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Chicken Ranch

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peelander-Z   Primary Artist
Walter Daniels   Harmonica,Baritone Saxophone,Guest Appearance
Mike Vasquez   Trumpet,Guest Appearance
Ramon Ramirez   Choir, Chorus
David McKnight   Alto Saxophone,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Max Brody   Baritone Saxophone,Guest Appearance
Mike "Teko" Wiebe   Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Roberto Riggio   Violin,Guest Appearance
Joey Hook   Trombone,Guest Appearance
Fadi El-Assad   Guitar,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Bryan Nelson   Percussion,Choir, Chorus,Hand Clapping,Guest Appearance
Toto Miranda   Synthesizer,Recorder,Toy Piano,Guest Appearance
Josh Lambert   Tambourine,Talk Box,Toy Piano,Guest Appearance
Yvonne Lambert   Theremin,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Chico Jones   Percussion,Choir, Chorus,Hand Clapping,Guest Appearance
Ian Macdougall   Guitar,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Austin All-Stars   Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Tetsuya Hayakawa   Guitar,Vibes,Guest Appearance
Clara Comparan   Children's Chorus
Carmen Comparan   Children's Chorus
Ryan Figg   Percussion,Guest Appearance
Kevin Steinhauser   Guest Appearance
Kerri Atwood   Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Emma Lou Daniels   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Jeffrey Swanson   Choir, Chorus
Ayaka Hubertus   Choir, Chorus
Yoshi Okai   Choir, Chorus,screams,Guest Appearance
Rhett Hubertus   Choir, Chorus
Emi Koyanagi   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Motoyasu Utsunomiya   Guitar,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Peelander-Red   Bass,Vocals
Austin Kids   Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Josh Stemper   Guitar,Guest Appearance
Carmen Vasquez   Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Peelander-Green   Drums,Vocals
Peelander-Pink   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,screams
Mia Belle Clark   Children's Chorus
Matt Milburn   Guest Appearance
Francesca Abbruzzese   Children's Chorus
Giles Fowler   Children's Chorus
Lucy Nico Warren   Children's Chorus
Isadora Ashworth   Children's Chorus
Peyton Tanzillo   Children's Chorus
Eduardo Ramirez   Tenor Saxophone,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Katherine Smith   Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
Leila Louise Henley   Flute,Choir, Chorus,Guest Appearance
D.D. Dagger   Tenor Saxophone,Guest Appearance
D.D. Digger   Tenor Saxophone,Guest Appearance
T.J. Wade   Vocoder,fender rhodes,Guest Appearance
Peelander-Yellow   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Traditional   Composer
Paul Caporino   Composer
Peelander-Z   Composer,Lyricist
Bryan Nelson   Producer,Engineer
Tetsuya Hayakawa   Composer,Producer
Rand Borden   Video Director
Michael Dickinson   Executive Producer
Jonathan Yi   Video Director
Zellner Bros.   Video Director

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