Pacific Economic Relations in the 1990s: Conflict or Cooperation?

Pacific Economic Relations in the 1990s: Conflict or Cooperation?

by Richard A. Higgott

ISBN-10: 1555874339

ISBN-13: 9781555874339

Pub. Date: 05/28/1993

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc.

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1Introduction: Political Economy and the Pacific1
2Unravelling Trade: Global Institutional Change and the Pacific Economy15
3History Restarted: Japanese-American Relations at the End of the Century39
4Japan and the Region: Leading from Behind62
5'New' Trade Theory and Policy a Decade Old: Assessment in a Pacific Context83
6The 'Japan Problem' in Pacific Trade106
7The Triad and the Unholy Trinity: Lessons for the Pacific Region133
8Running on Empty? Complex Interdependence and the Future of Japanese-American Monetary Coordination159
9The GATT After the Uruguay Round184
10Fortress or Free Market? NAFTA and its Implications for the Pacific Rim201
11Reconstructing Divisions of Labour: Singapore's New Regional Emphasis223
12Indonesia, Thailand and the Northeast Asian Connection250
13Economic Cooperation and Institution Building in the Asia-Pacific Region271
14Competing Theoretical Approaches to International Cooperation: Implications for the Asia-Pacific290
15The Pacific Economic Future: Towards Conventions of Moderation?312
Name Index371
Subject Index378

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