threw away If you are looking for descript sex buy this if looking for legal matters dont waste your money
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
1638095 More than 1 year ago
I normally like Emma Chase's books but I'm halfway through this one and can't stand Stanton or Sophia. If Stanton is as clueless as he is in the book, I wouldn't want him to be my lawyer, much less be involved with him. and Sophia is completely unlikeable. She comes across as unsympathetic and completely out for herself. I accidently read Brent's story first and like the glimpses of Sophia in that book but seeing her real personality here leavesme completely cold and put off. I like Jenny waaaay more than I like Sophia and based on how Stanton is acting and how he has treated her for 10 years I'm not surprised she moved on. He is shallow, clueless, and a jerk. And regardless of the "arrangement" he and Jenny had it felt like he was cheating on her the whole time, especially since he is professing to still love her!
starznstripes24 More than 1 year ago
It kills me to give this only 2 stars because I love Emma and adored Tangled. It all comes down to characters for me. I really liked Stanton - and Jenny - and Presley (I wish there was a bit more of her), but I could find absolutely no love for Sofia. I just didn't find her a likable or relatable character - which made the book painful to read (for me) at times. I liked the story line and was thrilled to have Drew make an appearance. The book was written well and the sex scenes were nearly addictive, but it wasn't enough to hold my interest. Book read via XOXO After Dark’s Free Reads.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Laughed...cried...and could not put it down. Best kind of reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
csingh More than 1 year ago
I've been looking forward to Emma Chase's new series for sometime. Her writing is witty, funny, and yet still has the emotional pull I'm always looking. I was hoping to fall in love with these new characters they way I did with those from her Tangled series and I did. And I've got to say this story really reminded me of "My Best Friend's Wedding," an iconic movie, but with a bunch of twists to make it a different story. I will admit to being torn about my feelings about Stanton and Sofia. I liked them for the most part but there were moments when I wanted to grab them by the shoulders and shake them because I didn't understand the logic behind their actions. For some successful hotshot lawyers they sure did a lot of thinking with their body parts as opposed to using logic when it came to making decisions about their personal lives. Of course I'm making them sound horrible and they weren't. They were just trying to figure out what it was they needed as opposed to wanted. It was very obvious from the beginning they gave off lots of sparks whenever they got close to one another. I was definitely fanning myself in some of the scenes the two of them were in together. I've got to say though, I understood Stanton's shock at what was happening at home. He'd always thought things would stay the same and when they didn't it took him a while to adjust to the new reality. I've also got to say how much I loved Stanton and Jenny's families. Stanton and Jenny both have crazy siblings, but it's clear that they love each other. And Jenny's Nana is just wonderful! She's kooky yet strong. I also loved Presley, Stanton and Jenny's daughter. She's seriously smart, adorable, and wise beyond her years. I loved seeing her and Stanton with each other. I also loved meeting Stanton's friends and there was a particular friend who made me squeal with happiness when he made an appearance. Emma Chase has written another great story. There are lots of laughs, emotions, and realizations that happen over the course of this book. It's fast paced story and the pages just flew by. I'm really looking forward to seeing Brent and Jake possibly finding their happily ever afters. I'm already looking forward to more shenanigans, laughter, and tears!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait to read the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An excellent start 2 new series by Ms. Chase. Funny & sexy.
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
Soooooooo this book. If I'm honest, I didn't love it at first. I tried to go into it with an open mind, but I had a rough time with Stanton's character and the way he left his home, Jenna and their daughter. I mean, I got it. It's what she wanted for them, too. In fact, she pushed him to go. Regardless, something felt wrong about it. The open relationship? NOT my favorite thing. In time, however, I let it go. I realized there were better people out there for both Jenna and Stanton. That's not to say I didn't get frustrated with this book at times though.  The one person I was never unsure of was Sofia. I loved her from the start. I liked her backstory and how driven she was. Granted, I thought she was out of her mind messing with Stanton when she knew his heart belonged to someone else, but I also understood. She and Stanton had tons of chemistry and a very real connection, but I still thought she was playing with fire. More than anything, I just didn't want to see her get hurt, but I also knew that was inevitable. Stanton definitely grew on me in time. While admittedly I didn't appreciate his "have my cake and eat it too" attitude when it came to Jenna and Sofia, he was a good guy. Sure, he was flawed. Who isn't? But his heart was good and that's what mattered most. I liked how his character grew over the course of this book. By the end, I was totally on his side and singing his praises. I just had to stop trying to make him something else and enjoy him for what he was, if that makes sense. While this book begins in DC, which I love – even if I raised my eyebrows a couple times at the mention of places that don't really exist – the best parts of the books take place back in Stanton's home town of Sunshine, Mississippi. While I personally thought Sofia was out of her mind for agreeing to go with him, I applaud her for being a friend... even if she had to push her feelings aside to try to help him. Watching them grow closer together while in his small town home made me smile. Of course, it wasn't all fun and games. There was some angst, drama and communication issues, but that's life, right? I read most of this book in print, but did listen to a few chapters of the audiobook. I really liked both of the narrators. If I hadn't been so impatient to finish the story, I would've really enjoyed listening to the rest of it in audio format. Jason Carpenter and Charlotte Penfield did a great job bringing Stanton and Sofia to life. Whether you prefer to read it or have it read to you, Overruled is a great read – even if it did take a little time to grow on me.  Despite a rocky start, I damn near loved this book by the end. I loved how everything came together. I felt the feels. I even cried a few tears. We were introduced to some wonderful secondary characters and I'm definitely looking forward to them getting their own books. I'm already anxiously awaiting the second book in the series! 
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Overruled by Emma Chase is the first book in her new Legal Briefs series. A beautifully twisted tale of first love, friends, family, and overlooked opportunities. At first I was excited to read this book - Emma Chase is a go-to author for me. I enjoyed the snark of Drew and gang and wanted more. Then I started reading and I wasn't sure how to peg Stanton. The tale is told in dual POV's with flashbacks to Stanton's past with Jenny scattered throughout the story. He was charming but he was a bit of a manwhore. I mean, poor Jenny seemed to be left pining away in the country for the hot shot criminal defense attorney to find time to come home. But then I got past the surface of the story and realized that the meat of the story was in Stanton and Sofia's slow realization of their feelings. Of Stanton accepting that the path he thought was forged for him and Jenny is NOT the path he's meant to take. The journey of this realization is the meat of this amazingly juicy story. You'll laugh, you'll cry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
great story. even a cameo appearance by Drew from Tangled series. You won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did not love this book. But it was ok. Extremely far fetched concept and very predictable situations. I did enjoy the characters for the most part and there was some humor. That being said the book is not worth $7.99! Nowhere near the level of tangled
Mikki4ABookishEscape More than 1 year ago
4 fun, steamy, romantic, page-turning stars! In 2013, I fell in love with Emma Chase's writing style. It's been almost two years since I met Drew Evans and Katherine Brooks. They still hold a piece of my heart and I have reread the Tangled series a couple of times. When I heard that Emma Chase was writing a new series I was extremely happy. She writes sexy, fun and romantic novels that keep me glued to my seat from beginning to end!  Overruled is the first installment in Emma Chase's new Legal Briefs series. In this book, we follow defense attorney Stanton Shaw and his co-worker and ''best friend with benefits'' Sofia Santos. Stanton is a charmer. Even Sofia can't deny that their chemistry is intense. She never hoped for something more with him until Stanton receives a wedding invitation from his ex. Stanton has a life plan, but when Jenny, is ex-girlfriend, is putting a stop to his plan  he runs back to their hometown to make sure that everything goes his way. As days go by, Stanton tries to win back Jenny, but he gets in all kinds of trouble when he brings Sofia along for support. What happens next was not part of his plan. But Stanton soon learns that even the best plans have a way of changing in the most unexpected way. The Legal briefs series started off with a bang! Sofia and Stanton are two characters that will make you smile. Their POV's are extremely entertaining. Stanton was an irresistible jerk. I loved him one minute and hated him the next! There are some parts of the books that I just wanted to slap some sense into him! He made me laugh, he made me want to throw my ereader at the wall, but most of all he made me swoon! Gah!!! He was such a good dad, friend and boyfriend. Sofia was a doll!! I loved everything about her. She's confident, strong and determined. She's exactly what our irresistible jerk needed in his life! Sofia and Stanton have an incredible chemistry! I have to admit that I would have liked to read about their first encounter and see how this intense chemistry started. It was nice to see their relationship and friendship grow. Sofia was his best friend just like jenny was. I found a lot of similarities between these two ladies and I can see why Stanton fell for both of them. Once again, Emma Chase wrote a series that has phenomenal supporting characters! I loved Jenny, JD, Presley, Jake and Brent! They are such fun and lovable characters! They made this story a fantastic reading journey from beginning to end! Let's not forget my favorite part of the book .... Drew Evans is back!!!!! My favorite jerk is super awesome like always! LOL!!! Jake and Brent will be getting their own books. I loved the strong friendship that unites Sofia, Stanton, Jake and Brent. They are amazing people! I can't wait to read about the ladies that will steal Jake and Brent's heart!  I give Overruled, by Emma Chase, 4 fun, steamy, romantic, page-turning stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stanton is a true southern man with all of its charm. Loved the book amd didn't want to put it down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have to say that this is my favorite Emma Chase book. I wanted to throttle Stanton at first but he redeemed himself. Men can be so blind. Loved the bantor. LOVED the scolding Presley gave her parents. AND loved Nana's wisdom. I just preordered the next two!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
booknerd81 More than 1 year ago
Absolutely fabulous I loved this book. I love anything Emma writes I find her books intelligent, funny and romantic. Emma always writes the best characters that are real and amazing. I get so wrapped up in the characters that I feel like they are real people who I want to be friends with. Pick this book up read it and then read all of her other books, if you haven't already.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
A new series by Emma Chase? Oh, yes please! Stanton Shaw is a successful defense attorney, and when I say successful I mean both in and out of the bedroom. He has a quick wit and southern charm that both juries and women find hard to refuse. He lives by strict rules and has a plan. The plan in interrupted when he gets a wedding invitation to his High School Sweetheart’s wedding…to someone who is not him. That is most definitely not the plan. So he begs his fellow lawyer Sofia to go with him to the wedding to try to help him to win back the woman he had thought would always be his. Will everything go according to Stanton’s plan? First off, Stanton is such a jerk, but in a loveable kind of way. The guy likes him woman and he’s not ashamed of it. I also think it’s kind of sweet that he always thought he would end up with Jenny. I mean, sweet in a very selfish way but still sweet. Stanton definitely has some Drew Evans qualities, so you get what I’m saying when I say that you will both love and hate him and then ultimately end up loving him. I thought that the small town setting was the best part of this book. The characters we meet in the middle of nowhere Mississippi are endearing and unforgettable. This book has Emma’s signature wit and is just a fun book to read all around. I cannot wait of the next book in this series. I gotta give this 5 stars! Reviewed by Sara Squared for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy provided for review*
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
I LOVED IT! As a fan of Ms. Chase's Tangled series, I jumped at the chance to review Overruled and was delighted that Drew made a couple of cameo appearances in the book. At his first appearance I got quite giddy at the prospect that the author was going to infuse the same level of humor, conflict, miscommunication, romance, and no-holds-barred sex that she did in the Tangled series. And Ms. Chase absolutely delivered all this and more as she kicks off The Legal Briefs series. Unlike Tangled, Overruled is told from both Stanton and Sofia's points of view. Mind you, the first three chapters were told from Stanton’s point of view and do a wonderful job of laying the foundation for the book as we learn about the relationship he had with his high school sweetheart, how she refused to let a positive pregnancy test derail his education and career plans, and how their family plans changed over a decade’s time. As I was in the groove of Stanton’s storytelling (and it being reminiscent of spending time in Drew’s head), I was thrown quite a LOT when the author switched to Sofia’s point of view as I completely missed the chapter subheading; but once I laughed at my mistake and the chapter made far more sense coming from Sofia, I got down to brass tacks and buckled in for one seriously witty, unbelievably sexy, and emotionally satisfying romance as Stanton comes to the realization that he has gotten far too comfortable with the life he leads and that he’s the only one happy with it. After all, the man does have his cake and get to eat it too. I loved the banter between Stanton and Sofia. Their passion for their careers was as obvious as their passion for one another. In the beginning it is clear that theirs is a friends with benefits arrangement between two colleagues who respect one another, are truly friends, and are able to fulfill one another’s sexual needs without crossing the line from loving one another to being in love with one another. This is an important distinction because of the relationship Stanton has with Jenny (one which I suspect will tick off some readers) and that distinction becomes the crux of the problem when one of them begins to worry that they may be crossing that line by falling in love and worries that it will ruin their friendship. But then again, dragging your best friend (who happens to be the woman you’re sleeping with) back home so you can prevent “your girl” (who is the mother of your child) from marrying someone else pretty much guarantees that that friendship will never be the same, no matter the outcome of the trip. And boy what a trip it was! Ms. Chase has created yet another wonderful cast of characters who kept me entertained from beginning to end, whether they had me crying from raw emotion or from laughing so hard that my fact hurt. I absolutely loved Overruled and cannot wait to see what Ms. Chase has in store for them in the next book in the series. I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
toniFMAMTC More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading Overruled. It's a romance containing lots of heat with a side of comedy and cuteness. Stanton had one girlfriend from elementary school until graduation. When he went away to Columbia to school and she stayed back home with their daughter and community college, they agreed to have an open relationship. They are considered together, but they both see other people while apart with a don't ask, don't tell policy. Ten years later, this is still the set up while Stanton works as a high powered attorney in D.C. and Jenny chooses to stay in their hometown in Mississippi. When Stanton learns that Jenny is planning to marry someone else, he hightails it back with his co-counciler to try to stop the wedding. This is where the fun really begins. "Well, that was interesting," she says. "That was nothin'—it's still midday. The real interestin' comes out after dark." "Everyone turns into sparkly vampires?" I shake my head. "Rednecks." Tales of not recognizing what is in front of you have been told time and again, but all the little ins and outs of this eye opening journey for Stanton are pretty unique. Obviously there is major chemistry between Stanton and Sofia, but he's almost on a tirade about Jenny's upcoming nuptials. The families are a trip. The manly competitions with farm equipment are crazy. Everyone is so close and the feelings and emotions are running high. "It's an echo. Of who we were, the promises we made, the passion we had. But an echo's not real—you can't build a life on it. It's just a memory of a sound." One of the best aspects in my opinion is given the situation, it doesn't actually get too ugly. I appreciate maturity from characters when reading a book. I like when someone can admit selfish behavior and make changes. Even though there is pain, no one is purposely devious in inflicting it. Especially with a child being aware, I value things not turning nasty. It's a learning experience for everyone involved with a really close family feel to it. I love this author's writing style. I have since I first met Drew Evans, who actually has a couple of parts in this book. *smile* I totally felt the connection that readers get when a piece fits them. I recommend Overruled, and I can't wait for the next book.
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
****Warning**** This review does contain some spoilers I usually try to keep me reviews as spoiler free as possible. However with this one, I was not able to write this review without some spoilers. I thought Overruled was a quick and easy read. Overruled follows the story of Stanton and Sofia. Stanton and his ex (can I really call her that) Jenny share a very unconventional relationship. Stanton and Jenny were high-school sweethearts with bright futures ahead of them, until Jenny gets pregnant. Once Jenny gets pregnant, their courses have to change. Jenny wants Stanton to go to college and not give up his dreams and that she’ll be waiting for him once school finishes. Stanton struggles with being away because he’s missing so much of his baby’s life, but he still presses on, trying to make a better future for his family….. Many years down the road, Stanton is now a successful lawyer, living the life that he always dreamed. Until one day, he gets a wedding invitation in the mail. He finds out that Jenny is getting married…and it’s not to him. Sofia is one of Stanton’s law partners and one tough lawyer. She’s also his friend with benefits. Once Stanton looses it over his ex getting married, she some how finds herself going back to Mississippi to help Stanton try to win Jenny back. Overall, I thought this was an ok read. I really enjoyed the beginning of the story and seeing Jenny and Stanton’s relationship. I enjoyed seeing how Drew and Stanton met. And Drew was funny as ever. The thing that really bugged me was that Jenny and Stanton were “in love” but yet, Jenny wanted an open relationship while Stanton was away. I understand that there could be temptation for Stanton, but if you have a kid, shouldn’t you be at least trying to make it work. I don’t really like cheating in books, so even though they both agreed to an open relationship, it still really bugged me. Also, I guess I didn’t really understand how Stanton could get upset about Jenny getting married. I mean, there weren’t together. They did hook up whenever he was in town and they did share a child together, but that was it. Plus, he was messing around with Sofia. So, I didn’t really get the whole, I have to win Jenny back thing. Some of the things that I did like: I did enjoy the small town setting. I adored Grannie and how they were always worried she was going to shoot someone when things went into another direction. She was so entertaining. I also really like that this story being told from the male pov and it did make me laugh quiet a few times. I know that I’m probably in the minority here. I didn’t love this book, but I didn’t hate it either. I’m not sorry that I checked it, there were just some things that bothered me and made it hard for me to get past. *I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*