The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Decision Making

The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Decision Making

by Gerard P. Hodgkinson

ISBN-10: 0199290466

ISBN-13: 9780199290468

Pub. Date: 05/11/2008

Publisher: Oxford University Press

The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Decision-Making comprehensively surveys research on organizational decision-making, broadly conceived. It looks at analysis at the levels of individuals, groups, organization, and inter-organizations, emphasizing psychological perspectives while encompassing insights from economics, political science, and sociology.…  See more details below


The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Decision-Making comprehensively surveys research on organizational decision-making, broadly conceived. It looks at analysis at the levels of individuals, groups, organization, and inter-organizations, emphasizing psychological perspectives while encompassing insights from economics, political science, and sociology. In-depth case studies illustrate the practical implications of this research.

Bringing together established experts to look at individual topics, the Handbook is an authoritative reference work for academics, researchers, and advanced students concerned with decision-making in the areas of Management, Psychology, and HRM.

Contributors: Eric Abrahamson, Julia Balogun, Michael Barnett, Philippe Baumard, Teri Jane Bryant, Prithviraj Chattopadhyay, Kevin Daniels, Jerker Dendrell, Giovanni Dosi, Roger Dunbar, Simon French, Mark Fuller, Elizabeth George, Paul Goodwin, Terri Griffith, Peter Grinyer, Gerard P. Hodgkinson, Michael Jacobides, Alfred Kieser, Ann Langley, John Maule, Peter McKiernan, Nigel Nicholson, Greg Northcraft, Annie Pye, Karlene Roberts, Jacques Rojot, Johan Roos, Isabelle Royer, Eugene Sadler-Smith, Zur Shapira, Carolyne Smart, Gerald Smith, Emma Soane, Paul Sparrow, Kathleen Sutcliffe, Michal Tamuz, Ilan Vertinsky, Jane Webster, Karl Weick, George Wright, and David Zweig.

About the Series
Oxford Handbooks in Business & Management bring together the world's leading scholars on the subject to discuss current research and the latest thinking in a range of interrelated topics including Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Public Management, International Business, and many others. Containing completely new essays with extensive referencing to further reading and key ideas, the volumes, in hardback or paperback, serve as both a thorough introduction to a topic and a useful desk reference for scholars and advanced students alike.

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1 Organizational Decision Making: Mapping Terrains on Different Planets Gerard P. Hodgkinson Hodgkinson, Gerard P. William H. Starbuck Starbuck, William H. 1

Pt. I The Context and Content of Decision Making

2 Boom and Bust Behavior: On the Persistence of Strategic Decision Biases Michael Shayne Gary Gary, Michael Shayne Giovanni Dosi Dosi, Giovanni Dan Lovallo Lovallo, Dan 33

3 Information Overload Revisited Kathleen M. Sutcliffe Sutcliffe, Kathleen M. Karl E. Weick Weick, Karl E. 56

4 Decision Making with Inaccurate, Unreliable Data John M. Mezias Mezias, John M. William H. Starbuck Starbuck, William H. 76

5 Borgs in the Org? Organizational Decision Making and Technology Terri L. Griffith Griffith, Terri L. Gregory B. Northcraft Northcraft, Gregory B. Mark A. Fuller Fuller, Mark A. 97

6 Making the Decision to Monitor in the Workplace: Cybernetic Models and the Illusion of Control David Zweig Zweig, David Jane Webster Webster, Jane Kristyn A. Scott Scott, Kristyn A. 116

7 Culture and Decision Making Jacques Rojot Rojot, Jacques 134

Pt. II Decision Making During Crises and Hazardous Situations

8 Facing the Threat of Disaster: Decision Making When the Stakes are High Michal Tamuz Tamuz, Michal Eleanor T. Lewis Lewis, Eleanor T. 155

9 The Fit Between Crisis Types and Management Attributes as a Determinant of Crisis Consequences Teri Jane Ursacki-Bryant Ursacki-Bryant, Teri Jane Carolyne Smart Smart, Carolyne Ilan Verlinsky Verlinsky, Ilan 174

10 Employing Adaptive Structuring as a Cognitive Decision Aid in High Reliability Organizations Karlene H. Roberts Roberts, Karlene H. Kuo Frank Yu Kuo, Frank Yu Vinit Desai Desai,Vinit Peter M. Madsen Madsen, Peter M. 194

11 Expertise and Naturalistic Decision Making in Organizations: Mechanisms of Effective Decision Making Michael A. Rosen Rosen, Michael A. Eduardo Salas Salas, Eduardo Rebecca Lyons Lyons, Rebecca Stephen M. Fiore Fiore, Stephen M. 211

Pt. III Decision Making Processes

12 Cognitively Skilled Organizational Decision Making: Making Sense of Deciding Julia Balogun Balogun, Julia Annie Pye Pye, Annie Gerard P. Hodgkinson Hodgkinson, Gerard P. 233

13 Linking Rationality, Politics, and Routines in Organizational Decision Making Isabelle Royer Royer, Isabelle Ann Langley Langley, Ann 250

14 Superstitious Behavior as a Byproduct of Intelligent Adaptation Jerker Denrell Denrell, Jerker 271

15 On the Implications of Behavioral Decision Theory for Managerial Decision Making: Contributions and Challenges Zur Shapira 287

16 Intuition in Organizational Decision Making Eugene Sadler-Smith Sadler-Smith, Eugene Paul R. Sparrow Sparrow, Paul R. 305

17 Affect and Information Processing Kevin Daniels Daniels, Kevin 325

18 Individual Differences and Decision Making Emma Soane Soane, Emma Nigel Nicholson Nicholson, Nigel 342

19 Group Composition and Decision Making Elizabeth George George, Elizabeth Prithviraj Chattopadhyay Chattopadhyay, Prithviraj 361

Pt. IV Consequences Produced by Decisions

20 Making Sense of Real Options Reasoning: An Engine of Choice that Backfires? Michael L. Barnett Barnett, Michael L. Roger L. M. Dunbar Dunbar, Roger L. M. 383

21 The Social Construction of Rationality in Organizational Decision Making Laure Cabantous Cabantous, Laure Jean-Pascal Gond Gond, Jean-Pascal Michael Johnson-Cramer Johnson-Cramer, Michael 399

22 When "Decision Outcomes" are not the Outcomes of Decisions Benedicte Vidaillet Vidaillet, Benedicte 418

23 What Lies Behind Organizational Facades and How Organizational Facades Lie: An Untold Story of Organizational Decision Making Eric Abrahamson Abrahamson, Eric Philippe Baumard Baumard, Philippe 437

Pt. V Toward More Effective Decision Making

24 Teaching Decision Making Gerald F. Smith Smith, Gerald F. 455

25 Facilitating Serious Play Matt Statler Statler, Matt David Oliver Oliver, David 475

26 Do Activities of Consultants and Management Scientists Affect Decision Making by Managers? Alfred Kieser Kieser, Alfred Benjamin Wellstein Wellstein, Benjamin 495

27 Risk Communication in Organizations A. John Maule Maule, A. John 517

28 Structuring the Decision Process: An Evaluation of Methods George Wright Wright, George Paul Goodwin Goodwin, Paul 534

29 Strategy Workshops and "Away Days" as Ritual Nicole Bourque Bourque, Nicole Gerry Johnson Johnson, Gerry 552

30 Troubling Futures: Scenarios and Scenario Planning for Organizational Decision Making Mark P. Healey Healey, Mark P. Gerard P. Hodgkinson Hodgkinson, Gerard P. 565

Index 587

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