Overstars Mail: Imperial Challenge

Overstars Mail: Imperial Challenge

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by Roberta Gellis

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Cengage Gale
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Overstars Mail: Imperial Challenge 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In the far distant future, the Free Traders are the only group that provides order within the chaotic Empire, which is in trouble due to the fighting of the Emperor and the Empress. Cyn Lystris is not interested in interstellar politics but in keeping himself safe which is why he transferred out of Free Trade to take a job with OVERSTARS MAIL. He believes that he will not be shot at, kidnapped or left for dead on a route that has had no causalities in years.---- Of course now three mail ships have disappeared without a trace and the powers that be send a security agent on Cyn¿s ship to find out whether he knows what is going on, which he doesn¿t. On the trip he has six passengers, one of whom is going to challenge the emperor for his position. Neither Cyn nor the security agent knows who that person is but they realize someone knows that person is on the ship and wants to blast it out of the ¿air¿ before a challenge can be made.---- No matter what genre she writes in be it historical fiction, romance, fantasy or science fiction, Roberta Gellis always produces an exciting original bestseller. Between action scenes, there is a sex kitten who is always trying to get a man in bed even if he is not willing; this makes for many amusing moments. OVERSTARS MAIL is the first in what looks to be a fantastic space opera series.---- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Pilot Cyn Lystris leaves Free Trade because he is tired of making deliveries with the goods in one hand and his blaster in the other. Cyn could never work dirt-side though. He had been born in space and has vacuum bubbles in his blood. So he joined Overstars Mail. What could be more peaceful and less dangerous than carrying letters and parcels on a government-approved route? ............................. Even after five years with no creature trying to eat him, Cyn still went way overboard when it came to the security of his ship, Piss Pot. Good thing. This trip Cyn picked up a load of trouble, literally. Cyn had six passengers and one large 'beast in a cage'. He does not like passengers, but it happens occasionally. Too late, Cyn learns that one of his passengers is the Imperial Challenger in disguise, followed by agents who want to capture or kill him. When someone threatened his Piss Pot Cyn falls back on his Free Trade tricks (and paranoias) to deal with it all. Not all of the problems are aboard the ship either. A variety of beings were determined to capture and enter Cyn's ship. .......................... ***** Who knew that delivering the mail could be so much fun? Roberta Gellis's writing style is much like those of Anne McCaffrey. So fans of McCaffrey's need to take a close look at this shining author, Gellis! Gellis has won awards for her writing in other genres, but Sci-Fi seems to be her niche. ................ This novel is witty, fast paced, and flies by the seat of Cyn's pants. You will be wondering what could possibly happen next. OUTSTANDING! *****