Pacha Ibiza Classics

Pacha Ibiza Classics


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New State Uk

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Disc 1

  1. The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
  2. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
  3. Never Enough
  4. Space Cowboy
  5. Lola's Theme
  6. Show Me Love
  7. Sing It Back
  8. I Feel For You
  9. Such a Good Feeling
  10. Just Another Groove
  11. Love on My Mind
  12. Put 'Em High
  13. Salsoul Nugget
  14. Renegade Master
  15. No Deputy
  16. My My My
  17. I See You Baby
  18. I Like the Way
  19. I Found U
  20. Can't Get Blue Monday out of My Head

Disc 2

  1. You Got the Love
  2. Hey Hey
  3. Why Don't You
  4. Jazz It Up
  5. Pasilda
  6. Calabria
  7. La Mezcla
  8. Shine On
  9. Thriller
  10. Kinda New (We All Live & Die)
  11. At Night
  12. What Else Is There?
  13. Yeah Yeah
  14. Walking Away
  15. No Superstar
  16. Just a Little More Love
  17. Milkshake
  18. Silver Screen Shower Scene
  19. Discopolis
  20. Shot You Down

Disc 3

  1. Belfast
  2. Floatation
  3. The Whistle Song
  4. Not Forgotten
  5. The Sun Rising
  6. Man With the Red Face
  7. Need to Feel Loved
  8. I Remember
  9. King of My Castle
  10. I'm Not Alone
  11. Infinity 2008
  12. When Love Takes Over
  13. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  14. The One
  15. Nighttrain
  16. Wonderful Life
  17. I Luv U Baby
  18. Scorchio
  19. Waterfall
  20. Synths & Strings

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Bob Marley   Composer
Orbital   Composer
Cathy Dennis   Composer
Totó La Momposina   Composer
Hildegard   Composer
Neil Barnes   Composer
Sonny Bono   Composer
Mark Brydon   Composer
Darren Emerson   Composer
Peter Hook   Composer
Marshall Jefferson   Composer
Eric Kupper   Composer
Michael Lange   Composer
S. Lewis   Composer
Fred McFarlane   Composer
Freddie McGregor   Composer
Steve Miller   Composer
Patrick Moten   Composer
Thomas Newman   Composer
Stefano Pulga   Composer
Ben Sidran   Composer
Earl "Chinna" Smith   Composer
Rod Temperton   Composer
Chris Willis   Composer
Stephen Morris   Composer
StoneBridge   Composer
Armand Van Helden   Composer
Bernard Sumner   Composer
Wildchild   Composer
Gillian Gilbert   Composer
Jon Marsh   Composer
Steve Waddington   Composer
Boris Dlugosch   Composer
Kenny Dope   Composer
Max Reich   Composer
Jon Pearn   Composer
José Barros   Composer
Nick Clow   Composer
Vince Montana   Composer
Seb Fontaine   Composer
Anthony Stephens   Composer
Pharrell Williams   Composer
Walter Taieb   Composer
DJ Pippi   Composer
Richie Malone   Composer
Bob Sinclar   Composer
Chris Brann   Composer
Gianni Bini   Composer
Maff Scott   Composer
Ned Scott   Composer
Andy Cato   Composer
Dennis Ferrer   Composer
Felix Stallings   Composer
Luciano Ninzatti   Composer
Róisín Murphy   Composer
Chad Hugo   Composer
Kelly Rowland   Composer
Axwell   Composer
John Truelove   Composer
Tom Dinsdale   Composer
Fulvio Perniola   Composer
Luciana Caporaso   Composer
Frederic Poulet   Composer
Tom Findlay   Composer
Charlie May   Composer
Röyksopp   Composer
Sophie Ellis-Bextor   Composer
Cristiano Spiller   Composer
Karin Dreijer   Composer
James Winchester   Composer
Benji Vaughan   Composer
Simon Franks   Composer
Joachim Garraud   Composer
Ryan Raddon   Composer
Lex VanCoeverden   Composer
David Guetta   Composer
Den Hetrix   Composer
Isabel Fructuoso   Composer
Jay P.   Composer
G. Olegavich   Composer
Reid   Composer
J.C. Molina   Composer
Nick Bridges   Composer
Shena Winchester   Composer
Bodyrockers   Composer
Raffaele Brescia   Composer
Therese Grankvist   Composer
George Nakas   Composer
Calvin Harris   Composer
Matt White   Composer
Simon Neale   Composer
Simon Marlin   Composer
James Doman   Composer
David Jenefsky   Composer
Lola Olafisoye   Composer
Christophe Hoeffel   Composer
Remady   Composer
Joel Zimmerman   Composer
Alexander Coe   Composer
Dean Newton   Composer
Michel Cleis   Composer
Pizza Prodz   Composer
Lifelike   Composer
Nathan Thomas   Composer
Allan George   Composer
Paul Walden   Composer
Enrique P.   Composer
Huggy   Composer
Klas B. Wahl   Composer
Anthony Harris   Composer
Gaelle Addison   Composer
Delline Bass   Composer
N. Bennett   Composer
P. Allen   Composer
Ron Walker   Composer
Colin Vernacombe   Composer
C. Salter   Composer
Olivia Nervo   Composer
Erick Morillo   Composer
Myriam Nervo   Composer
Karen Poole   Composer
Finn Bjarnson   Composer
A. Curless   Composer
S. Faber   Composer
Seago   Composer
Rune Reilly Kolsch   Composer
Frédéric Riester   Composer
Joe McCoy   Composer
Rene Van Der Weijde   Composer
Ben Mühlethaler   Composer

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