Oxford History of Twentieth Century

Oxford History of Twentieth Century

by Michael Howard

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ISBN-10: 0192803786

ISBN-13: 9780192803788

Pub. Date: 10/12/2006

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Oxford University Press, USA
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Table of Contents

1. The Dawn of the Century, Michael Howard
2. Communications, Disease, and Demography, William H. McNeill
3. Understanding the Universe, Steve Weinberg
4. The Expansion of Knowledge, John Maddox
5. The Growth of a World Economy, Robert Skidelsky
6. The Growth of a Global Culture, Alan Ryan
7. The Visual Arts, Norbert Lynton
8. European Empires and Emerging Nationalism, Wm Roger Louis
9. Europe in the Age of Two World Wars, Michael Howard
10. The Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, Richard Stites
11. The United States 1900-1945, Hugh Brogan
12. East Asia and the Emergence of Japan, Akira Iriye
13. The Confrontation of the Superpowers, Lawrence Freedman
14. The United States since 1945, James Patterson
15. The Soviet Union and Beyond, Archie Brown
16. The Remaking of Europe, Anne Deighton
17. East Asia, Akira Iriye
18. China, Jonathan Spence
19. South-East Asia, Michael Leifer
20. South Asia, Judith Brown
21. North Africa and the Middle East, Roger Owen
22. Africa, Terence Ranger
23. Latin America, Alan Knight
24. The Old Commonwealth: The First Four Dominions, Peter Lyon
25. Towards an International Community? The United Nations and International Law, Adam Roberts
26. The Close of the Century, Wm Roger Louis
27. Towards the Twenty-first Century: New Problems, New Opportunities, Ralf Dahrendorf
Chronology, Adolf Wood
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