Pablo Neruda
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Pablo Neruda

by Dominic Moran

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A passionate, comprehensive assessment of Pablo Neruda's life and works.


A passionate, comprehensive assessment of Pablo Neruda's life and works.

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"We’re accustomed to the idea of the great man with the feet of clay, but Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s were size sixteens. How are we to separate the genius from the jerk? Nothing became his life like the leaving of it, that’s for sure: dying days after Pinochet’s coup, though of natural causes, he won himself a scarcely-warranted martyr’s crown. He really was a piece of work, though, the grovelling servility of his Stalinist loyalty contrasting with the cruel faithlessness he showed the women in his life. Neruda’s was a hit-and-miss muse: some of his writing seemed like so much empty bombast from the start; more caught the mood of the moment but dismally failed the test of time. Yet, as Moran shows in this absorbing study, you might have to take away the dross by the truckload, but what remains is real poetry – among the greatest of our age."—Scotsman

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Dominic Moran is a lecturer and tutor in Spanish at Christ Church, Oxford. He has written books and articles on a range of twentieth-century Spanish American writers including Julio Cortázar and Alejo Carpentier. He has also published a critical edition of Neruda’s Twenty Love Poems and A Song of Despair.

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